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Kha'Zix Build Guide by FreshCasho

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FreshCasho

Playing Draughts with Kha'zix

FreshCasho Last updated on October 3, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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You might ask yourself:
"Why should I even think about playing a bug, if there are laser-shooting tentacles or a giant bear who can summon lightnings and thunder?!"

The answer to this question might be more obvious than you think:

Sure, this video is of a pro-gamer, who probably is playing this game everyday. Nevertheless, Kha'Zix has an exeuction power most other champions in League of Legends only can dream of.
Additionally, he has an advantage over other assassins, which is perfectly described by one of his own quotes:

Consume and adapt!

Kha'zix has the ability to change his style of play and his strengths from game to game or even from fight to fight.
You want to know how? Keep on reading!

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Pros / Cons

Sure, where there are advantages, there are disadvantages.
But let's take a look at both. Actually we can easily refer to them by looking at our skill set:


  • Q: One of the highest burst potential in-game
  • W: High self-sustain in jungle and teamfights
  • E: High mobility, snowball effect even in teamfights
  • R: Enormous ganking potential


  • Q: Ganks typically end up in taking the kill, rather then giving it to the lane
  • W: Survivability depends on item build, usually squishy
  • E: Very prone to CC, often gets focused
  • R: Can be countered by true vision (e.g. Lee Sin)

All of these (dis-)advantages combined make the typical assassin - only better! (:

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Spells and Skill Sequence

As an assassin you have one clear duty:
Dealing damage!
And I mean tons of damage in a short time. If we take a closer look at our skill-set, we quickly recognize, we got this damage!

Our Q ability, namely Taste Their Fear is an on-target burst, which deals a shedload of damage. I recommend to max it out ASAP, to keep up our burst potential.

Void Spike, our W, is a skill-shot, which explodes on first contact with an enemy unit dealing damage to the unit and all around it. Additionaly it slows they enemy and heals yourself if you stand in the explosion yourself. I know of people who max this skill first, because you get a higher sustain out of it. I recommend maxing it out second, damage first!

With our E, Leap, the little bug does exactly what its name says: Leap! You jump to a target location. There is a little damage, but it's not worth talking about it. I recommend to take one point on level 3 and max it out last.

Void Assault is our ultimate skill, which does a number of things. First of all: using it, makes yourself invisbile for one second. While you are stealthed, you gain additional movement speed. As you might already think, this skill is perfect for ganking. You give it a point, whenever you can (level 6, 11 and 16).
But there is more: everytime you level up your Void Assault, you can evolve one of your 4 skills, but every skill just once. Evolving differentiates Kha'Zix from other champions and is crucial for him. For more information, read the next chapter.

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Evolving is THE key feature of Kha'Zix.
I don't want to tell you what to evolve, because it really depends on your very own playstyle. In the following I will describe the features of every evolvement and I will tell you how I use to evolve and why. AGAIN: all evolvements are great and can be used in every possible order!

Evolved Enlarged Claws

Evolving Taste Their Fear increases the damage the ability does on isolated targets. Also it slightly increases the range of the ability and also Kha'Zix' auto-attacks.

Evolved Spike Racks

This has the effect, that Void Spike now shoots 3 spikes in a cone, raises the slow from 20% to 50% and hittinig an enemy champion with it grants sight of them for 2 seconds.

Evolved Wings

Leap now has a decently increased range. Also, if you kill an enemy or gain an assist, Leap's cooldown gets resetted.

Evolved Active Camouflage

Pretty easy: Void Assault can now be cast three times and its duration increases to 2 seconds.

Personal opinion

On level 6 I evolve Leap. Admittedly I don't take the damage here. But I see two big advantages in evolving it first:
  • It's easier to gank without using your ultimate
  • Resetting the cooldown allows you to play Draughts
Explanation: usually jumping on an enemy with Kha'Zix means he dies. You immediately gain the possibility to jump again, which means, you can proceed jumping on enemies and so on.
On the other side you can easily tower dive, because as soon as the enemy dies, you can jump out of tower range.

On level 11 I evolve Taste Their Fear. This doesn't need much explanation: Damage!

On level 16 I tend to evolve Void Spike, since it improves the slow, which allows better kiting.

ATTENTION: I again want to say, that every evolvement is great and you should try to find an evolving order, which matches your playstyle.

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I hope I provided an insight into Kha'Zix and gave you an understanding of him.
If you got any questions, you can send me a personal message on mobafire.

Thanks for reading! (: