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Not Updated For Current Season

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Nidalee Build Guide by Speerz

Pounce Them to Death! (AD Carry)

Pounce Them to Death! (AD Carry)

Updated on September 26, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Speerz Build Guide By Speerz 2 10 4,702 Views 6 Comments
2 10 4,702 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Speerz Nidalee Build Guide By Speerz Updated on September 26, 2012
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Hello people of the MOBAFire Community! My name is Speerz and this is my first guide and you probably thinkig "Dafuq is this guy thinking with this build???!". The thing is, I was once playing AP Nidalee and then I realized I could build her AD too, and since I am an AD guy I decided to give it a try and started building her as an AD Carry and it worked nice for me and has been giving fairly good scores ever since. I hope you enjoy this build as much as I do, also please don't downvote this guide without personally trying it out.
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Pros / Cons


-Although this is an AD build, Javelin Toss / Takedown will still do a fair amount of damage-
-When in Cougar form is a great farmer, can chase and run away easily with Bushwhack / Pounce, making her hard to counter on a 1v1 fight-
-Has great mobility-
-When played AD can apply a good amount of burst and can easily change between ranged and melee(Normal Form and Cougar Form)
-When in normal form Bushwhack / Pounce is great early game to seal all the exits of your lane-
-Can deal TONS OF DAMAGE without spending any mana and with fairly low cooldown when in Cougar Form-


-Is not very strong until you get Aspect Of The Cougar at level 6-
-Can be mana hungry if not played properly-
-Vulnerable to CC-
-Can be a bit tricky and Javelin Toss / Takedown can be hard to land if not used at right times-
-Doesn't excel in Team Fights-
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Prowl is one of the things who makes Nidalee have such high mobility, this abilitie will get Nidalee 15% increased Movement Speed for 2 seconds when she is moving through bushes. Be sure to use the bushes wisely.

-NORMAL FORM-This is your only skillshot abilty. Personally I think this ability is the second best(after Aspect Of The Cougar) and i max it first after the Ult. Although it is an AP ability it still deals a considerable amount of damage and can put down or harass enemys easily. It may require some practice because it isn't a pass-through skillshot. Tip= when you are sure you can land this skillshot try to position yourself at the lauching time the furthest away possible from your target so that the damge dealt is the biggest possible

-COUGAR FORM-It's also a good ability, it grants a big damage output and is gets better the lower your target's HP gets, making it a good finisher. It is also undodgeable, making it good against enemies with dodging skills like Jax

-NORMAL FORM-It's not very useful in fights but i take my first point in this ability so I can set traps in the bushes and be aware for ganks and the jungler.I max it last.

-COUGAR FORM-My favourite ability when in Cougar Form, it's a really good excape and chase tool due to it's low cooldown, it's also a good farming ability as it deals a big amount of damage. Tip = This ability can be used to leap trough thin walls, howhever it requires some practice for this extra tool to be efective.

-NORMAL FORM- This skill is a great skill, IF your playing Support Nidalee, on the other side when playing AD Nidalee, it isn't very helpful. BUT I think this skill can help you or a teammate get out of tight situations, and grants you a longer staying at the lane so I max it third after the ult(mainly beause of the Cougar Form side of the ability)

-COUGAR FORM- This ability will be your main farming tool and will help you a lot when directly facing one or more enemys on close quarters. It deals a high amount of damage to nearby enemies.

When playing AD Nidalee, I activate this skill when:
-I need to quickly get across the map
-When I jump into team fight or duels
-In escape/chase situations
-To farm

This skill will be extremely usefull when playing AD, it transforms you into a Cougar, granting you bonus Armor, Magic Resist and Movement Speed and a new set of abilities. It has a very low cooldown and uses no mana so don't hesitate in using it. I usually shift often between Normal and Cougar Form during fights.
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Summoner Spells



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Starting Items

Option 1(Recommended) -

(For Early Game mobility and more time in the lane)

Option 2 -

(For Early Physical Damage and a Slight HP bonus)

Early Game

-You can make this if you die or recall soon, it will give you a slight HP and damage boost.(Only make this if you chosse starting option 1 ( Boots+ Health Potionx3

-This is probably one of the biggest changes between this AD build and the AD builds I've seen here. Mercury's Treads is also a good choice, but Berserker's Greaves will give that early game atack speed which you can use to farm more efficiently.

-This will grant early damage, armor and life steal, and has two extra effects, you have a 20% change to hit monsters for 425 damage(Passive) and you can place a sight ward every 3 minutes that will help close out the lane, be aware of ganks or to protect the Baron.

Early-Mid Game

-If you can farm enough to get this early game you will probably be unmatchable in AD, you will then use this to make the Infinity Edge.

Mid Game

-This will give you an incredible amount of damge and critical chance, by far the most important item.

-This will give you some HP, that will help A LOT trust me. Later use this to make Warmog's Armor

-Buy this before buying Warmog's Armor

-This item will grant you an incredibly high amount of HP that will help you in team fights and duels, it also give's a pretty ood amount of Health Regen and the passive is prett good too.

Late Game

-This is a really good item, it will give a pretty nice Damage boost and some Life Steal

-This will give a nice armor and critical change boost. It will help you fight for longer when facing AD Champions. Also boosts your damage output thanks to it's passive.

-If you're having a good day farming and killing, WHY NOT?
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Speerz
Speerz Nidalee Guide
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Pounce Them to Death! (AD Carry)

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