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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Draven General Guide by ImShilou

ADC [Preseason] Draven ADC + Runes reforged

ADC [Preseason] Draven ADC + Runes reforged

Updated on January 1, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author ImShilou Build Guide By ImShilou 6 0 20,090 Views 12 Comments
6 0 20,090 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author ImShilou Draven Build Guide By ImShilou Updated on January 1, 2018
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Summon Aery
Nullifying Orb

Legend: Alacrity


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

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Hello and welcome to my guide, I'm Shilou a banned Gold 2 Draven main that peaked at Platnium 5
in season 5

I'm currently playing on a new account with a very large amount of restrictions from Riot (Such as my chat being monitored very often and other things)

I have been playing Draven since 2015 And he helped me climb from silver 4 Straight into Gold 5 Within a very short amount of time

This is a normal game but this is currently what I can do with Draven on this new account

This is my first guide, so I apologize if any of it looks rushed/ugly. I tried my best to do the bbcode well but I'm still not very used to it.
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Pros and cons


+ Ranged Champion
+ One of the strongest ADCS
+ Extremely Powerful
+ Easy to farm with
+ Global Ultimate
+ Useful slow with Stand Aside


- Can be shutdown easily with hard camping
- Easy to farm with but has no minion clear
- Hard to master
- Hard to pickup
- No escapes
- Not enough voice lines :(
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Flash: If you play League of Legends often this should be obvious to take this, its a get out of jail free card and it can help you secure a kill.

Heal: Heal is essential on most ADCs, if you decide not to take it make sure your support does, you can use heal to gain movement speed if needed.
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Farming with Draven is simple, do not underestimate your damage with your Q, you will kill minions easily even at early game so try your best not to miss out on any CS you can get your hands on as you have very bad wave clear as Draven, prioritize cannons over caster/melee minions (Obviously) Catch axes as much as possible when fighting minions to gain stacks, once you have enough stacks, (150-200ish) Try to get a kill as soon as possible, from there you will snowball if you play correctly.
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Supports (My opinion) *Not complete*

Recently been playing with malzahar support a lot recently, a very dirty and aggressive malzahar can carry lane easily so long as his voidlings do enough damage, with the recent nerf to his voidlings this may not be the case anymore but he is still a strong support, especially with his ultimate Nether Grasp.

Bard is an early game teddy bear, most he'll do for you is snare and give you slight heal shrines occasionally, but if you get paired with a good bard you will dominate lane, if your bard can land his Cosmic Binding and use his Magical Journey properly you shouldn't have a problem at all.

A good Nami will help you dominate lane and destroy everything in your path, a bad Nami will ruin the lane for you and feed 0/10/2. Nami is a strong support with Draven but you need a good player

Aslong as she knocks the enemies up and shields you this lane should be easy for you as long as the enemies aren't a high threat, stick close to her and make sure you target enemies whenever they are knocked up.
Recently been playing with Rakan as a support, he is a solid support at the moment and is very strong but I feel his aggressive play mixed with Draven's does not work well unless he can land his W properly, other than that his slow and little heal and his reliance on flying to you to shield you doesn't work, his ult is amazing however with Draven and allows you to ult through multiple enemies whilst they are charmed
I have a love/hate relationship with this champion, 80% Of the time she feeds when on my team but when she's on the enemy team she's a full AP support poke goddess, Sona works well with Draven thanks to her speed buffs and heals. Her heal may not be much but during early laning phase is very helpful for staying alive after poking/trading. Her speed buff ability is the reason Sona is a good support with Draven, but it takes practice for a good Sona to know when to use her speed with a Draven, tell your sona what your W ability does and asked her to use her speed when you activate that, use this for chasing/escaping.
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Ability Sequence

This is the ability you max as soon as you hit 4, the reason for this is explained more in depth in the next chapter but to summarize this is what makes Draven hit like a truck, this is what makes Draven's damage so dirty, you will have this ability active 90% of the game.

Blood Rush Is our second ability we max, it helps us to escape sticky situations and also allows us to chase down enemies with ease, upgrading this ability will give us an extra 5% Movement speed and attack speed when we use it.

Max this last as it does not deal much damage and is only used for slowing enemies when being chased, you could upgrade this second if you wanted to slow enemies by a larger amount but there is no point when you use your maxed Blood Rush.

Upgrade your ultimate whenever possible (You normally do this on like 99% Of champions anyway) Upgrading this ability will cause to do an extra 100 damage every time it is upgraded, this ultimate hits twice if the enemies do not move and will deal the damage said twice if it does hit twice, this means if at level 6 It hits an enemy Caitlyn that has 350 Health and no armor she will be left with 0HP.
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Ability explanation

  • league of draven: This passive is what makes Draven So snowbally, basically every axe you catch gives you one stack, one stack is worth 2 Gold, you also gain 2 Stacks for every six minions you kill in a row, once you kill an enemy you cash in these stacks gaining extra gold from that kill, try to gain atleast 150 Stacks before cashing them in. If you die before cashing in your stacks you will lose half of them.
  • spinning axe (Q): This is the bread and butter of Dravens damage, you need to have an axe spinning whenever possible, this ability gives you an extra amount of damage on your next attack, once the axe hits an enemy it will bounce off and land at a position indicated on the ground by a gold mark, stand on this mark and you will catch the axe and it will continue spinning, don't catch the axe and you will no longer have a spinning axe until you use the ability again. You can have two spinning axes at one time.
  • blood rush (W): This ability should be used for pure utility such as catching enemies and running from enemies, when activated Draven gains a small boost in attack speed and movement speed, catching one of Draven's Spinning Axe will cause the cool down on this ability to refresh and be set to 0, Do not use this ability too much as it will chew through mana quickly if you spam it.
  • stand aside (E): This ability is also pure utility, when an enemy is hit by this skill shot they are slowed by a small amount and are also pushed to the side slightly, use this to chase enemies and to slow enemies when being chased.
  • whirling death (R): One of the best ultimates in the game hands down, fast moving high damaging double hitting global ultimate, use this to secure kills or to start a fight if your top lane Gnar is too scared to fight the enemy.
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Teamfights are part of every game of League, but Draven is a very hard champion to play during teamfights as catching axes amongst the chaos may be a challenge, try stand on the sides and bait your axes into landing on the sides of enemies so you don't have to push through minions and team mates to catch them, use Whirling Death when ever the fight looks like it won't be in your favor or if the enemy team are running, it may help turn the fight in your favor or you could get a few kills.
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Thats it, that is the end of my guide, I mainly made this for a friend to read but if it does manage to help anyone I'm glad it does so :)

Thank you for reading the guide.

Please leave feedback as this is my first guide!
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