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Warwick General Guide by Rwars

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Rwars

Professional Diamond 1 Warwick jungle

Rwars Last updated on March 5, 2014
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To begin, Warwick the blood hunter is a mobile deadly dog that will sniff out his prey with maximum effectiveness. He provides burst damage, map pressure, and incredible sustain in the jungle allowing him to AFK farm with great effectiveness. In this guide, i will teach you the most optimal farming routes, ganking routes, and late game initiation.

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Early Game

warwick can start pulling off incredible ganking pressure from level 1

maxing out q and e with a early point in w, and boots gives you insane amounts of pressure.
any hero that triggers your e plays more passively, allowing you to continue AFK farming.

I recommend getting a machete or gold trinket of some 2 pots and a pair of wards.
You should immediately ward their red buff and then you can gank their if their jungler is very low.

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For runes, use as little as possible. Preferably mana regen blues, ap quints, and magic pen reds. Warwick does not require runes to jungle.

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For masteries, you only need 4-5 points. You can practically put them anywhere and still have great map pressure and ganking power.

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For items, rush either wits end or the ohmwrecker for the early russian tower plays.

The health from the ohmwrecker is crucial from absorbing 1 or maybe even two additional tower shots before feeding first blood. The ohmwrecker provides so much ap that warwick Q now hits like a truck. Watch tanks melt with incredible attack speed plus burst damage on the Q.

after ohmwrecker/wits, the best following item is a nashors tooth to allow your auto attacks to scale with the AP from the ohmwrecker.

Warwick is now a top tier pick. It is only a matter of time until he is a first ban/pick in LCS matches because of his sheer superiority over other laners with his sustain, and his ridiculous amount of jungle pressure pre-6.

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Late Game Initiation

Warwick gets insane initiation with hourglass.
with blink and your ult, hourglass, no spell can cc you.

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If the other team's adc purchases a qss, you should immediately leave the game as qss is a broken item


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