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Olaf Build Guide by TheRandomHero

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheRandomHero

Prolaf - Jungle King

TheRandomHero Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey and thanks for checking out my guide to Jungle Olaf ^_^

Olaf has been one of my mains since I began playing League of Legends around 6 months ago, Jungling is my favourite aspect of the game, whether it be Ranked or Normals, and I've had a lot of success with this Olaf build, so I'm hoping if anyones thinking of trying Jungle Olaf, they'll try mine and upvote me upon their success ^_^

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Pros / Cons

+ Extremely Tanky
+ Incredible Ultimate
+ True Damage
+ Amazing Passive
+ 'Balls Out' Playstyle

- Requires a 'plan ahead' use of skillshot when chasing.
- Wasting Ragnarok can be game-changing.

Summary: Honestly I can't think of many Cons for Olaf, I find his style of play to be very aggressive and very forgiving. One mistake won't cost you the game as it can with squishies like Brand or Veigar. He has incredible damage early game through skills, and late game through items. He can escape most situations providing you have good map knowledge and can juke through bushes, and combined with your Ragnarok/ Ghost combo, you're practically uncatchable.

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Kind of standard here really.

I take Greater Mark of Desolation and Greater Quintessence of Desolation, because these early game provide really great damage on your ganks, and end game combined with your Ultimate's Passive, you have 61 + 10% Armor Penetration, which makes you very painful to deal with.

I take Greater Seal of Armor, for Jungling and generally being that little bit Tankier.

Finally I take Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist, again for being Tankier, especially late game.

Personally I find this to be the best combination for Olaf, because for example a level 4 gank, you're going to be hitting even people WITH Armor Seals for pure damage, and when combined with your Reckless Swing doing True Damage... That's gonna hurt. End game you're talking around 60-70 Armor Penetration (Depending on the enemies Armor and your Weapon Expertise Mastery.) which will destroy squishies and hurt tanks. Again, when combined with your Reckless Swing, you can really make the tank a viable kill target for your team if the enemy is not prepared for it.

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Masteries are what you would expect for an Offtank Olaf. I go deep into the Offense tree with 21/0/9. I put the 9 into Utility because I find Expanded Mind to solve most of Olaf's mana problems, especially since they patched Reckless Swing to not have a mana cost now. Naturally as a Jungler you want the Increased Buff Duration too, and to finish the Utility I take Swiftness , which is always useful to Initiate/Escape.

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Summoner Spells

I Always roll with Smite & Ghost


- Because you're a jungler, and yes even though you might not need it being the powerful Jungler Olaf is, I can't count the amount of times my Ragnarok/ Reckless Swing/ Smite has intercepted and stolen a Baron Buff.

- Most people have a preferrence to Ghost or Flash, however I think with Olaf it's hands-down Ghost. Your Undertow slows, your Ragnarok removes all CC, as well as blocking incoming CC, both of which make catching/escaping very easy. Now throw Ghost into that and you're laughing as they try to outrun YOU. Flash I feel is only good on burst champions, or champions with little escape mechanisms, neither of which apply to Olaf

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I start with Undertow, to make Jungling faster. A lot of people will argue to start with Vicious Strikes for the sustain, but I find Undertow clears the blue camp much faster because you don't have much health for Vicious Strikes to scale from just yet.

At level 2 I place a point into Vicious Strikes for the Damage/Lifesteal while Jungling. I place my 3rd point into Undertow again, and leave it at level 2 until last.

After I'm level 3 it's pretty much:

R > E > W > Q

Mostly because early game I find spamming Reckless Swing to be a great way to net kills. When combined with your 35 (+10% from Weapon Expertise ) Armor Pen at Level 6, Your dealing true damage to anyone without Armor Runes or Armor Items. I also find that by the time you're buying your Giant's Belt, you'll be starting to max Vicious Strikes (Having already maxed your Reckless Swing) which in turn boosts your damage a lot every level as it scales from Health Points.

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Game Walkthrough

Upon spawning buy your Cloth Armor and 5x Health Potion, head to Blue Buff. Ideally your mid will pull for you allowing for a few second of free damage. Once the minions have turned on you, Focus the large one, drink a Health Potion and start throwing Undertow whenever it's available, trying to get at least 1 of the smaller minions along with the large one. Make sure you throw it MINIMUM distance, because then you'll 90% of the time automatically pick it straight back up without having to walk towards it. Naturally Smite when the large Golem is around 500hp. Clean up the smaller ones and put a Point into Vicious Strikes
[Potion Use: Potion use on Olaf is very situational... the only times I will keep my health over 70% on the first Jungle Run, is if they have a Shaco who could gank me. Otherwise I sit around 40-50% to take advantage of my Berserker Rage. Another thing is your Vicious Strikes gives you lifesteal, so you can comfortably sit on 40-50% for Wolves/Wraiths/Small Golems, without a problem. Usually I have 2-3 Potions left over from this first Jungle Run, which also last me for the second trip. In time you will become more comfortable letting your health lower to gain the faster Jungle times, but always beware of ganks and especially a Karthus once he hits Level 6 otherwise you'll be handing out free double kills :P

Head to Wolves, focusing the larger one first as usual. Hit Vicious Strikes and Undertow whenever they're off cooldown, again making sure to aim Undertow at minimum distance.

Head to Wraiths, again focus the largest one first, spamming your Undertow and Vicious Strikes.

Head to Small Golems, popping a [Health Potion]] as you engage. (This is usually my 2nd Health Potion) focus the big one, again spamming Undertow and Vicious Strikes. Upon killing them put a 2nd point into Undertow again and head to Red Buff.

Pop a Health Potion (3rd normally) and engage the largest one, try to position yourself next to a smaller minion, so your Undertow hits 2 or even all 3 of them. If, like me, you've let your health sit around 40% this fight will be fast. Your potion and Visious Strikes will keep you alive no problem, and your fast attack speed will ensure you get it down in no time.

Now we head back to Wolves, and after killing them you'll be level 4. Put your point into Reckless Swing and look for ganks. If like me you saved some health potions now is the time to weigh up consumption time before a gank. You don't want to be sat waiting in a bush getting health then your opprtunity goes. This is mostly common sense and practice, but as long as your over 70% and your team mate WILL fight with you, I'd say gank, usually mid first. See next section for ganking guide.

Provided you didn't die in the gank continue to Wraiths and Small Golems, then recall and buy your Boots of Speed, or even Berserkers Greaves if you can afford it outright.

Now this is where you'll focus on ganking mostly, and clearing the Jungle whenever it is available. Of course you can counter Jungle, which is pretty self explanatory, and personally if I'm doing well I will start using my Wriggle's Lantern to ward the enemy Jungler's buffs, often stealing them with a combo of Reckless Swing & Smite ^_^

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Ganking as Olaf

This is probably where I am different to other Jungle Olaf's, and perhaps why I have such success. The reason is, I find Reckless Swing to be my main source of damage early game, and therefore open with it.
Most people will open with an Undertow from the bush and then chase the enemy, this is bad in my opinion. Why? Because once you have thrown your axe it's a 10 second cooldown UNLESS you go pick it up.
Now if you throw it, it may hit the enemy and allow you to get a few hits off on them, but once the slow ends they'll usually get away unless they were already low.

I find running into lane and smashing them in the face with Reckless Swing to be much better as an opener. Not only are you highly likely to force a Flash/ Exhaust just because your running at them from behind, but the impact of that damage will scare them and people make mistakes when they panic :P

Also Reckless Swing only has an 8 second cooldown, meaning by the time I've hit you with it to open, and thrown my axe to slow you, I can hit you with it again as the slow wears off!

This ensures maximum damage because your DPS from melee attacks will not be interupted by having to chase, the enemy will be slowed, so it's basically BAM-smash-smash-smash-BAM!

Oh, and the Undertow? Well because they usually turn to run right about the time I hit them with Reckless Swing, the're making a straight line for their turret, which not only ensures an easy skillshot land, BUT ensures I will pick it up on the way while attacking them, and I assure you, the amount of times your 2nd axe throw will net the kill from someone who has just escaped, will make you love this style of ganking ;)

This is also why I place 2 points into Undertow early, because the extra damage from rank 2 can get you that kill from range when they might have otherwise escaped to safety behind their turret.

Of course once you get your Frozen Mallet the Undertow is pretty much obsolete as a utility, but continue to land it for extra damage.

Remember to Ward Dragon! It should be the first use of Wriggles you have available! Usually I gank bot, and after netting the kill rope the other guys in to help me take it, remember you can't really take it without wriggles, it makes a huge difference. There will be some people claiming solo it at Level 5 with a spoon and paper cup but I don't really care, because I find with this build you'll be causing so much havoc in lanes their Jungler simply doesnt have time for Dragon. And if he does, you'll just kill 2 lanes and towers shortly after...

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Final Notes

Again, this is my first guide so I guess thanks for reading and hopefully I'll learn how to put all the icons in etc and improve it, but if you want to see this build in action, including me winning a 3v1 fight with <400hp, search for 'Impressive Jungle Olaf' on LoLReplay :D

Video's coming shortly!

A HUGE thanks to Jhoijhoi's Guide Making Guide which helped me make this, my first guide, look great with BBCodes ^_^

Thanks again, and comments/improvements welcomed!