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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Victumi

Promumu-The Mummy Jungler (Updated)

Victumi Last updated on January 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Amumu-One of the best gankers in the game<as far as I know> as well as one of my top three favorite champions to play. Amumu in my opinion is the best tank. Mass stun ultimate. AOE magic damage by % of health with a solo and a multple stun. Great ganker and can survive 5 v 1 and get away if they don't have mass stuns or slows and he's an excellent JUNGLER You'll finish the jungle at about 4:45-4:55 without a problem unless the oposing team tries to gank you.

You will not get many IF ANY kills with this build it will be 80%+ assists. So feed your carries. Intentional or unintentional don't puposely kill steal your Ashe/Trist/Kog'Maw just for a better looking score. Don't worry about too many deaths late game either. If you have the most deaths and the only negative K:D with 30 assists you're doing your job to TANK.

Tank: A Player/Champion that takes all the damage for their team so their team gets the most kills and wins fights.
Jungler: A Player who spends the early game fighting neutral creeps in the forested area, hence junglers.
AOE: Area Of Effect, the area that your ability covers.
Ganker: A player who "jumps" other players who are not expecting it.

Amumu Pro's and Con's
1. Finishes the jungle in less than five minutes.
2. Can solo dragon at level 6 (Was 4 but the new update made it a little more difficult)
3. Excellent tank even for a midget.
4. AOE Stun
5. Amazing Ganker using
6. AOE Damage by percent
7. Impressive Farmer
8. Ultimate turns teamfights

1. Slow movement speed
2. Mild jungling difficulty
3. Very much team reliant
4. Initiate is a skillshot

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Side Note

Route 2 is only for certain circumstances, and since lack of mana screws up my ganks and my red dies quickly anyways, a lot of the time when its a match I know I'll need to gank I do route two to keep blue.

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Jungling Route #1

Early Game:

At the start of the match you want to buy 5x and a .
Ask your team to position at the red "X's" with you being on the red x on the orange route line on the map. Note there are only 4, since the chances of them coming through the bottom and by the turrets is slim to none you won't need someone guarding the bottom of mid. Put one point in pop a and just whail and auto attack the golem. He'll go down when you're at about half hp and you'll hit level 2 after finishing that camp put a point into and head on.

Pop another and go to the wolves. Spam and make sure is on, they'll go down fast. Head to the wraiths and do the same thing. Auto attacking the large wraith with a active. Spam . Put one more on and another point to .

Head to the Lizard camp make sure your health and mana are at about half. Go after the large lizard and auto attack/ / spam. him to last hit him at about 600 hp and the small lizards will die at the same time. Use your last and head to the mini golems and repeat. On this one you will hit about 30% health but they'll both go down easily. Drop your last point from this go-round on .
Head back to base and pick up your .Since you'll have around 665-690 you can get it easily. (If you want to do one more camp run to wolf camp, the big wolf and kill the little ones)
I DO NOT RECOMMEND SOLOING THE DRAGON. Ward it, and when you're ready grab at least 2 or more teammates and get it so you don't feed AND lose the dragon.
Now it's time to start ganking.

Your blue buff will have run out by the time you go back to base and then head out (or about the time you're going to get your first gank off, even with the 30% bonus). So if your opponents don't have a jungler grab theirs and if they do you have red so you should be fine ganking but you still need to be mana conscientous.
With Amumu (assuming they have no or badly placed wards and you have the element of surprise) you can gank from virtually any of the close to lane bushes.

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Jungling Route #2 (Alternate)

This is a slightly more complex route but it's harder for the other team to gank you and it still works effectively though not quite as well as the other route in my honest opinion. It also sets you up better to get dragon than to gank. (The Masteries for it are different and listed in the Masteries section of the description) Again the orange lines are the route and the red x's are where you should ask your team to stand.

This is a good route for whoever wants to keep their blue buff longer than their red buff.
Also it's a good route if you don't want to get ganked at the blue because it is fairly standard.
Start with the same items 5x and

Start at the Lizard Camp, drop a and use and until the largest lizard is dead, turn off dspair and kill off the other two lizards. Use another and walk to the large Golem. While you're fighting the Golem you won't need smite and your health will get low, so use another you'll be down to two, but it's all you'll need. Put the point into .

Now kill the wolves with and and will be back up. DO NOT USE IT ON THE WOLVES. Head to the wraith camp, use your second to last and the large wraith, and the other three. Now use your last and drop the two mini golems using and

Now you can head on over to the base and heal, fast. You have the next about 1-1.5 minutes for your buff. or you can buy a ruby crystal and a health potion head to the Dragon (though I still don't recommend it without at least part of your team) and the dragon will drop fairly fast with despair + tantrum + smite.

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Early Game Combo's and Warding.

Early Game Combo's
There is pretty much only one. (with or without to catch/keep up with them) to the enemy champ pop and and auto attack to get them low enough for your teammate to grab the kill or maybe even grab the kill yourself.

Knowing that you're 1-2 levels behind the highest player in the game you can hold a lane to catch up. or just go where you please and gank. A mixture of both works well. However since they won't know where you are for the most part a large job for you as a jungler will be to drop a few wards. I normally grab 1-3 every time I go to base since they got nerfed and their time is horrible.
Here are the places I normally drop them depending on the need of my team.
The Purple X's are the sight wards also known as Counter Wards. To see wards your opponent has placed.
The Green X's are the regular vision wards.
Wards Win Games! It's easy to get a gank when its 3-4 v 1 because Annie went solo to get blue and you had wards to see she was alone and that she was there at all.

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Mid Game

By now you should have a few kills/assists and be around the same level as the sololaners. You'll have plenty of gold from greed/heart of gold. So you should have a few wards and your . I chose the because the magic resist and effect reduction is awesome for a tank and the extra movement point from swiftness won't really help you tank. You'll be 9+ now so your will do a quite a fair chunk of damage. You're main combo after 6 for 5 v 5's or anything where they might escape will be with on to initiate. Then stun them all/as many as you can with and spam and auto attack whoever you can. Other than the tank...

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Late Game

You should have your core items done (listed below) and Major teamfights will have started now. You'll still be the one to initiate with bandage toss and your ultimate. Right when your ultimate wears out, drop your effect. Which is roughly the size of your ultimate so it should hit most people in the vicinity. If you have your and your . You'll knock off most of the disrupts and do awesome aoe damage with and . (This happened to me and another Amumu and both teams ended up stunned but since I stunned second we won the teamfight :) )

You'll be able to stand under a turret for about 30 seconds before you get low enough to have to run. So facetanking a turret is insanely easy for that ace you can't wait on minions for. Amumu still has mana and cdr problems so grab the blue buff if you can and if your carry already has one.

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Runes & Masteries

Mastery Justification:
(Route 1, Basic Tank )I grab a basic 0-21-9 Mastery tree for the 4% Reduction and basic utility masteries since well its kinda standard for a tank right? ( I personally very rarely run this anymore)

(Route 2, Exceptional Ganker)
I run 1-18-11 Putting full points in Resistance, Hardiness, Evasion, Dodge, and Veteran's Scars and one point in Ardor for defense and full points in Perserverance, Haste, Awareness, Greed, Utility Mastery for Utilities. As well as improved smite.


I also use a basic tank rune selection. MR and Armor with about 150 extra health. (Helps keep your hp high while jungling too)
These are both rather standard tank runes so there's not a long unique explantion for why I chose them.

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Core Item Set

:(The items vary on necesity. So decide if the oposing team has more Ability power or physical damage to figure out what order to buy them)

I always chose mercury treads so disables last less time. I also believe the extra point in movement from the recomended boots of swiftness isn't as useful as the treads effect. I VERY rarely if ever grab Ninja Tabi.

Armor and Health and Health regen with a slowing effect. What's not to love?

Every 30 seconds it blocks a negative spell. Very useful. The magic resist and armor balances out so you'll take about the same damage from both. Toss this for a sunfire if the oposing team fails and doesn't have any AP (I've seen it happen)

Optional Items/Extra Items

: (That complement Amumu)

Mass Hitpoints and Mass Health regeneration. Very nice for any tank build.

Health and armor and 60 aoe damage per second another very good tank item.

Magic resistance, armor and a second chance to jump in the team fight, on spot revival, good for any character... even better for a barely killable Amumu.

Magic resist and health regeneration. In my opinion not as good as a Banshee's Veil however a very worthwhile item.

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Hope you enjoyed reading my Amumu build. Any constructive criticism is much appreciated. If you rate it down please tell me why.

Here are some results +1 for doing a bad job editing them together!
These are Wins and Losses and day to day scores. I edited them together to cover some of my Malphite/Annie/other games.
Oops I double posted the top one on the second picture. it was just to cover a malphite game anyways. Sorry

Update 12/31/2010
I've done some testing and research in and out of game and decided that 0:21:9 is not a good mastery tree for jungle Amumu, the tree has been changed to match the update.
(Though I dislike that it looks like all the other jungle Amumu guides out there, it is the most effective)