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Braum Build Guide by uberfritz

Support Protect the Bae: How to Braum

Support Protect the Bae: How to Braum

Updated on October 8, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author uberfritz Build Guide By uberfritz 5,779 Views 0 Comments
5,779 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author uberfritz Braum Build Guide By uberfritz Updated on October 8, 2014
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Let's get something straight before we get started here.

Braum is the best support in League of Legends.

Braum combines great utility elements from other champions and synergizes very well with almost any ADC champion. His skillset allows flexibility for any kind of support playstyle, whether it's passive protection and disengaging or aggressive teamfight engages. Braum is easy to learn and easy to master. Braum is your team's best friend; he excels in teamfights and is great at closing (or opening!) the gaps in chases that secure kills and protect teammates.
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Braum's Champion Spotlight Video probably does a simpler job of explaining his moveset than I can, so here's that first:

The following is my input on his moves:

PASSIVE: Concussive Blows

Braum's passive applies stacks of "Concussive Blows" to enemy champions when he uses Q ("Winter's Bite") or basic attacks. Both Braum and allies can all add stacks of Concussive Blows with basic attacks, with a total of 4. Once the enemy gets 4 stacks of Concussive Blows, they get stunned for 1.25-1.75 seconds and take bonus magic damage. It's basically Leona's passive and Q put together. Plus, unlike Leona, Braum can activate his own passive damage and doesn't require an ally.

This is HUGE during early game/laning phase and is the difference between a double kill for you or a double kill for the enemy. At early levels, that bonus damage is a dealbreaker that determines the outcome at a fight where any damage capacity is critical. Make sure to keep autoattacking as much as possible so that the timer refreshes, to give you and your teammates as much time as possible to activate the stun.

Q - Winter's Bite

I don't want to say it's the most important skill in Braum's skillset, because in all honesty, all of his skills are extremely useful, but it is very important for utility and damage throughout the game, and is worth maxing first.

Q allows you to poke enemy champions during laning phase and allows for passive damage output, especially with your ADC adding stacks of Concussive blows from far away with you and your ADC taking minimal damage, and probably securing a kill if done correctly.

Q is a great engage and disengage tool that can help any of your teammates. If you're chasing down the lone survivor of the enemy team, using W to jump in front of a closer teammate and using Q to slow the enemy enough for your team to catch up is a definitive gap closer. Similarly, if things don't go well and you are being chased, Q can separate you or your teammates quite well.

W - Stand Behind Me

Positioning is everything. W lets you jump to the target teammate IN FRONT OF THEM, closest to the nearest enemy champion, and then gives both yourself and the target ally bonus armor and magic resist. The positioning not only lets you buff and soak up damage for your ally squishies for passive maneuvers, but puts you in an offensive position if you would like to engage a fight or chase down an enemy with Q or an ultimate. Using W with your shield (E) is an extremely effective and critical combo for you to know as a good Braum player.

E - Unbreakable

This is not only Braum's best team contribution, but also probably one of the best abilities in League of Legends, in my opinion. E puts a shield in target direction that COMPLETELY NEGATES ALL DAMAGE from the first enemy attack or ability that hits the shield (with the sole exception of true damage) and INTERCEPTS AND STOPS ENEMY PROJECTILES. Braum not only stops the damage from the first projectile attack, but can also negate the damage from area of effect spells like Zyra's ultimate (as shown in the video) as long as you face the source of damage (the enemy champion casting the spell). This is a huge gamechanger in teamfights that lets you protect your teammates while taking reduced damage yourself. Ezreal shots? Blocked. Nami's tidal wave? Blocked. Caitlyn's sniper ultimate? Blocked. The list goes on.

NOTE: Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab (Q) WILL STILL PULL YOU EVEN IF YOU HAVE THE SHIELD UP. It will negate the damage, but you will still get pulled!!!


R - Glacial Fissure

Make sure to use Braum's ult to its full potential if possible, and ult when as many enemy champions as possible are bunched up together to get the damage, slow, knockup, or stun that your ultimate will give. Braum's ultimate can be a disengage, but should be used more as an engage tool, especially if your allies do high burst damage. 1-1.5 seconds may not seem like a lot of knockup time, but experienced players know that 1.5 seconds is enough to determine the outcome of a teamfight single-handedly.
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Early Game

Play support according to your normal play style. Since Braum isn't especially mana-hungry to be useful (e.g. Blitzcrank, Thresh), he can use Relic Shield, which provides great sustain for you and your teammates during laning phase.

I believe the best course of action during laning phase when playing Braum is to play fairly passively and poke the enemy with your Q. However, as soon as you get an opportunity when the enemy ADC is alone or out of position, jump to your ADC with W, put up your shield (E) to prevent any counterattacks from the opponent, slow them with Q and immediately apply as many stacks of concussive blows as possible (both you and your ADC), stun the target and get bonus magic damage, and you have yourself an easy kill. A good Braum will feed their ADC to a point of a TLC obesity-themed reality show.

Communicate well with your ADC to maximize Concussive Blow's potential. They NEED to follow up with your engage in order to do so. The bonus damage and stun can be absolutely devastating at low levels and will be the deciding factor for trades.

If the enemy ADC is attacking your turret, get in front of it. Your shield will block their bullets and they won't damage the tower! This can protect the tower long enough to let your teammates come help you in defensive situations or long enough to give enough aggro to change a fight.

Pay attention to your build order. Sightstone is an absolute first buy for Braum, no matter what. Buy Targon's Brace and boots afterwards if you have enough, but Sightstone comes first.
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Mid Game

At this point, you should have a few of the core items and your Face of the Mountain finished. Now you can follow your ADC in their endeavors or fight with your team if necessary. However, your ADC is the eternal bae, and they should come first. Protect the bae.

Use the same move combos (W, E, Q, R) to protect any of your allies in teamfights and engage with your ultimate when you see an opportunity.
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Late Game

Get super tanky!!! You should be a bullet sponge for your squishy teammates and Braum's kit naturally puts him in the middle of combat.

Use the same combos as before and be the master of teamfights. Also, be the master of moustaches.

Pay attention to your item build; as I noted in my item build guide, some early game items like Face of the Mountain can be exchanged for stronger items.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author uberfritz
uberfritz Braum Guide
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Protect the Bae: How to Braum

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