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Kalista Build Guide by PentaPaws3

Quick Before In-Game Kalista Guide!

By PentaPaws3 | Updated on September 17, 2016

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LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


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If you're behind/If you have additional money when
First Core Item [Explanation below]
Third Core Item
If they have mediocre/high CC
If they have little/no CC
Defensive Items if you are taking poke/damage
If you have enough defensive stats, pick one of th
Elixirs [Read below for explanation]

Ability Order

Threats & Synergies

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The Spear of Vengeance Introduction

Kalista is one of the most mobile marksman in the game. She has a lot of synergy with her support and with great positioning, she can deal tons of damage while being very slippery in teamfights. Once you master how to use her passive and her whole kit in general, you will be ready to rend your opponents to bits, and this guide will help you with your journey in mastering her.
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Summoner Spells


-As all ADC's take in this meta, heal is a good summoner spell for kalista which can obviously heal her and give her movement speed in team fights. Using your heal and BOTRK can heal you up to ensure you are healthy in duels.


-90% of all champions take this,including Kalista. Try to Flash+Q to snipe someone or flash to get in range to rend fleeing enemies.


-Cleanse is not really needed for Kalista, as she can just QSS any cc that gets to her. However this is useful in the early game before you get QSS as you can cleanse thresh hook, brand's stun, ashe ultimate etc.


-Do not use this. Use it only if your against a hugh damaging opponent like Lucian or Quinn who can 1v1 you. I would still advise you to get heal though even if you are against them. Not a good idea to take it just for the slow to apply more rend stacks. Usually your support should get heal if you get exhaust.


-I do not advise you to use this unless you want to have some fun or troll around. A funny thing is that you can bring your support with you around the map with your ult and this teleport. Have fun trying this![Note: I need clarification if this still works]
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Build Breakdown

This is the current build path for this meta. I will explain the items in order that you should build them. I will not explain the starting items as they are standard for most ADCs.


-Berserker Greaves
I personally think that this item should be bought first. This is because with the tier 2 boots, you can be very mobile and you can easliy dogde skillshots in the laning phase. One downside of getting this first is that you have to your damage output will not be that great in the early game. However the attack sperd from this boots can help you attack more, thus applying more rend stacks. Also, pros such as SKT T1 Bang gets this first!

-Blade Of The Ruined King
This item is a must buy for Kalista because it synergies well with your kit. It gives you lifesteal and when activated, you will be healed and it slows the enemy, allowing you to auto attack the enemy more for those rend stacks. With your auto attack and this item, you also do 6% HP bonus physical damage.

Runaan's Hurricane
-I feel like this item is made for Kalista. With this item, your auto attacks will spread onto other targets, which also applies rend stacks. This allows you to rend more than one target at once. You also deal 15 additional physical damage per hit which is nice.


Mercurial Scimitar
- Get this item if they have a lot of CC. This is very useful as you can instantly get back to deal damage in the fight once you are CCed with additional movement speed. Also, more lifesteal! You can also get the QSS first, leaving to upgrade to Mercs later adter you have build other essential items.

- If they have less CC or none at all, this item should be bought instead of mercs. This also gives you lifesteal which overheals you. Once you have overheal, excess life is given. This excess life is converted into a shield which can soak up a lot of damage. This shield will decay though, but it is useful in teamfights, or when your pushing and they flank on you. This shield should prevent them from bursting you down quickly.


Here, the order of the items bought is situational, if they are many tanks, then try going for an armor piercing item first. Build defensive items if your ahead to protect yourself. One more damaging crit item should be built. Go for the an armor penetration item if they are building armor against you. Go for a crit item if they are not really building armor against you. However, build defensive first if you are constantly getting poked or taking damage.

Let's start off with armor piercing items.

Lord Dominik's Regards

-Buy this against tanks as they have more health and armor than you. This item will allow you grant you more damage against health tankies (at least 500 health above yours). 40% Armor penetration is included in this item as well.

Mortal Reminder
-I only get this 5% of the time. The grevious wounds on champions is pretty useless unless you accidentaly rend to early and they have low hp left. I would not recommend getting it as the grievous wounds is not really helpfu on Kalista. You can get a crit item, which is better than this.

Now for the Defensive Items.

Guardian Angel
-Who doesn't want a second life? This item is useful as it gives you more armor and magic resist stats. You can go really aggressive with this as you can revive if you make a mistake. Be careful though! Enemy backup might be on the way. In team fights, this is useful if you get instantly burst in the backline first as your team can reposition to help you. However your team has less damage output for the 4 seconds of you in statis!

Sterak's Gage
-Once you are taking damage in a fight, the shield from this item is massive. You also gain damage and health from this item. Once you are shielded for 8 seconds, you also gain 25% attack damage which is massive. This is one of the best defensive items out of all the 3 that is mentioned here in my opinion.

Frozen Mallet
-I think that this item is pretty decent on Kalista as it gives her health, attack damage and slows your enemy when you auto attack, so you can kite easier and apply more rend stacks. It also synergises well with runaan's hurricane.

Finally, it's time for the crit item. Honestly, this should not be bought unless you have really good peel team comp, a lot of shields on you or if they are not building armor against you (usually if your other team members are AP.)

Infinity Edge
-This item gives a nice amount of damage and 20% crit. It also gives an additional 50% crit, which allows you to crit more overall.

Runaan's Hurricane
-Now this item gives you crit and attack speed which is very useful for Kalista. Also you gain movement speed and you can pass through units with this which is useful for Kalista's kit. Note that when you are bursted down, hit the champion that is doing so to take 12% less damage from them.

Rapid Firecannon
-This allows you to gain range to allow your first auto attack to hit further. I prefer this over statik shiv because statikk shiv is pretty bad on Kalista when she is wave clearing and runaans is much better. This item does have the energised passive like statikk shiv though,but in this energised form, the long range auto attack also applies to turrets.


Note that elixirs last for 4 minutes.

Elixir of Wrath
-Usually ADCs take this. This gives you additional attack damage and also applies bloodlust. Bloodlust heals you for 15% damage dealt to enemy champions.

Elixir of Sorcery
-Do not take this unless you are the split pusher. This elixir allows you to deal 25 bonus damage to turrets.

Elixir of Iron
-Do not take this. Unless you feel like you need defensive stats and you have sufficient damage, take this.
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Feedback & Future Plans

This guide is only breaking down the information needed to play and buid Kalista properly. Please correct me for any language mistakes to help me improve this guide. More is to be added to this guide in the future. Thank you! :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author PentaPaws3
PentaPaws3 Kalista Guide

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Quick Before In-Game Kalista Guide!
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