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Jhin Build Guide by Coheenez

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coheenez

Quick Jhin Guide: Extremely safe + TONS of damage

Coheenez Last updated on February 25, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Many Jhin players rush an essence reaver, and I am here to tell you that is WRONG! There are many reasons for this, the main reason is Jhin does NOT use abilities later into the game. The cool down is almost entirely wasted once you get your IE and Rapid fire cannon. The mana gain is also useless because Jhin's abilities cost VERY little mana.

Instead we will focus more on his passive, and how to utilize it to its full potential. Upon first glance, it may seem complicated and too much to understand so here is a tl;dr: Build crit and attack speed and you'll move extremely fast and have super high base AD. This will be discussed later in the Items chapter.

I'll be updating this guide frequently!
Any questions leave them in the discussion and I'll be sure to respond!

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Infinity edge is essential on Jhin. This shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone as it gives great stats for Jhin (Both high AD and crit chance).

Rapid fire cannon is almost as essential as infinity edge. It allows you to do many things that are key to staying safe and maintaining high damage. Using that initial extra range on your first auto attack can really allow you to either kite super safely, or chase down anyone who tries to run from you. Additionally, having a rapid fire cannon up and your final shot at the same time can really chunk anyone from an extremely safe distance. I cannot stress how important this item is on Jhin and how well he utilizes it. How many times have you seen a Jhin get caught because he has no escape? Well rapid fire cannon basically eliminates this issue by giving Jhin a safe way to suddenly gain a MASSIVE burst in movement speed.

Runan's Hurricane may seem as a suprise to many, as Jhin does not acutally gain any attack speed by building attack speed. But I will assure you this item is very good on Jhin for three main reasons. 1) Once you build this item it will 'activate' your passive, giving you HUGE bursts of movement speed whenever you auto someone. 2) It stacks rapid fire canon allowing your last shot to be a rapid fire cannon shot even if you used it on your first shot, amusing you move a bit in between shots. 3) More bullets. You only have 5 shots, but now you have 15. Kind of situational but can be very useful at times.

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Look to use your Q whenever possable to last hit ranged minions when enemy champions are nearby to let it bounce onto them. Try not to use it if minions wont die, or it will be a waste of mana.

Whenever you have your final shot, try to look for some harass, but don't put yourself out of position to do so. Jhin's early game is kind of weak so only do it when it is almost 100% free.

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Late Game Spell Usage [IMPORTANT]

You should avoid using any spells aside from your W and pre-placing your E's in teamfights. Utilize the rapid fire cannon to trigger his passive, granting you either insane chase or escape with the burst of movement speed. During high-pressure situations, avoid using anything BUT your autos and your passive to keep yourself safe while using your auto attacks whenever they are available to keep up your damage.

Your W is SUPER good at catching out opponents before fights, however when someone is charging at you be careful while using it as it roots you for a significant amount of time while casting it. Most of the time it is better to just auto attack and run away with the bonus movement speed.

Your E should be used as a zoning tool and should be placed down BEFORE a fight happens. Use them as an escape rout, giving you a way to escape safely if someone is charging at you.

Your R should NEVER BE USED DURING A TEAMFIGHT! By ulting during a teamfight, you are essentially reducing all of your damage to 4 bullets that aren't 100% reliable to land. They also will do signifigantly less damage than your atuo attacks (Excusing the final bullet, which will do MASSIVE damage). Additionally by ulting in a teamfight, you make yourself vulnerable as you probably arent watching your character as well while aiming. Use your R BEFORE or AFTER a teamfight to either get some damage before hand, catch someone with the slow, or finish someone as they try to run away. DO NOT RELY ON THIS ABILITY TO DO YOUR DAMAGE!

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Supports On Your Team

Good With Jhin

Morgana - Her puddle allows your W to snare targets, making it easy to hold down a target for an extended amount of time. Additionally her spell shield is EXTREMELY useful as Jhin is fairly weak on his own.

Janna - Great peel and the damage from the shield will let you win just about every trade you go into.

Soraka - Great for keeping Jhin alive. Her E also instantly allows you to use your W. Overall a very safe pick, however she is banned a lot.

Nami - Her E allows you to sick on targets easily and do extra damage. She also has great disengage which keeps you safe

Thresh - Another great champ who can keep you alive. Also can engage with his Q rather safely.

Braum - Another great peeler, also procing the passive stun is very easy with the bonus movement speed from your passive.

Tham Khench - Duh

Bad Supports

Blitzcrank - Pulling enemies closer to Jhin is not what you want ever!

Brand/Velkoz/Lux - Minimal peel. Jhin already does a load of damage by himself however is vulnerable without any peel. These supports don't offer much in the form of safety and are therefore risky.

Bard - Very minimal peel. Leaving Jhin alone is asking for death.

Sona - Same as bard, but squishy and easy to kill.

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NEVER pick Jhin if:

    You are against the following champions:

Zed, Rengar, Talon, Blitzcrank, akali, Lissandra, and anyone else who can burst you and exploit your lack of mobility.

    Against 2 or more tanks. Jhin's damage is burst reliant and he excels at destroying squishes. Having 2 or more tanks on the enemy team will make doing damage very hard as they can just eat your 5 shots and kill you before you reload.
    Never first pick Jhin. He can be easily countered (Especially in gold+ elo) by many of the current meta champions. Know who you are going against and if you are facing either of the two previously mentioned bullets, DON'T PICK JHIN OR YOURE GONA HAVE A BAD TIME!

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Jhin needs to be safe in lane, and therefore needs a very strong support such as Morgana, Alistar, Soraka etc. Once you hit that late game power spike (Around the time you finish your first 3 items) your damage and movement speed will start to really spike.

Avoid using your ULT during team fights, as your auto attacks will do SIGNIFICANTLY more damage and are MUCH MORE RELIABLE!

Essence reaver is **** as cooldowns mean nothing to Jhin late game, which is when he is powerful.