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Quinn Build Guide by DeathKnightA

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DeathKnightA

Quinn & Valor Brotherhood

DeathKnightA Last updated on March 2, 2013
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Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9


Utility: 0

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Quinn & Valor Demacia's Wings is a AD carry. She is one of the most fun carries in my perspective. She's kinda of like a Vayne 2.0 but not really.... I loveeeee her play style. Shes able to create amazing plays since she has great mobility. Does a nice burst of DMG and turns into a birdy! She confusing a bit at first and you really have to understand her combo/mechanics

What I generally do is start auto attacking my enemy and wait for my passive(Harrier) to mark them. Once they are marked my next auto attack does extra damage, I then auto attack some more and if they're running away I will E(Vault) max ranged to them, because that causes where I land to be slightly closer to my enemy, and it also marks them with my passive Harrier. I then do what AD carries love to do auto attack! And if i have to use blind or my ult I will ;P. That's just the general idea. There are many ways to play Quinn :).

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I chose 21/9/0 because I play very aggressive and Love to kill things ;D! So more damage please <3 Haha, ;P And I like the extra health + armor from the defense section.

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Pros / Cons

- Great poking ability
- Amazing movement speed
- High damage
- Fun/Unique
- Low cool down timers
- Great late game like all adc's

- Her ulty does not refresh cooldowns when casted
- She's a bit slow early game but once you get boots it's not a problem
- Mid-range attacks somewhat like Vayne
- Well being a girl I think shes kinda ugly LOL... And they could of done better on the skin but ohwells.
- Her passive goes to the wrong target sometimes
- Squishy but that's kind of a given since you're a adc.

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Teleports your Champion to target nearby location under your mouse cursor. Good to run away o to secure a Kill going away

For Secure a Kill

Can save you from a enemy Ignite or ultimate.

Sheild can be a good way to Protect you from a Secure kill.

If you haven't got a support with a heal skill this can be helpfull for you and teammates

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Starting Items
Boots of SpeedQuinn is a slow Champ, I higly recommend to buy boots at beggining to dodge enemy atacks and go fastest to your lane.
Health Potionx3Is important to farm all you can so if u get hurt just use one of this potions.
Late Game Items
Infinity EdgeFor Damage and Critical is the best item for Damage Carry.
Phantom DancerQuinn have a low movement speed, so Phantom give you an adicional movement speed and a good attack speed to kill your enemys. So I can say that Phantom Dancer is really helpfull for all ADC.
The BloodthirsterThis item gives a lot of damage. If you are haveing a lot of damage why not some lifesteal...
Last Whisper35% armor penetration + tone of damage = Harasment!!!!
Guardian AngelIf you ahve trouble with armor or magic resistence and surviveing in team fights this is the best item.

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Playing against Vayne: Thanks to Quiin Vault skill, Vayne can be chase easily. Quinn have a good Damage against Vayne so we can say Quinn counter Vayne.

Playing against Quinn: Nothing to say, deppend a lot of you and your support or his support. But try to evade [Blinding Assault] and if you want to go in to try a kill make sure she got on he Blinding
Assault so he can't deal damage on you.
Playing against Caitlyn: Be cawerfull because Caitlyn can be a hard opponent, is one of Quinn counters, so if they are at enemy Team play carefully.

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When last hitting, try to hit the minion that has been marked by your passive harrier, it grants you a bit of attack speed which you could either poke or get more minions with. Also if harrier marks an enemy try to poke them since it does extra damage, but don't get caught while you do this!

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Team Work

In a team fight as the AD carry, you generally want to be kiting at the back lines. Having a nice support peel and protect you. You generally want to either focus the opposing AD carry, or AP caster. Make sure not to loose your place! It gets pretty hectic :P ~

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This is my guide to Quinn & Valor. Remember there are many ways to build/play her. And you should choose items/skills/etc.. according to your play style. I hope this helped many of you <3 This is just a general idea of Quinn ;P I will be updating along the way since she's come out quite recently and I will for sure be playing her a lot. So muuuuuch fun and pwnagee.