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Quinn Build Guide by masedofm

AD Carry Quinn Guide S4

AD Carry Quinn Guide S4

Updated on April 18, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author masedofm Build Guide By masedofm 2,000 Views 0 Comments
2,000 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author masedofm Quinn Build Guide By masedofm Updated on April 18, 2014
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Pros / Cons

So, I've been trying Quinn out in multiple positions. I took her top recently, and decided to go with a bruiser build. I was shooting for glacial shroud, frozen mallet, merc. treads by mid game. I wound up with a kindle gem, chain vest, b.f.sword, phage, boots, and a null magic mantle, when the enemy surrendered. Anyways, I was against a Jax which turned out to be a very good match-up for Quinn. With quick reaction I could vault off of him as he would leap strike in, effectively dodging the stun part of the combo. If i failed that i usually still got the blind off, so i took little damage. Quinn's passive harrier gives her a supplemented damage source, so harassment and trades were pretty good, and i out-farmed him. Bruiser Quinn is similar to Bruiser Varus, The ranged aspect gives you an advantage over most tops, the supplemented damage (Vaus' W proc/ Quinn's passive proc) allows you to build tanky but still have good damage, and their kits both have benefits from being bulky and lasting longer in fights. Being able to dive into the enemy team as Valor, without fear of melting is nice. You take even less damage once you use the blind, and living long enough in the fight pretty much ensures that the second part of your ult will pick up a few kills. Here is a list of the pro's and cons of Quinn's top game.

Bruiser Top Quinn

-Relatively safe laning due to her W.
-Harrier passive gives a source of extra damage that allows alternate builds to still be effective.
-Tanky build increases the effectiveness of tag team. As valor players can feel safer diving in and using the extra attack speed that tag team offers.
-Assisting mid lane is easy post 6.
-Range AA matches up well against many top lanes.
-Excellent disengage
-Strong Duelest with Q and passive.

-Squishy early game unless willing to sacrifice early damage.
-Lacks the damage of ADC Quinn which can effect the late game.
-Short AA range can make laning against gap closing champs like riven tough.
-Has less options for assisting other lanes as you can only really help mid.
-Heavy ganks can shut you out of the game.
-Can be counter hard by the likes of Malphite, Shen, and to some extent Darius. (Her AA range is pretty low.)
-Your teammates will harass/hate you.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author masedofm
masedofm Quinn Guide
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Quinn Guide S4

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