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Quinn Build Guide by Situpattenggang

Support Quinn: Situ's Guide to a Deviant Support

Support Quinn: Situ's Guide to a Deviant Support

Updated on October 27, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Situpattenggang Build Guide By Situpattenggang 6,964 Views 2 Comments
6,964 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Situpattenggang Quinn Build Guide By Situpattenggang Updated on October 27, 2014
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Hello to All! I am Situpattenggang. No, the name is not Arabian, Indian, Filipino, Chinese, or Vietnamese. It's Indonesian. I am a diamond tier support player from the Garena-PH server. I have tried all the lanes in the length of time I have played League of Legends but I only recently fell in love with the support role again. I'm experienced in playing as a support since Season 1 of LOL and the days of HON, DOTA, and other MOBAs. It's by far the easiest role and the most rewarding. I prefer not to create guides for conventional supports or those in the current meta. That's why we have Lemmonation and Aphromoo, or you can just watch Mata, Lustboy, Madlife, etc. at work on stream or YouTube. Yes, I am an avid fan of the professional scene and I have experience in all of the supports (including Taric, Soraka, Kayle).

"Support is easy!" - Aphromoo
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Are You Crazy?! (Report Situ for Trolling and Assisting the Enemy Team)

No, I'm not crazy. Quinn is by far a very underrated hero because she fell out of the ADC meta a long time ago (if she was even there to begin with). She can be taken to other lanes and has been known to tank, then do some analysis. Check the skills, except for the ultimate, what can she offer as a support? She seems viable in many roles but can she support? Let's move on.
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Pros / Cons

    -Can deny enemy ADC's CS using Blinding Assault
    -A simple solution to the face-check dilemma absolutely FOR FREE
    -Low range ADC? Medium range support with a safe/low-cost lane poke
    -Can cancel enemy dashes and channeling abilities using Vault
    -Insane mobility, roam, peel, kite, execute, and chase
    -Perfect in the pick-comp (Will elaborate further later on)
    -Surprise factor (Even more than a pocket pick)
    -Quite squishy in the early game
    -Vault harassment can be VERY dangerous (Life is about taking risks)
    -No sustains, no heals, no shields, no buffs, no cleanse mechanic
    -Easy to overestimate the damage output
    -No known way to stop direct burst from skill based assassins

In the Philippines, we have venues called Internet Cafes or "Comp Shops". I know I should have taken pictures of the reactions of the opponents who challenged us to a friendly custom game when I picked Quinn to support my Vayne ADC. Kids were like "He's gonna do it... he's lost it". Fulfilling. Biggest achievement S4. :)
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Pretty straight forward as if you're playing a tanky Sona or a Braum, except you need more mana regen. Armor and magic resistance for general survivability in lane and small fights, coupled with some health just for the off chance you get lucky in an ignite fight.
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Also very straight forward. Imagine you are playing a physical damage ranged support. Same, you need all the gold generating masteries especially the pickpocket. Since Quinn's aura items are key to her overall utility, accumulating as much non-CS gold as you possibly can would greatly speed up the snowball. When Harrier is applied on any of the champs, you can take advantage by hitting them and walking away with your additional 3 gold and bonus movement speed. Again, you can shake it up because Quinn is more versatile than most players think.
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There are only three ways to go about this.

1. EXHAUST and FLASH (For crippling the damage dealers in small fights, my fave)
2. IGNITE and FLASH (For murdering the healer support)
3. HEAL and FLASH (For ADC's who like barrier)

Any other ideas?
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Skill Sequence

By now, you may be convinced but you probably think Heightened Senses can offer more utility in the Early-Mid game where objectives are being fought for right? I beg to differ. Max it last because your play making will come from the blind and the Vault. The reason is because you have CDR items to help cut the cooldown of your reveal and you only need to do it every now and then due to your wards and scanner sweep. At around 30% CDR, the cooldown is short enough such that Heightened Senses can be used way more times than a scrying orb. Plus, you can save 1 ward which people usually put in the middle of the lane, by using the W whenever it coolsdown while the team fight dancing begins. At least, you have 1 more ward to place on the sides to protect against assassins or a sidewinding Wukong/Malphite ready to set up a wombo.
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Team Work (Poke-Pick Comp)

More or less, you are already assuming that there is a lot of disengaging involved along with poking, warding, and chasing. Quinn is very strong in providing vision for the team while offering a mediocre but oddly useful peel. Vault and blind seems to be Quinn's strongest assets and should be used to stop enemies from getting close to the carries. I have discovered that with enough CDR, the cooldown of your ultimate will be close to 40 seconds allowing you to traverse the map, lay wards and scout efficiently (without the need for a Boots of Mobility) Moreover, once the poke comp has succeeded and 2 or more enemy champions have either been separated or forced to recall, you can use the ultimate to set up a very nasty pick on one of them. Vaulting while in bird-form will cause you to leap onto an enemy slowing him heavily and forcing him into a panicked state allowing for teammates to catch up, follow up with some damage, and kill the escapee with or without the second active of Tag Team. Note: This is where the Talisman, Zekes, and Captain augment comes in.
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Team Work (Clash-Comp)

With all your auras and tankiness, there is no reason for you not to dive in with your primary engager. With a leap in like Jarvan's, you can easily follow up with some damage and help your tanks distract the enemy such that your ADC and mage will be free to do damage in the most efficient way they see fit. Furthermore, if your primary engager fails in reaching the ADC, you will most likely be able to catch him out because of Tag Team's movement speed bonus and the range of leap. While you can probably not do enough damage to scare away or kill the ADC, you can force him to panic and kite the wrong way, probably causing his support to blow CC's on you. At this rate, all you can do is keep the clash in sights of your team and continuously pester each member of the enemy team with your blind and vault. Re-engaging to protect the ADC is no problem too since Tag Team has a very long duration and vault has a very short cooldown. You can immediately jump back to a not-so-tanky fighter pursuing your ADC and blind him then block his way by slowing him down, knocking him back, blinding him, and just standing in between him and your ADC.Note: This also is where the Talisman, Zekes, and Captain augment comes in.

At times, to put it simply, you have to FEED TO WIN. Thanks Darien, we will always remember you.
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Unique Tricks

Certain supports need the Homeguard boot augment in order to get around and place wards and only very few can fully utilize the Captain augment. First of all, she actually has a decent waveclear and a monster-lane creating mechanic using Blinding Assault. The Captain augment increases the movement speed of nearby minions. Next, with masteries, passives from Talisman, ultimate, and mercury treads, you are basically flying at around 480-520 movement speed on average and will certainly outrun your allies thus applying the 10% movement speed increase to your allies who wish to continue the chase. Finally, though I only recently discovered the bird-form ward-scout trick when 2 of my allies died in a fight and I was forced to scout the area of Baron, the trick made me realize how short Tag Team's cooldown when running full support items. If you have the luxury of time to wait for your cooldowns, you can periodically use Tag Team to intercept escaping enemies, scout for pink wards, or to simply get away and re-engage from another angle (Probably using the Tag Team, Flash, Vault, Auto, Blind, Auto, Arrow Shower for a very INTENSE surprise)
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