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Caitlyn Build Guide by Rumion

"Me miss? Not by a long shot"

By Rumion | Updated on May 27, 2012

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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Caitlyn is an AD Carry, with the longest attack range in the Game. She has nice farming abilitys and also Traps, which can stun enemy stepping in them.
She also got a good escape ability, that makes it possible to jump over Walls

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.
Also credits to Riot for the Champion Spotlight and Ciderhelm for his "dont feed"
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+ longest basic attack range
+ Traps all over the map
+ massiv range with her ult
+ Great escape skill
+ Slowing ability
+ huge damage with her passiv

- squishy as hell
- often baned in Ranked Games
- no AoE
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I run a normal 21/0/9 Build for maximum Damage.
These Masteries give me some lifesteal for early Game and Armor Pen. for late game.

in the Utility Tree, i take improved Flash, Improved Recall for obvious Reasons.
I take reduced time dead, because Caitlyn is a squishy Champion and you will die, no matter how good you are.

Improved Movement and neutral Buff Duration is again like at most DPS Masteries
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Summoner Spells

Flash: Flash teleports you to the Curser Position. This spell can help you securing kills or escaping from the Enemy.
Ignite: This Spell Ignites an enemy Champion. It deals true damage. This Spell is great for securing Kills. Also it reduceses the Effect of Healing abilitys on the ignited target.
Exhaust: Exhaust slows and reduceses the Armor of an enemy Champion. You can take Exhaust for Ignite, because it can help you more in late game.
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Ability Explanation

  • Headshot: Caitlyns passiv is Headshot. This ability stacks up with every basic attack. After 8/7/6 stacks Caitlyn next basic attack will deal extra Damage to the target. Headshot can be stacked while attacking towers, but wont activate on towers. You can tell if Headshot is ready, by the particels around Caitlyns weapon.
  • Piltover Peacemaker (Q): Piltover Peacemaker is a skillshot, which deals damage in a line. The Damage gets reduced by every enemy unit it passes upto a minimum of 40%. This Skill has about the same range as Caitlyns basic attacks have.
  • Yordle Snap Trap (W): Caitlyns Yordle Snap Trap is a Trap, that can be placed everywhere on the Map. If an enemy Champion walks ihto the trap, he will be stuned and revealed for a short period of time. Caitlyn can have up to three Yordle Snap Traps. If she creates a fourth trap, it will destroy the first trap. Traps last for four minutes before they will destroy themself.
  • 90 Caliber Net (E): Caitlyns 90 Caliber Net is a skillshot with a small range. It slows every enemy Champion it hits. Also it pushs Caitlyn back. this can be used to pass over walls.
  • Ace in the Hole (R): Ace in the Hole is Caitlyns ultimate. It is a long range shot that will deal a great amount of damge to its target. This ability channels for some seconds. While channeling there will be a red line from caitlyn to the target. If another enemy Champion steps betwen Caitlyn and her target, the new Champion will take the hit.
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Skill Sequence

> > >

My Priority is on Ace in the Hole because it does the most damage.
Second Prioity has Piltover Peacemaker because it is your only multi hit ability.
Third Priority has Yordle Snap Trap because it gives you some map aweareness.
Last i skill 90 Caliber Net because it is more of an utility skill and is more usefull late game.
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  • Bersekers Greaves: These Boots help you stack your passiv Headshot quicker
  • : Black Cleaver is a great item. It gives you attack damage, Attack Speed and it reduceses the armor of the Target. You can even give them -X Armor!
  • : Infinity Edge gives you a ton of extra attack damage plus extra crit damage.
  • : Phantom Dancer gives you aster movement Speed and faster attack Speed. It also increases crit. chances.
  • : Bloodthirster gives you a lot of lifesteal and attack Damage.
  • : Frozen Mallet gives you more durability and also slows the target.
  • : you can use a Banshee's Veil isteand of the Frozen Mallet if you face a lot of CC and / or magic damage.
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Caitlyn is a good farmer, because she has a quick attack Animation which makes it easier to lasthit minions. Also she can farm great with her Q Piltover Peacemaker.

As Caitlyn you need to make sure, you are not overextended.
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Laning Partners

Caitlyn will most times lane with a Support Champion.
: Janna is a good laning partner for Caitlyn. She can slow targets and also increas Caitlyns damge output.

: Kalye is in my opinion one of the worst laning partners for Caitlyn. Maybe thats just because i dont lane with Kayle support very often...

: Lulu is a good laing partner for Caitlyn. She can use her Help, Pix! on Caitlyn and will deal lots of damage. Also her Ultimate Wild Growth will "remove" the squishyness from Caitlyn.

: Lux is also a good partner for Caitlyn. She can snear and slow enemy Champions. Also she can shield Caitlyn.

: In my opinion no Support, but well... At least she can Snear and shield...

: Well, again in my opinion better on solo top. But with Nidalee as support you will have traps all over the map.

: Again, its a Tank. He belongs on solo top...

: Finally a real support. Her Aria of Perseverance gives you some armor and MR and her Hymn of Valor increases your attack damage.

: Soraka is in my opinion no good partner for Caitlyn, because she can hardly keep her alive, if Caitlyn is getting focused.

: Taric is in my opinion the best partner for Caitlyn. He can stun, heal and got a AoE Damage, which reduceses enemy Armor. A great combination is Dazzle, Yordle Snap Trap under stunned target. This will end in a fairly long stun.

: With Teemo you have a completly squishy lane. But some great things about teemo are his Blinding Dart and his Noxious Trap.

: Zilean is a good support, if played correctly. His Time Warp can make it easier to secure kills. Also if used correctly his Chronoshift can save your life.

: Alistar is a good support for Caitlyn. He can save her from ganks with his Headbutt and/or knock them up with Pulverize

Disclaimer: These Champions are the ones marked as "Support" by Riot.
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Your role in teamfights is sniping down enemy carrys and ult the ones that get out with low life. You will always be at the back of your Team, becuase of your range.
Because you are always at the back of your team, you need to care about ambushes from stealth Champions or Champions with a Dash. (Like Irelias Bladesurge or Shacos Deceive)
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Final Credits

Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.

Credits also go to Riot for making the Champion Spotlight and this awesome game.
Finally Credits go to Ciderhelm for making the "Dont feed" Series.
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27.05.2012: Alistar added as laning partner
27.05.2012: New Item Order and new Items added
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