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Irelia Build Guide by NocUout

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"Now watch the bastards fall!" Irelia Mid/Top Guid

By NocUout | Updated on March 27, 2019
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Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Sudden Impact
Ravenous Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-90 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Ranked #57 in
Top Lane
Win 49%
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Champion Build Guide

"Now watch the bastards fall!" Irelia Mid/Top Guid

By NocUout
Hello and welcome to my Irelia guide for mid/top lane. This guide is currently WIP, but I will eventually update it to make it more visually appealing and to go further in depth about items, combos, and how to overall play Irelia.

A little background on me, I am a mid lane main who really enjoys high mobility champions such as Zed and Akali. When Irelia got reworked, I immediately thought of bringing her mid, and even started playing her mid while she was on PBE, took her into ranked about a week since rework, and have been playing her ever since. I haven't played her as much top lane until recently, where I have been grinding a lot of games top and finding success as well.

As for now, I hope you learn something from this guide that will help you in your climb!
Pro/Cons Back to Top
+ Good Duelist
+ Easy to CS with
+ Good DPS and can still burst squishies fairly well
+ High mobility
+ High outplay Potential
+ Can still fight from behind
+ Good waveclear
- Weak against magic damage
- Vulnerable without Q
- Can get mana hungry without sheen
- Very reliant on hitting E's
- Decently difficult to play effectively
- Requires decent ping in order to hit E's
Runes Back to Top
Conqueror Conqueror is a pretty good choice on Irelia as it provides many stats that she can use, including AD to buff her autos and Q damage, spellvamp which she can make good use of with her E, and some true damage to add to her already hybrid damage with passive making it difficult to itemize against Irelia. She can also stack this fairly quickly with high attack speed, or landing a good ult and Q'ing a ton of targets quickly.

Triumph I personally just think this rune is very useful as it provides a bit of health after a kill which can be the difference between life and death, and can allow you to stay in lane a bit longer after a kill.

Legend: Alacrity Just adds a bit of lifesteal to give her much more dueling power. If you prefer having a lot of healing you can also replace this with Legend: Tenacity.

Coup de Grace This last rune is pretty interchangable, with any of the options working depending on the matchup. Cut Down is good for tanks, and Last Stand is more of a preference. I prefer Coup de Grace as it allows you to cut down squishies much faster, which is especially useful against mid lane mages if you are playing Irelia mid.

Sudden Impact If you are feeling confident, I recommend going domination secondary and taking sudden impact for some bonus lethality that will allow you to shred through squishies a bit faster, and you can easily proc it with your Q.

Ravenous Hunter Also a good choice, as it increases healing from Q, which if you already have some lifesteal and the on hit healing of the ability, you can start getting very large chunks of your health back whenever you Q.

I prefer domination, however you can take nearly any tree as your secondary. Resolve is good if you are in a tough matchup, taking secondwind and overgrowth, Inspiration is good for some bonus sustain with biscuit and time warp tonic, and sorcery can be good for the nullfying orb, some bonus CDR, or gathering storm for some more late game power.
E advice Back to Top
Irelia is heavily reliant on hitting E's as it is the only way to mark people without ultimate, and to get onto people without having to waste your Q cooldown. It also provides a bit of CC that is useful for your team. In general, I find there to be 3 main ways to hit your E in lane phase.
1. Using first E behind you, Q'ing to a minion close to the enemy, then firing second E slightly behind them.
2. Q'ing to a minion near the enemy then E'ing to either side of them.
3. Q'ing to a minion near the enemy, while midair buffering E to be thrown behind them, then when you land fire E behind you.

The first method is the best for catching enemy's off guard. You can do it while pretending to ward, but instead leaving you first E in the bush then firing the second one at the enemy. However, after a while this trick gets a little old. The second method is what I believe to be the worst method as it's one of the slower ones to use, however it can be useful to catch multiple people in one E especially when they group (as most people group side to side instead of in a straight line towards you). This method is more useful when you are against multiple enemies such as in a teamfight. The last method is the fastest and personally most reliable to hit enemies, especially in lane or 1 on 1. Always try to mix up your methods however, as the more random you are the less likely your enemy is to dodge it.
WIP Back to Top
I am currently working on the rest of this guide and finishing the parts of it. The majority of the content will be released sometime very soon, and I will slowly work on making it look much more presentable and to add new builds or combos that I find/discover. Please be patient as I work on the rest of the guide, thank you
League of Legends Build Guide Author NocUout
NocUout Irelia Guide
"Now watch the bastards fall!" Irelia Mid/Top Guid
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