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Rammus Build Guide by bucky1andonly

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bucky1andonly

Rammus, Damage Eater

bucky1andonly Last updated on November 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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First Thing You Will See

Since this is the first thing you will see as far as blobs of texts go, I will use this to update sweet games I have played with Rammus, like the one I just had.

Miss Fortune

Even with a proper Jax build, his damage was minimal with Defensive Ball Curl activated. I was able to take out the top and bottom inner turrets while being attacked by Maokai and Katarina and the turret, taking out the turret, died at one and escape from the other.

About 7-8min later from taking out those inner turrets, while my team is working mid, I join them to push mid, telling them to just start attacking the inhibitor turret as soon as I do, as the enemy will focus on me. Turret went down fast, then the inhibitor all while being attacked, but I did have to retreat to heal up after.

In the end, they surrendered. I had all the items except the shield (which usually happens) and their damage did very little to me, while they received tons from attacking me and from tremors and my teammates. They fell quickly.

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This area here is usually filled in with useless garbage that most people will skip over and go straight for the items and rune/mastery sections. Good, do that here, because there is nothing you really need to know more than that at first.

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The mastery selection I have shown is based solely on taking less damage. With a few things from utility to help out like increased ghost movement and increased experience. Along with regeneration, damage reduction is vital. If you can withstand the damage being dealt to you by multiple champions and a turret at the same time, while your team kills, and still manage to escape, you're doing something right.

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Skill Sequence

This is very basic, and easily remembered.

1) Level Powerball to level 1 first. It costs too much to keep using as you level it and is best to level it last.

a) Annoy champions. Spin up and chase them around and away from the minions. This way they make less money. People usually run when you do this just because they don't want to take damage.
b) Running away. Obviously this is good for running away, but you can still be slowed to a crawl. But that is why you save your ghost for emergencies. Since you can move fast most of the time anyway, you can hang onto ghost until you absolutely need it.
c) Helping others to run away. Charging enemies will usually make them scatter, ramming them will allow your teammate to escape. Followed by taunt, they are sure to escape. Do this while at or near full hp, otherwise you are just sacrificing yourself.

2) After Powerball, Defensive Ball Curl and Puncturing Taunt alternatively. The only time you don't get either of these skills is when Tremors is available.

Defensive Ball Curl
--Use frequently. When your enemy sees you with this activated, they are less likely to attack. This gives you the opportunity to kill minions and make some money.

Puncturing Taunt
--Used for a few things.
a) Getting enemies off your teammates
b) Getting the enemy to attack you while near your turret, causing the turret to hit them
c) Stopping an enemy from running away and right away use Defensive Ball Curl, follow that up by using Exhaust and then use your Powerball to keep them close by to possibly get in another taunt. All the while you have Tremors activated.

--After getting your armour up a bit, using Defensive Ball Curl near a turret will allow you to easily tank it. Even though you won't be getting any attack speed items, taking out a turret is quite easy. Use Tremors while attacking the turret normally, ignoring anything that is attacking you (unless it is multiple champions). Even if there is one champion there, don't let up until Tremors is done, then use Powerball and Ghost and get the hell out of there. With a short cooldown on Tremors, you can teleport to back to your base, maybe buy an item you need, and get back to that turret right away and finish the job.

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The items make the champ. This build does work against AP champs, mainly because you shouldn't engage them alone unless you are sure you can kill them or get away. Just be careful around AP champs, and always keep an eye on every to see how they are building. This will help you decide what to buy first.

Regrowth Pendant - Don't waste your money on hp potions, if you are getting hit, just sit back far enough to be able to gain exp still until you have regenerated some hp back.

Boots Of Mobility - Rammus' best friend. Getting this item right away is crucial. Combined with Powerball and Ghost, your speed can reach 983, and if you really need to get back into action fast, you can clear the inner turret in seconds. With 2 Powerballs and ghost during one of them, you can make it to the enemy base.

Thornmail, Warmog's Armor. These next 2 can be interchangeable. It really depends on who you are fighting. If you are fighting someone that does a lot of damage in one hit, get the Warmog first. If you are fighting someone that hits a lot fast, get the Thornmail first.

Either way you go, you will need both. Taunt + Defensive Curl + Thornmail + Tremors + Attacking can reduce a champions health faster than they would think, and will make them think twice about attacking you.

Frozen Heart, Force Of Nature. Again, these next 2 items depend on who you are fighting. AD champs, Frozen Heart. AP champs, Force Of Nature. Both should be plainly obvious as to why they are great to have. Frozen heart for the slowing effect and the 99 armour. Force Of Nature for the magic resist and the regeneration.

Randuin's Omen. I still do not know about this item. It looks good, the bonuses are nice. I just don't get to use it often enough. All I can say for sure, if you need more armour, get this. If you need more magic resist, get another Force Of Nature.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Exhaust

Rammus is all about moving, so having ghost is essential. Combined with Powerball, you can get into and out of situations quickly.

Exhaust might not be the most obvious choice, but for Rammus it is a nice spell to use. Use it on escaping champions to slow them down long enough to hit them with a Powerball, followed by your taunt, defensive curl and tremors.

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Farming won't happen until you get Tremors and a few turrets have been taken out. Sometimes you might need just a little more cash, so you can easily hop into the jungle and kill the neutrals for what you need, but the real money is from enemy minions.

Minions will gradually build up into crowds, hopefully it is your enemy minions doing this. Use your powerball to get over to the crowd quickly, set off tremors and rake in the money. But don't stop there, push that lane a little ways. Not only will it distract the enemies over to your location, if they don't come quickly enough, you can even take out a turret for more money. All the while being able to escape even from a back attack.

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Most people seem to ignore rune builds, but for Rammus, it can be hard to stay alive while making money in the early game. So going entirely with Fortitude runes will give you the bonus HP you need to keep you alive for a long time.

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I use this build every single time I use Rammus. He is by far my favourite champion to use. Now you won't always be on the winning team anyway, so if you feel you are getting stomped, don't be afraid to tell your team and possibly switch lanes with someone.

Getting ganked early can be a problem, as Rammus has no real defensive tactics early on, and killing minions and making money can be hard against ranged champions. Just sit back and gain experience, once you get tremors, even ranged champions run away.

Rammus can tank turrets very easily, if you have even one teammate with you, a turret can fall very quickly and without the aid of minions. Make plans with the hardest hitter to ninja your way over and take out turrets together. Late in the game, it is very easy to do.

With this build, I have, quite a few times, tanked a turret while being attacked by several champions, taken out the turret and still managed to escape. My team rushes in and cleans up the weakened champions.

It is amazing how often people will try again and again to attack Rammus all alone only to end up taking more damage then they are dealing. Rammus' stats are deceiving, since most of his damage comes from your opponent attacking you. Don't be afraid to rush in and sacrifice yourself once in a while to kill a champion while weakening all the others for your team.

It doesn't seem this guide takes into account Rammus' passive ability. The 25% of total armour converted to attack damage.

With 363 armour, plus 150 from defensive curl, you gain roughly 125 attack damage.
118 + 125 = 243 (Taking out a turret fully loaded is very easy and will only require one try)