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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kennnnay

Rammus - I wouldn't touch that thing if I were you...

Kennnnay Last updated on February 27, 2011
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I hope you enjoy this short little guide I'm posting. This is actually my first guide, and I know this has all been done already, so If your a "newbie" to Rammus, I would not suggest this guide, as I will not be delving deeply into the mechanics of this character, so much as my play style, Item choices (variations/explanations), and a step by step of my first several levels. Hope you enjoy Rammus as much as I did!

Please comment! I enjoy a good talk about strategy, build orders, skill orders, any orders for that matter(especially dominoes pizza orders). But please if your finding something difficult or wrong, let me know, helps me help you, and others. Best Wishes, and Happy Hunting!


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Rammus is a wonderful character... absolutely wonderful. "Why's that?" you ask...Because he's freakin untouchable around level 13-14, can take on towers without minions to help him, and people tend to leave you be, leaving plenty of time to grind up your money and exp.

Rammus can be a real pain to the enemy team...they will try and devote so much dmg to you, that many times they will neglect their own HP, or miss my fiddlesticks partner hiding in the bushes about to gank the life right out of them.

This however comes at a price...a hefty one...while many other characters have much more expensive builds, Rammus is quite pricy to begin with...but with every tiny upgrade, Rammus becomes a lot more indestructible.

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Pros / Cons


-Strong early-mid game, EXCEPTIONAL end game.
-Superb farmer if done properly
-Quite possibly the fastest pusher of all Champs, faster even than Yi imo...(yi is a favorite of mine too, much love)
-Travels Extremely fast with rolly-pollie ability
-Can take on TOWERs completely by Himself, allowing for game changing miracles.
-Teach those pesky tower divers and early overpushers a thing or two about what a .50cal plasma canon shell feels like with your TAUNT ability


-Money is tight your first 10 levels or so, unless your just facemelting every noob that foolishly just attacks you.
-Difficult to get used to if your used to typical tanks, however, he is the epitome of tanks in LoL.
-Requires a lot of patience...strategy...and a smart team.

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The Downlow

SO lets get to it, and wrap it up quick...Rammus is very good once you get the idea...basically you want to be able to take as much dmg as possible, want the enemy team to attack you, because thats how you do dmg...duh.

Starting 1-6:
grab your "W" first...I know, not what everyother guides says...rollie pollie is fun and all...but not the greatest help your first few grab a Cloth armor, and 5 Health Potions...another :Wtf this guy is a noob: moment, i know, but trust...your first trip back can take a long time some times with Rammus because he is mildly slow to grab umm...and quit *****in.

Now, I prefer not to solo with Rammus, or mid, because its hard to get a kill by yourself at low levels, you wanna be playing more of the Distraction.

For your 2nd skill grab your taunt, "E"; I do this because its fun to get low level tower pushers with a Roll, Taunt, Shield combo when they are in shooting distance of your tower...I get at least 3-5 kills a game with this ability.

Once you hit 450g you can recall and grab your boots and somemore health pots if you need them. now its time for a longer grind...rack up about 1700-1900g before you make your next trip back...If your having trouble with this, at 700 you can recall and grab yourself a chain vest and a come back again later with a 1000g for your first piece that really makes a difference, Thornmail.

Now I actually get a lot of, "WTF's?" at this point, but let me explain for those shortsighted folks out there. Thornmail gives you armor (which is Rammus's bread and butter)...but it also gives you a 30% DPS increase...yeas noob...DPS... ;) jk...but seriously, if people weren't frusterated with you before, they certainly will be now. The reason I rush thornmail, is simply to gain an upper hand against the enemy very early game, rather than using it as my final piece like some builds.

Okay, back to business, you should be about level 12, nearing godlike supernaturally impossible dmg mitigation and output.

If you dont have your boots, thats your next priority, grab those, then start buying all the small elements to your Frozen Heart, focusing on anything that ups your armor. However, you can choose to deviate slightly at this point and rush a SUnfire Cape if your not having problems with people. General rule of thumb here, if you can engage a enemy within +-2 levels without going below 60-70% HP, grab the cape, as it will help with trash, and gold farming. If you seem weak, go for the heart first. This is a choice based on opportunity and is situational, so keep that in mind...but buying anything with armor at this point, will just continue to make you output more dmg, and take less dmg, and be a pesky thorn in the side of many a unsuspecting victims.

End Game:

You should be a solid little f'er by now, just keep truckin along, but a lot of people have asked me at this point why exactly ive waited till the very end of my build to buy Guardian, well, it's kinda logical, it doesn't provide what you need earlier, because it's tough to kill you if you play smart in the low levels, but it can be invaluable now...(cant tell you how many "Hahahaha I finally got you Rammus, OH WTF!!! CMON!!!" kills I get at this point.)

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How to play as Rammus:

I will be uploading a video soon so you folks can see what im talking about, but for now, just try and follow some of these basic strategies when playing as Rammus:

1. Never, ever, get too greedy with rammus, he can take a lot of hurtin, but don't let it get to your head, your not invincible.

2. This is important, so pay attention. You want your enemy to attack, advance, push, towards you, not the other way around. Make them come to you, and regret it dearly. This is where PATIENCE is key. As soon as you know they are going to attack you, throw up your shield, and just stand there...keep whacking at minions, they will get the hint in about 3 secs.

3. Really really focus on getting last hits levels 1-6...don't worry about going for the kill blows, unless its glaring you in the face yelling, "Kill me, I'm a noob." Once you hit level 6, use your best judgement on when to use your ulti...very effective for clearing lots and lots of minions near towers, or it can shred enemy towers...However, with this build, it's usually ineffective to use it on champs. It's wiser to just poke them a few times, let them run away, poke umm a few times...let them run away...if they recall, push the tower, if they die, even better. Don't be afraid of taking tower hits with Rammus, as long as he's not uber low health, he can take it (I've taken down turrets with 60% HP, by myself, without minions, and come out with over 50% HP once your about level 15-16).

4. Your job is to protect your turrets, and you do this, by letting them attack your turret...I KNOW RIGHT?...CRAZY...then you roll in, fortify your tower, stun umm...Shield, Taunt, and laugh as they die in 3 seconds...This is great for melee, especially weak ones.

5. As a tank, you want to roll into enemies chasing your mates, taunt them...shield...and then back off allowing your team mates to get some ground on want to be the guy that everyone is focusing...but just cant kill...expending their CD's and mana...the first at baron when its time...always, always push fast...get way out in front of your minions with powerball, and take out the minions before yours even get there...and then push'll get the nack for this quickly.

6. Be willing to sacrifice yourself if need be so your team can get a kill...this can be a game changer.

I'll add more if I think about them, but this is generally how you want to play. GL and HF!