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Rammus Build Guide by dafunkiedood

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dafunkiedood

Rammus Ownin (Tanky)

dafunkiedood Last updated on October 17, 2011
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This is my first build. Still getting used to this.

This is my build to Rammus. Please dont hate, this is how i play him. I use Armor and Magic Resistance. Now remember, you are a tank. You start fights, and attract attention. Do not chase at any time, unless with another champion. And please please please dont complain on how this build doesnt give rammus power. Read the label. It says tank.

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Pros / Cons


Best base hp
good armor
very good against turrets
can start fights easily
great armor
very mobile
pairs with AD/AS (attack damage/speed) chars very well


Cant put out too much damage
early game can be a pain
early game mana deprived
needs to have magic resistance
you will only be great with another player along side you

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The ever so popular flat health Quintessences gives you decent durability for early game. 78 more hp doesnt sound like much but it is. I contemplated putting on flat health Seals aswell, wich would give you a total of 126.15 extra starting health. So if you do want good durability starting game tag those seals aswell.


The armor pen just amps up both your normal attacks and your taunt. Your taunt is already decreasing their armor, this will just amp that up. The total amount of armor pen from these marks is about 15.


Flat armor gives you very slight damage early game, and some better defense around AD characters. OP starting characters like Caitlyn and Tyndramere will have a harder time with this armor upgrade. Around 12.7 armor is given from this.


Cooldown by level gives you late game consistancy. By level 18 each glyph will give you 0.9CD, in effect,8.1% cooldown without any items. Slap the items on there like Randuins and Frozen Heart, and you got yourself around 33% Cooldown.

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Must Haves:

Sunfire Cape /Warmogs Armor

Early Game:

Tag a cloth armor and 5 health potions. This will let you stay in lane a bit longer, and give you some AD. Also, the armor gives you some defense against AD players, so when attacking, attack them. Next get merc-treds, or at least some sort of shoes. I prefer merc-treads because they reduce the effect of stuns, blinds, suppresses, snares, etc, for 35%. And they give a bit of magic resistance. If i dont get these i get boots of mobility. These allow me to navigate the map much faster along with power-ball (will get to that later) but i dont receive the tenacity or MR from the treads. You might get Sapphire Crystal first if your being mana deprived, this is all up to you.

Mid Game:

Go for thornmail. Its 100 armor righ there gives you 25 damage, and you return 30% of any normal damage taken. You will destroy any AD character (attack damage like vayne, tf, teemo). If your going up against a AP character (ryze, annie, etc.) then tag banshees vail. One of their abylities, just doesnt count. It just doesnt count. Annie for instance, has a stun every 5 spells. If you have this, you could get yourself out of a stun. Now i would go for sunfire cape. Your going to be upclose and personal so you will want something to knock their damage down a bit more. Sunfire cape does so. Gives you some armor as well. Very nice item.

Late Game:

Now you are faced with a decision. Randuins Omen or Force of Nature. On one hand, randuins omen has a chance to slow your attacker, gives you some armor, helth regen, and slight CD (cooldown). Or you can have decent hp regain, quite a bit of magic resistance, and then more hp regen. This all depends on who your fighting. If they are ap, go with force of nature. If not, maybe randuins. I usually get Randuins but thats only me. I also could maybe get a Frozen Heart first. Really late game is all about what will be best for that game.

You could also switch out one of the items for a . VERY VERY nice hp. All together 1340 Hp. Holy ****. If you do switch an item out you will be looking around 4.5K health.

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Skill Sequence

Powerball: I only got one for it starting game. Its just for mobylity and to slow your target. Some people say that since this skill also does damage to up this early game, but i prefer taunt. Taunt reduces the armor, and since your a tank, you wont need to be worrying about damage.

Defense Curl:
Defense curl is awesome. You return damage, gain armor, and that increases AD. This is a great skill, and id pair it with taunt. If your looking for jungling this is also great, especially for blue buff.

Wonderful wonderful wonderful. You reduce their armor, making them take higher AD damage (so pair up with an AD char) and they have to attack you for a certain time. Id use this with Defense Curl. You are returning damage, they are taking damage, were happy. So switch off between defense curl and this. Its amazing.

Just unfair to them. Use this around turrets, or in big fights if your in the middle of it.

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Summoner Spells

I got heal and flash. Flash could be replaced with igninte to tag some more damage, but since you are a tank, to me, a heal is must have. It serves you very well early game, and also heals your enemies. I wouldnt reccomend much others except maybe fortify. Rammus is a great turret hugger, with his powerball taunt combo they stay in one spot for a good 3 seconds. The turret can land some major hits in this time period, especialy with fortify. Again, its up to you.

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Unique Skills

Ive talked a little about Rammus's skills. I still stand firm, but this goes into how to use them a bit more.

Powerball: Get this only one point. You need only one point on it. This is for mobylity and to pop the target up in a chase situation. If used wisely, this can be very powerfull.

Defense Curl: Very nice abylity, its like a thornmail, but with base damage. Thornmail, this, and a sunfire cape is one of the best tank combos ive ever seen. It has melted a 5.2k singed in seconds. This also increases your damage because of the armor it gives you.

Taunt: Basically going "nana bubu" and making them attack you. Very useful around turrets. If chasing, use powerball then taunt. If at a turret, taunt then powerball. Reason being, if your chasing, you need to buy your teamates as much time as possible. If you walk up to the enemy champion, your killing time. Using powerball and smashing into him, then using taunt really gives your teamates a good opening. Around the turret, taunt makes them attack you, wich will switch the turrets focus to them. Then if you knock them up in the air, they are just sitting there getting beaten. Very versitile and adaptable.

Tremors: This and sunfire cape = they die now. Its a very big radius and it has a very short cooldown. This also takes out the stationary turrets. Use this in big fights or taking out a central turret or inhibitor. Very versitile aswell.

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Team Work

Remember. Your a tank. You need to get a lot of attention. Use powerball at chases or at turrets. Taunt and Defense curl go great together. When in a big fight, try and use the taunt on an AD character, for maximum damage. And if your in the middle, pop tremors for some nice damage. The best game ive know to gotten on this was a 6, 4, 39. I didnt recieve too many kills but those assists i think proves im a fair tank.

Remember, your a tank.

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Thankyou for reading this, please post comments or anything i can improve on (writing wise). Have fun cleaning the floor with your enemies faces.

summoner name: tankdomination, add me, and we can play sometime.