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Teemo Build Guide by Sethh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sethh


Sethh Last updated on May 22, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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So lets get this guide started!

You will learn:
When to pick Teemo
When not to pick Teemo
Special techniques
Shroom Control
Ranked Play
How to Teamfight

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Pros / Cons

Great map and objective control
Fun to play
Great at farming (with passive and shrooms)
Great at killing towers
Great at split pushing

Very Squishy
Easily Ganked Pre lvl 6
Short range

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Buy these for more Toxic Shots.

This will make Teemo a bit tankier and apply a slow with his toxic shot.

Building Hurricane alongside Rylais and Liandry's Torment will give teemo great teamfights while applying poison from Toxic, Shot the slow from Rylais, and the burn from Liandry's to multiple targets.

This item goes really well with hurricane and rylais while giving teemo some penetration health and Health % damage.

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Teemo Is Weak Against

This will be a short explanation of who not to play teemo against and why.

Will harass you out of lane with his ghosts.

AD caster - blind shot wont help much here he will jump on you and burst you down.

Blind shot will barely help here rumble will poke you to death before he even gets within melee range

Blind shot wont help with jayce much he has a high damage poke - will burst you down fast.

For obvious reasons this matchup is a nightmare she will burst you down in one combo

Very high sustain - Will zone you with Ice Blast

High Burst/Chase/Escape

High Burst/Chase/Escape

High Burst/Chase/Escape

Will sit in bushes dash to you then clone blind shot will not help here.

Pretty much anyone who blindshot will not help you with AD/AP casters are a nightmare.

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Teemo Is Strong Against

TEEMO ZONE: For all of these champions you will be zoning them. the trick to this as teemo is farming close to your turret and last hitting. When an enemy champion comes up to farm hit them with a blind shot and harass with a few auto attacks. At this point they will be forced to back off. do this long enough and you will have won your lane and can start pushing further up the lane at level 6 you will want to ward the river with shrooms. If the enemy champion is bad at farming underneath tower you can push the lane hard with the safety of your mushrooms and harass the enemy champion right underneath his own tower.

Very easy/fun matchup easy to Teemo Zone. Darius has no escape so chase him.

This guy needs to get close and wont be able to do that while being Teemo Zoned. If he gets close blindshot and mushroom/ignite combo him.

Very easy matchup cant get close without getting poked. Blind shot wont help here but will do some good damage

Extremely easy to Teemo Zone. He may sit in bushes jump out and run. Two ways you can deal with that are:
1. Ward/shroom those bushes poke him
2. Keep river and near the river in lane shroomed up and farm close to your shrooms when he comes to attack you run to the shrooms you may get an easy kill

Easy to Teemo Zone and nasus needs to farm his Q so as usual poke poke poke

Easy to Teemo Zone but can sometimes be annoying if he uses shield before Toxic Shot hits.

Easy to Teemo Zone - Flipping you will be his last mistake.

Easy to shutdown completely with a good Teemo Zone

Easy to Teemo Zone only real problem is her jump stun combo but once you outfarm her she wont be a problem

Same with irelia try to avoid conflict until you have a good amount of farm or until you are sure you can take him.

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Ranked Play

Most important thing to know here is that teemo is not going to be worth anything to the team if he gets counter picked or counter picks himself. So the rule to this is don't first pick Teemo. Dont pick Teemo if he is weak against the enemy top champion.

There is a time for Teemo and there is NOT a time for Teemo.
Most of the time it is a bad idea to pick Teemo top if you have a squishy team such as fiddlesticks leblanc Soraka. Your team will be lacking in the tank department so late game could be very hard for your team. if that does happen to be the case it is in your best interest to rush turrets down and end it quick.
A really great time to pick teemo is when you have tanky teamates with lots of cc such as skarner morgana leona etc...

So moral of the story choose wisely in banning phase.

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Special Techniques

So for special techniques I already told you guys about "Teemo Zoning" now for some others.

The S Key:Press S to stop moving and attacking.

The Shift Right Click: Auto attacks anything in designated path. - Great for pushing lane hard.

Teemos Passive: Invisibility plus attack speed bonus is a really fun and awesome passive. This passive can be combined with "Teemo Zone" to be a little safer while last hitting minions. While "Teemo Zoning" you can press the S key to stop Teemo from attacking and sit right next to your minions so when the enemy comes in to hit you, pop out of stealth and do your combo.

Teemos Mushrooms: Try to ALWAYS keep 1-2 mushrooms on you at all times. If you have 3 DROP ONE.
This will allow you to run to a nearby bush drop two mushrooms on each edge of the bush and if you have enough time stealth for that passive bonus.

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Mushroom Control

Teemos shrooms bring alot to the team when used correctly and can drastically change the outcome of a match.

Early game:
As soon as you hit 6 drop a mushroom in the river. Build a nice layered grid of mushrooms so nobody can get by without tripping a mushroom yet they are still far enough apart to do maximum damage. Spread the shrooms out towards tribush and baron/blue.
ALWAYS WATCH RIVER You can score an easy double kill if the jungler trips the shrooms and you are on top of it.

Mid/Late game: The most important part for you now is to keep control over objectives such as dragon and baron. Every chance you get drop a ward and a few mushrooms off at one of the two locations. THIS CONTROL IS VERY IMPORTANT

Try to predict where the next teamfight will be taking place and try to put some defenses down. For example if you are top defending the inner tower from minions you will want to put some mushrooms in your forest to try and counter gank the enemy.

Same goes for pushing the lane use mushrooms and wards to your advantage and you will be able to push pretty far and get away pretty easily. Ward/shroom the nearby jungle and PAY ATTENTION.

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The basics of this build is stack alot of AP run in -
Deathfire grasp
Drop Mushroom
Zhonya's Hourglass
Drop Mushroom

Pretty much take the advice of mushroom control for this one

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This guide will continue to be updated over time and i will be adding much much more to it.

Thank you for taking the time to read this guide i hope you enjoy it and carry your team to victory. :)

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