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League of Legends Build Guide Author mage legend

Ranked team: The KittyCats (Red Dragons of Heaven)

mage legend Last updated on August 11, 2013
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Welcome summoners! My name is Mage Legend and welcome to the page of my brand new ranked team: The KittyCats!
We are a team on EU West and we like to work together as a team.
I hope this will inspire other players to make their ranked team page on MobaFire, or join my team :)

The cheat sheet above is the symbol of our team: Nocturne, because it is my favorite champion. You can use the cheat sheet if you like, but it's not jungle Nocturne, just a normal offtank assassin build, wich can be used in the Twisted Treeline, in ARAM, or even solo top if you like.

If you are interested in joining my team, then read the chapter "Want to join?"

Why did we change our team name?
After discussing it, we have come to the conclusion to change the team name, and make a new team: The KittyCats. This may sound silly to you, but i was looking for a funny, yet awesome name instead of those tryhard names, and it also has multiple meanings to me. The old name, Red Dragons of Heaven, will be left in the title, because some people still recognize our team as the Red Dragons of Heaven. It will (probably) be left there until the team has been completely reunited.

This guide is only intended to show information about my team, and to recruit other people, not to give you any information about ranked play, neither to vote on. Voting is allowed, but do it at your own risk.

Guide Top

Team News

Important News

Big event revealed!

What is it? A tournament!
Why? To welcome the new team members, to see who's the best of the team (but i think that's pretty obvious :P (no i'm not talking about myself :P)), to properly try out the new map, but mostly for fun!

Let's start with the rules:
- Rule #1: You MUST compete. You don't have to worry about not being able to play, because we can just wait for you until you're ready ^^

- Rule #2: You must fight against the person you're appointed to fight. You can also fight against
someone else, but it will not count as a win for the tournament.

- Rule #3: You will only be able to use every champion once in the tournament. This will avoid counterplay and overpowered champions so you can see who's the best player and show everyone your skills. Choose wisely, because you won't be able to pick your champion again!
note: this question is asked several times, but if another player chose a champion you wanted to play, you will STILL be able to pick that champion. Other players champion picks will not affect yours, and you can still use that champ once in the tournament.

How does it work?
Well, i will appoint you someone you have to fight against. You will have to 1v1 that person. If you win, you will be fighting against the another person who won another battle. If you lose, you won't be disqualified, but you'll have to fight the other person who lost that other battle.

Current battle bracket

Greetings, Mage Legend


'13-08-10: The "Team jobs" chapter has been added.

'13-08-10: Epic Goat has been promoted to Elite teammate! congratulations! :D

'13-08-10: Aeròx has been promoted to Teammate! good job! :)

'13-07-17: The team has been opened! :)

The team will be closed due to school and exams until mid July.

'13-05-11: DriesOwnsUAll has been promoted to teammate! Good job!

'13-05-10: Epic Goat is promoted from recruit to teammate. Congratz!!! :D

'13-05-10: Won a 3v3 ranked team game with the new members Epic S1cK and DriesOwnsUsAll!!! :D

'13-05-10: Epic S1cK is promoted from Recruit to Elite Teammate due to a huge score in his test game!!! He was pulsefire blue Ezreal and his score was 32-1-2, and had solo fb double kill!!!

'13-05-09: Revealed huge event (tournament).

Guide Top


For the current event, read the team news!

round 1: John Phillips vs Acefist: Lee Sin vs Darius: (kills) 5/2

round 2: Madkalo vs Matthiasthelord: Jax vs Elise: 5/3

round 3: Mage Legend vs Loldierckx: Lux vs Shyvana: 10/0

round 4: Neverwish vs Yuvi209: Kayle vs Aatrox: 8/5

round 5:

round 6:

More coming soon...

Guide Top

Hall of Fame

Will upload the recent games soon! (Yes, they're non-katarina games :P)

7 win steak, way to go! It wasn't hard, because they had an afk. They were pretty good though, i think we might have lost if Akali didn't have any internet problems.
I hid Olaf's score because he didn't want that in public.

As you can see, Singed was the best here, but i, Katarina wasn't having my best game... :P
Here's the score:

All right, 6 win streak! :D
1 more game to win and FINALLY bronze IV... And we have 2 chances :)
Renekton only landed his stun on me... Always me -.-
And i missed a double kill because i suddenly disconnected. Oh and another kill and a death.
It went better in late game though ^^ And they weren't that good :P

I was constantly changing lane because i didnt want to lane against my counter, Diana, even though she sucked :P
Probably first time Diana Because she was free ^^
Nasus and Renekton were also pretty bad :P

And they didn't build enough defense :P Especially Renekton Early game.

Another victory. We're on a 5 win streak ^^

As you can see, Renekton and Xin Zhao started to troll, (even though Renekton was the leader of the team) because they knew they wouldn't win anyway. Xin sold his Zeal, and bought troll boots together with Renekton.

The only one with a normal build (except for the boots) was Nidalee, who told us to report her team (wich we didn't :P), but she was also easy to beat because she was a noob :P Her spears were very easy to avoid, and almost never used her cougar form.

The best of all were the teamfights, we killed them without even dying, or taking a little damage.
The only kill they had was after 15 minutes on Singed, because he felt sorry for them and gave them a free kill :P

They didn't even surrender, we just finished their nexus at 20 minutes, because we wanted to win quickly instead of waiting for kills.

I guess i can show you the first part of their team name, because there were numbers after "ice" anyway, so nobody will recognize it ^^

Anyway, here are the scores:

Victory at '13-04-07, with our new recruit: Robz! I was constantly getting focused, and it was very close, but we finally managed to destroy their nexus turrets after they destroyed our inhibitors.
Luckily, i managed to save myself from another death with Wooglet's Witchcap. Skarner only used his ulti on me -.-

Won another game at '13-04-01, right after the one before. Unfortunately, Neverwish had a bad game :(
But that happens to everyone. I almost forgot to say: Happy birthday Neverwish! ^^

Won game at '13-04-01

Awesome game at '13-03-31 :P

Guide Top


under construction! Somethings wrong with this chapter and im trying to fix it. for sone reason my phrases don't show up. Please, ignore this chapter until then.

for more information, please read the description

Guide Top

Recruiting status

We will inform you (in this chapter) if we're looking for more players, so keep an eye out over here ^^

Recruiting status

We are currently looking for junglers. Are you ready for the job? If you're interested, then read the 'Want to join?' chapter and send me a request ^_^

Guide Top


First, let's start with the rules.

rule #1: No flaming.

rule #2: play with teamwork and don't be stubborn. Listen to the others and cooperate with your teammates, so NO TROLLING.

rule #3: No reporting other teammates!!!

rule #4: NOBODY is allowed to create ranked team games except Elites and higher!

The darker the rule, the more important it is.

Orange rules: if you break one of these rules, you will just get a warning. If you keep flaming and trolling, you will get demoted or even kicked.

Red rules: In most cases, you will be immediately kicked. Breaking these is strictly forbidden!
If you think there is a toxic player in our team, then don't report him but report it to me first, and i will keep an eye out on him/her.

more about rule #1: If a teammate started flaming at you, and you flame back just to defend yourself, then you won't get a warning. I do recommend you to ignore flamers though.
I can clearly see who started flaming and i will only give THAT player a warning. Not you.

In case i wasn't there, then i will give both players a warning, or no warnings at all.
This also depends on your team rank.

Guide Top

Team Ranks

Here are all the team ranks, and who bears that rank. The rank system makes it way easier for me to know who may do what.
There is a list of all the teammates who bears that rank below it.
If one of the summoner names are marked as a link, you will be directed to their MobaFire profile if you click on it.

More ranks will be added soon! (rank coming soon: apprentice)


The Leader decides everything of the team, makes the rules and can edit the team page.
In other words, the Leader does what he wants, but don't worry, i won't be too severe :P
There can only be 1 leader at a time.

Rights of the Leader

Current Leaders
Me, Mage Legend


A Veteran is a very good player of the team, who has shown his loyalty to the leader.
Becoming a Veteran does not only depend on skill, but also on teamwork, how friendly you are, how long you are in the team, how helpful and loyal you are and much more.
This is the highest rank you can become.

Rights of the Veteran
A Veteran is one of the only who has the authority to create ranked team games.
They can't be kicked from the team.
A Veteran is like a Deputy Owner of a team.

Current Veterans

Elite teammate

Also known as Elite.
A very skilled player who has triomphed with us a lot and has showed his awesome skills on the Fields of Justice.

He is also very social, friendly and helpful and has a lot of teamwork.
Being promoted to an Elite teammate mostly depends on your skill lvl.
This status just marks you are a skilled player.

Rights of the Elite
An Elite is allowed to create and start a ranked team game.
Their chances of being kicked are lowered.

Current Elite Teammates
Epic S1cK
Epic Goat


A normal Teammate who has triumphed with us several times.
A pretty good player.

Current Teammates


Players who are new to the team, and haven't played a lot of ranked team games with us yet.
These usually aren't very good players, except if they're new to the team. In that case, their skill lvl is still unknown to me.
This is the lowest rank.

Current Recruits


These are players who are practically not in our team, but they are technically.
What does that mean? Well, their names don't show up in our ranked team on League of Legends or lolking, but they are still used as reserve.

What exactly does a reserve do?
Well, when we need 1 more player to play a ranked team game, and we really need to play one, then we "hire" one or more of our reserves: we kick a teammate, invite the reserve, and after the ranked team game, we kick the reserve and reinvite the old teammate (if needed).

Current Reserves
John Phillips

Guide Top

Team jobs

What are team jobs? Well, those are tasks that are done by the player who is supposed to do that job. For example, their job is to organize events. In that case, their task will be organizing events.

If you are not interested, then don't read any further. The main reason i did this was to help myself anyway (i needed to know who does what) :P

This may sound a little silly, but they are important things that need to be done. You may be thinking that i'm taking this team way too serious, but i just want you to have as much fun as possible :P
Under the job are the people listed who are doing that job.
I do most of the jobs myself, but i could always use a little help. If you are interested in doing one of them, just ask me via chat, or send me a message on MobaFire.

Job: Event organizer
Mage legend

Player testers
Mage Legend

Guide Top

Team roles

The roles of the teammates. I guess this is pretty self-explanatory :P

Top: Mage Legend and DriesOwnsUAll. Reserve: John Phillips

Jungler: none

Mid: Epic S1cK

ADC: Epic Goat

Support: Aeròx

Guide Top

About to be promoted

If you find your name here, then you are probably going to be promoted soon.
I just need to take a little more tests with you, and if you succeed, you will be promoted to the next team rank.

Here is a list of the people who are close to being promoted.

Recruit ===> Teammate:

Teammate ===> Elite teammate:

.... >>>>>>
Elite Teammate ===> Veteran:

Veteran ===> Leader:
This is impossible :P
There's only one leader.

Guide Top


Can you get demoted? Unfortunately, yes, but demotions don't happen very often.
I mean, i wouldn't have promoted you if you weren't ready for it yet, so i don't think i'll ever have to demote someone.
Like i said before, i'll only demote players who weren't ready for that rank in the first place.

You can only get demoted if:

- You aren't a very good player

- You break the rules

- You aren't an active player

- You don't deserve your rank anymore for another reason.

The darker the color, the higher the chance is of being kicked by that reason.

Yellow reasons: You won't get demoted by these very quickly, because being inactive is something you can't help. Being demoted because of inactivity is very rare.

Purple reasons: The cause is other then listed above. If you get demoted here, depends on what you did and in what situation.

Orange reasons: You could get demoted for this. Depends on your skill lvl if you will get demoted pretty easily or not. If you aren't that bad, you probably won't.

Red reasons: You could get demoted for this for sure. You will probably get a warning first.

Ranks of demotions


Veterans will be demoted very seldom, because Veterans have (usually) proven themselves that they have a lot teamwork, and are very friendly and helpful. Their chance of being demoted is highly decreased.

Elite Teammates

These guys' chance of being demoted is also decreased, because Elite Teammates usually are good players.


Those people don't have a high chance of being demoted, because they triomphed with us, and have proven themselves that they are better then a Recruit.

They do have a higher chance for being demoted by breaking the rules, however.


You can't go any lower then this rank. No demotions for you! :D

Guide Top

Can i get kicked?

Yes, you can.
you will get kicked if:

- You break the rules.

It's as simple as that.

Red reasons: Theres only one reason... lol :P Your team rank depends if your chance of getting kicked is high or low.

The higher your rank, the lower your chance of being kicked when breaking a rule is, for example, if a Recruit breaks a rule, he has a higher chance of getting kicked than an Elite Teammate breaks a rule. So the Recruit will probably get kicked, but the Elite Teammate not.

That's how it works ;)

Guide Top

Want to join us?

If you're interested, send me a private message on MobaFire, or comment on this guide and ask me if you can join.
After i've answered you, add me in game and contact me whenever you can to join.

Before you send me the message, please check the "recruiting status" chapter first.

When you ask to join, post the message like this, and fill it in.

In game nick (IGN):
Age (preferably, so you don't have to tell me):
Main role(s):
The 3 best champions of your main role(s):

If you speak dutch or not (that would make it easier for me, but don't worry, everyone is allowed to join, and i always speak english when there's someone who doesn't speak dutch around :D):

Why you want to join us:

Of course, i will need to 'test' (=qualify, approve) you first. For more information, read the chapter below.

Guide Top

Requirements to join

- You must be on EU West server.

- You must be an active player.

- You must be a skilled player.

- You must be friendly, helpful, play with teamwork etc...

-A lot of experience on both Summoner's rift and the Twisted Treeline.

The darker the color, the less important the requirement is.

Green requirements: These are very important requirements. If you can't succeed in that requirement, you have no chance of joining our team. You must be on EUW. I think that was clear enough already.

Blue requirements: This is an important quality to have. If you don't, then you will have to learn to be friendly, because we don't want any flamers or trollers! If you keep flaming and trolling, you will be kicked.

Purple requirements: These are somewhat important qualities, but not as important as the others. You still have to be a pretty good player though, but if you're very bad, we will have to disappoint you and kick you. Same for an inactive player. inactive players will only be kicked if we need space for a better teammate, so the chance of being kicked for being a bad player is a little bit higher then being kicked for inactivity. I understand you can't help inactivity, but we need everyone to play, and we need good players. But don't worry, you will only be kicked for inactivity if the team is full and someone else wants to join.

If you qualify for all of these requirements, i will test you on the battlefield so you can show what you're made of. Those games are usually just blind picks.
If you succeed in that test, you're ready to join :D

Guide Top

Our teammates' skill lvl

This page is only accessable for Veterans or higher.
It is a list where every single teammate's (except for myself), skill lvl is rated on 10, for example, bob's skill lvl is 7/10.

If you are a Veteran and interested in seeing the list, just tell me and i'll be happy to show it :)

Guide Top


Someone to film our games (since QuickTime Player doesn't work anymore), preferably edit them, and post them on youtube, so i can post them here. This player will be rewarded with the Elite Teammate rank. I wish i could do more.

Guide Top

Summary (change log)

8 March 2013: Started this page and made the chapters. Not all chapters were finished yet.

9 march 2013: Made and finished more chapters, and added some lay-out

10 march 2013: Created summary, finished lay-out and completed all chapters. Guide published.

Unkown dates: Created news, videos and hall of fame chapters. Added a video and lots of other stuff.

Guide Top

The end

And that's how it goes in our team ;)

Any questions? Don't hestitate to ask! :)

Good luck on the Fields of Justice!

Mage Legend

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