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Talon Build Guide by Vampyrr

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vampyrr

Rape Train Talon

Vampyrr Last updated on October 5, 2011
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Talon is a fun champion, he is an assassin who specialized in going in killing something and getting the hell out of dodge right after. As such you do not want to try to initiate and it is even better if you can aim your attack from an angle not with your group. Say your team is pushing mid into a team fight if you can come from river bushes or from behind them to take out their carry DO IT. Talon's mobility and damage is extreme an e q w r combo with sheen does devastating amounts of damage.

Talon is a great champion who can handle any lane; Solo 1v1, Solo 1v2(my personal favorite), Middle, Bottom 2v2. It IS possible to jungle with him but its slow work and takes you awhile and is NOT ideal but if you have to have one you can.

This guide will be mainly for ranked play but I see no reason why it wont work for regular play as well.

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Pros / Cons


    High damage
    Short cooldowns especially on Ultimate
    Ultimate can be used offensively for damage or defensively to escape gank attempts
    Silence that makes you jump to your target. Can be used to initiate or used on a creep to gain extra distance from enemies
    Ranged cone slow that actually does a lot of damage

    Not much damage early game
    Requires farm
    No matter how strong you get rake will almost never be able to kill a minion wave by itself (took me Trinity + Ghostblade + 2 fully charged Blood Thirsters to do it)
    Oracles can shut you down HARD
    When farming if you are using abilities other than rake often you will have mana problems.

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I originally went with 21/0/9 but talons early squishiness started to bug me so I took some points in the defensive tree.

Armor so minions and ad champs don't do as much damage and . Getting a lucky dodge and using that boost to get out faster than they can catch you has saved me on more than one occasion.

I also pick up because rake frustratingly JUST WONT KILL THOSE MINIONS so many times they are at 10-20 hp very obnoxious.

The rest of the build is a pretty standard AD build skipping of course since Talon does no magic damage what so ever.

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I go for the attack damage quints over the armor penetration quints just because, again, minions are such a pain to clear. Talon scales very well with attack damage so they mesh very nicely with him.

Greater Mark of Desolation Standard AD champ marks for doing higher damage. Rip through beefy champs with these and .

Mana Mana Mana! Talon's skills arent too expensive but you need to hit them A LOT, he is NOT an auto attack champion all his damage comes from abilities so you chew up your pool in high combat situations quite fast. At level 7 the mp/5 per level runes over take the flat mana regen runes which carry you into end game and team fights where you are using lots of abilities very fast. Ive had more times where a battle has been won/lost based on my mana pool more often than I find myself going "man I wish I had armor/magic resist runes instead."

Talon is completely dependent upon his abilities to do the most damage. The more abilities you can get off in the fastest amount of time the more damage you can do. Also having a 23s ultimate when all is said and done is so amazing. Cooldowns are a serious problem for Talon early game so this is why I take flat CDR runes over the per level ones. End game cooldowns are easily manageable.

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Summoner Spells

Pretty straight forward, for those champs who you get low but you know you wont be able to land the finisher this move is a must. Can help you get first blood and in a worst case scenario manage to take someone out with you.

This skill is a MUST completely mandatory for talon. Combine this with your ult and you have enough escape tools to survive all but the most dire of straights. You can use this offensively to pop in or get just enough range to land your Cutthroat and start your combo.

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Passive: Mercy Not a horrible passive but not extraordinary either. As the bulk of Talon's damage is coming from his cooldown abilities and not auto attacks he doesn't get a ton of boost out of this. The good news is with rake the uptime of his passive is usually pretty high.

Q: An amazing ability, it hits really hard and puts a bleed on a person. If the person runs into a bush or our of sight and still have the mark you can see them through fog of war. ALSO big plus if the enemy has teammates in a bush or near where they run too you see them too until the bleed wears off. Later on this ability hits like a truck.

W: Ah Rake how I love thee so. This ability is fantastic it gives Talon some of the best harass in the game and can be used to slow or stall speedy champions such as Gangplank, Teemo, Miss Fortune, Rammus, Galio, or Singed. Also you can time this on champs with jumps like Jax, Akali, Katarina, or Irelia. It will hit Akali in her circle can be used to harass Teemo when you know hes there but the ****er JUST WONT MOVE. I use it to check bushes for enemies without needing a face check or a ward. It allows me to out harass other ranged and casters if I time it right. When laning usually by level 5 if the enemy champ hasn't ported back to base or doesn't have heals I can pretty much guarantee a kill as rake will have whittled down their health.

E: Cutthroat A silence that lets me appear behind the target I use it on. It is an amazing initiator and can be used for quick and dirty tower dives, E->Q->W->RR->Ignite. It also procs sheen letting you get the most bang for the buck out of a E to Q combo. It doesn't do any damage but it boosts the damage you do to your target for a short time letting you unload some serious punishment. If being chased you can use this on a minion to get away or if close enough to pop over a wall onto someone or another minion.

R: The Ultimate of Ultimate's. Shadow Assault is such a great tool and is able to be used offensively or defensively. I know I have made many an enemy howl in rage when I use this during a gank attempt to get away. The invisibility + speed boost makes it perfect for juking and dodging. It also does a metric ****-ton of damage, not just any ****-ton a METRIC ****-ton. It hurts A LOT and when used in the middle of an aoe fest can cripple the opposing team. One of my favorite uses when I know I don't need it to kill someone is to go into a bush pop it and while stealthed jump on someone with E Q W ignite for a quick kill. Expect enemy raging and calls of wtf op and other language.

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Skill Sequence

I tend to max first, the ability is just too good not to. It lets me harass, weaken full minion waves when I need to push, slows my enemies so I can stay a safe distance away and activates my passive.

Next I max the silence of Cutthroat never increases but its damage debuff does however the damage debuff doesnt outweigh the sheer stopping power of this ability.

Finally I max out Cutthroat this ability is great but it isnt great enough to max over the others.

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Early Game

and x3 This is pretty much a must for Talon. Early game he is really squishy and does not have mobility so he needs to be as fast as possible and play it very safe.

Rush this as soon as you can! It isn't that expensive and gives much needed CDR and good damage to set up kills in your lane.

These are the only boots I ever use on Talon unless their team has 3+ stuns. The CDR from this and makes your ultimate and other abilities on insanely short cds for late game nuking power.

This is the last item you get before early game should be over. With it proccing on every E to use on every Q you should be outputting serious damage. This also builds into your core of

Core Items/Mid Game

Now we build our core items to get us through the mid game into late game.
RUSH THIS. Cannot express this point hard enough! It does everything you want as Talon. Attack Damage? Check. Movement Speed? Check. Critical Strike Chance? Check. Slow? Check. The 150% extra damage buff from it is amazing as well.

Now I used to save this for later but its USE ability is just too great to pass up. That run speed boost is amazing for catching fleeing targets or getting away from a fight you wont win. It also has more armor penetration and more CDR for your abilities just amazing.

After these items you are ready to build into your end game. Depending on the game situation there are a couple different paths you can take. I will talk about both individually.

End Game (Tanky)

This item is just so amazing for sustaining yourself in fights. It is absolutely TERRIFYING to come up on a Talon who has been wrecking you all game and then to see him with 3500hp? Makes the other team want to cry.

Meshes perfectly with Warmogs to boost your crit and damage quite nicely. The extra armor is helpful against those AD champs that make your life painful.

With this item your health regen should be through the roof and with the speed bonus on here and your other items you should even make Poppy rage when trying to catch you. You are a lot beefier against any kind of magic from fed AP champs.

End Game (DPS)

So the game has been going totally your way and you are getting so very fed, what do you buy?

This item is by far just about the best item there is for pure damage for Talon. Once this thing is fully stacked its absolutely monstrous. Excluding mana you will never have to B except to buy.

Only thing better than one Bloodthirster is TWO bloodthirsters! Fully charged my Q can restore over 800 health in one attack with this. Champions you normally should have no business trying to 1v1 now become food for your every bulging stomach.

The holy grail of damage. Once this puppy is built you are done and the enemy champions health will just melt once you get on them. I have seen crits as high as 1800+ once I make this build.

Optional Items

For teams with stuns or a team with a Karthus this item can be fantastic as a way to say **** YOU when their kill gets absorbed.

A nice alternative for BV if they have someone like annie on their team or a lot of different debuffs that don't let you guarantee absorbing a kill shot. This one WILL absorb the kill shot for you and it is REALLY cheap.

For the dps build if you really really really want to be an annoying bastard
A THIRD BT OMG 1200+ heals on every Q 500+ on autos. Practically unkillable, Baron becomes soloable (ended fight with him at 75% health only because I went OOM and couldn't Q anymore)

Some Talon's I see build a Mallet. I can see the benefit but with rake up people generally do not get away from you as it is. The health and the guarantee are really nice though so it does work pretty well.

If you find yourself being the focus of the enemy team this item can be the decider between death and acing the other team. A well timed ult to escape and reset the fight while your team keeps fighting can be the X factor to push for the win.

If there is tons of magic damage on the other team this item is REALLY nice. With the regen the most magic resist of any item and the speed bonus this can be a life saver.

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Early Game
For early game you need to just focus on farming minions and using rake whenever it is up to harass your opponent. Because it is a cone this has the side effect of pushing a lane towards their turret. To counter this you need to buy wards at the very least 1 for the bush in the river. Rake is extremely potent and slowly adding up the damage on them until by level 5-6 you are ready to go in for the kill.

Mid Game
By now 1 or more towers should be down and there should be some lane flexibility. Push your lane up to a turret and then back out and roam to other lanes going for ganks or just to push a tower / save a tower as needed. Grab dragon with your team if you can and don't be scared to place wards all over they pay for themselves with good kills.

End Game
By now you should have some serious items and damage output. Make sure to go for their squishies and otherwise use Rake to hit as many people as you can and slow them all down. Someone is going to slip up and get just a little bit extended silence them and pick em off.

Remember in team fights you don't want to be the first to engage. Wait for your team to start and come in from an angle and go for their carries in the back. Get a kill or two and get out fast, reset in a bush and do it again.

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Problematic Champions

There are a few champions who give you trouble or are otherwise unkillable for you.

Stalemate Champions
These champions shouldn't kill you but you will also not be able to kill them unless they are bad.
Tank and Tanky Champions: Amumu Alistar Cho'Gath Rammus Dr. Mundo Galio Leona Malphite Maokai Tryndamere Jarvan IV Trundle Udyr Nunu Nasus Renekton Udyr

Dangerous Champions
These champions have the upper hand on you and must be treated VERY cautiously
Morgana Xin Zhao Garen Katarina Heimerdinger(rocket spec) Irelia Jax Gragas Lee Sin Kog'Maw LeBlanc Kennan Pantheon Singed Wukong Yorick Poppy
This is assuming the people playing them are good and know what they are doing with them.

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How to engage as Talon