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Twitch Build Guide by kaiguy

AD Carry Rat God Twitch- How to spawn camp, patch 6.2

AD Carry Rat God Twitch- How to spawn camp, patch 6.2

Updated on February 2, 2016
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaiguy Build Guide By kaiguy 32,143 Views 1 Comments
32,143 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kaiguy Twitch Build Guide By kaiguy Updated on February 2, 2016
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Intro-about the champ

Hi Everyone! I was on mobafire this and it did not seem like there was too much on twitch. This is my first guide so please don't trash it too hard. Twitch can do things no other champ can and is very rewarding when played right. I will probably be tweeking this guide a lot as I am just gettin mobafire dwn
About me- I have been playing league since season 3. Ive been an adc main since season 4 and my favorite champs currently are twitch, jinx, miss fortune and cait. I was plat all season 5 and just placed back in plat for season 6 this week. I am generally a passive laner who likes to farm unless I have a lead or my Support is a boss. In a good lane I hit 100 CS at 11 min if I am free farming which I usually prioritize, and then once I get rolling I can go ham. This guide isn't meant to tell you how to play the champ, but mostly to give you some tips and to let you know what has works so you will get better.
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Pros / Cons

-Awesome duelist
-goes invisible
-great team fighter
-strong mid-late game
-goes invisible
-tilt inducer
-dirty sewer rat

-terrible laner
-not very mobile
-has no CC
-short AA range
-dirty sewer rat
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The first items I have are the core ones. I have not figured out how to add situational items yet after the first 3 but whatever you build after that is self explanatory and will go over it later. I included a little bit on the build with the items but this should offer more info.
-Starting items: Dorans blade and pot. Before your first buy you should focus on farming mostly. you are not going to hit your spike until ghostblade so you should work your way to that.
-First buy: bargain buy on the longswords. you don't necessarily have to buy 4 longswords but I do often. I am just trying to get as much AD as possible to buy able to trade, it helps the contaminate/thunderlords damage a lot.
-second buy: boots, ghostblade etc. You want to buy ghostblade ASAP, once you get that you are no longer useless. Go try to duel your laner or even mid if you have help.
-later buys: Here's where it gets a little tricky. I like to build hurricane, but throw some AD from the IE along the way. The reason I do that is because once you get the hurricane you are not going to be dueling as well. Eventually though people catch on the lane camping (more on that later) and you will want to team fight. The better you want to team fight, the faster you want hurricane. The more you want to dual, throw a BF and pickaxe in there. I usually get a BF in between ghostblade and completing hurricane.
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Ambush- This is what makes you OP! This move is ridiculous. The stealth alone is awesome but the attack speed buff just caps it off. The best way to use this is to try to come up the lane on someone and trade dmg (usually people are smart enough to assume your stealthed). The big kicker for this and what makes this skill so difficult is how to team fight with it but there will be more on that later. Level this second.

Venom Cask- This move sucks lol. Seriously any other kind of CC on this champ would be good as it just has a really minmal slow. Using it is self explanitory. It's good in lane because if you throw it on people they assume you are going to try to trade and back off. More on laning later. Level this last.

Contaminate- Pretty easy with this one, the more stacks, the more dmg. Beware though, you can only use it once so sometimes it is not always best to use ASAP in team fights or trades. Level this first.

RAT-TA-TAT-TAT- Coolest named ult in the game bar-none. DO NOT TEAM FIGHT WITHOUT THIS, you will be useless. It wrecks in team fights but just make sure you are in a safe position to use it. Is also good for assassinations and duels etc. Do not shoot through minions when dueling though you will do less dmg then normal.
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Laning-pre ghostlbade

This is my least favorite part about twitch. He is my hand down favorite ADC but his lane prevents from locking him every game. While he does lots of damage (he HURTS). I like to trade heavy level one or two just so the other lanes think you are not afraid to trade. Otherwise they are going to abuse your lack of mobility and range to gradually poke you down. However if you do have sup with good CC/engage (blitz, leo) you can win a lot of all ins. You can also play more aggressive if you have a sup with lots of poke (sona, karma) too but honestly those champs win most lanes anyway. Anyway most lanes I just freeze the lane right outside of my tower so I can trade in a good spot; wave manipulation is key; we will get to that later.
When trading with the other adc or sup, if you can land the first auto, you usually want to keep trading as you will just stack your E and win the trade. Trading autos is all you can do on twtich as you don't have any cool peacemaker shots or boomerang blades; but at least you win auto trades vs pretty much every champ. When you do trade, TRADE, at least land a cask and two autos so you get that thunderlord proc. Thunderlords is everything on this dude. Do not necessarily want to pop your E every trade right away. For instance if you land two autos and pop your E; then they can trade back and you will not get to add more stacks. One trick I love to do is to throw the venom cask constantly. They are super easy to land and cost a low amount of mana. When people have 2 stacks on them already they will not want to trade with you. If you land a cask and two autos, then pop your contaminate (with thunderlords) it like take about a third of the life bar at least. That is what you are going to want to do! Additionally you are always going to want to lane to be in a good spot when laning and trading. You are going to want to freeze the lane.
Basically to freeze you want their lane to be pushing. However the key with that is to let the enemy creep wave be bigger than yours. That way it will gradually push. However when it starts to push onto your side, you are going to want to start attacked the wave so that it matches the size of your wave (maybe keep the enemy creep a single creep more). By doing this your tower will not be denying you CS. Also if you do put yourself in a position to to win an all-in, you will have the whole lane to chase the other laners down before they get to their tower. The other adc and sup will also not be as able to get kills if you are close to your tower, and they will be vulnerable to being ganked. I will do this with strong laners as well sometimes (MF and cait) and zone them off there creep too. There is literally no advantage to pushing the lane unless you are hitting the other tower and poking the other team under tower. If you are pushed past half you are just asking to be ganked.
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Laning/Midgame- post ghostblade

This is my favorite part about twitch. You got your ghostblade and your ready to plow. By this stage your supports will be roaming and you will be juggling between split pushing and grouping. If you are sure the adc is by themselves, kill them. You can, that's why you have ghostblade! Ironically most the adcs that spanked you in lane (cait, MF, ez) will be the easiest to duel. You can be 30 CS behind cait and as long was you did not give up kills you will be able to duel. Unfortunately there are a handful of champs you cannot duel (vayne, trist, graves). Thankfully those champs are easy to lane vs and you teamfight much better then them. However for the majority of adc's you can easily duel them. If you are close to even with the enemy. For dueling you are going to want to stealth, pop your ghostblade, get as close as possible to the enemy adc (melee range), and then throw a cask on them so they are slowed. When you ambush them pop your ult for the bonus dmg and go to town on the enemy adc. Even try roaming mid if your lane is shoved and double team the enemy mid with your mid. I like to roam up the lane mid so that way I do not get spotted by side wards. I do this often too, as long as they do not have a mid that will one shot you. Your ghostblade speed buff will usually give you the speed to mage snares too.
I called this guide spawn camping because that is what you want to do! Every time the enemy adc want to farm the side lane you kill them. If you are in between your tier one towers, hide in the second bush when you are about the ambush as they will ward the first bush. When you have them pushed to their tier 2 tower, wait down the lane and not in the bushes or jungle. If you sit in the jung, you will get spotted and killed. No one wards down the lane and as long as you are outside the sight of the minions they will not have vision on you. I also cannot stress to always know where their sup is. If you do not have vision on the sup, then you can assume he is usually near the adc so use your best judgement. The best trick I do is to push the wave to the tower, start to base in tower range, then stop and walk down the lane. Most the time people are stupid, even in plat; and will try to farm bot lane. When you kill ambush/kill the adc in lane, then push to tower, and then kill them AGAIN right when the get back to lane; they will tilt. The goal is to make the enemy adc unable to farm in the bot lane and just generally terrified. Once the enemy teams squishy's realize you are an OP rat sewer king, they will start to ward/group. That is when you get your team fight on
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Team fighting- hurricane

Now for the tricky part. Your team fighting is glorious! You picked the adc role so you obviously want to carry. I used to not build hurricane and build shiv or phantom dancer on twitch so I could duel more, but the hurricane is just to strong for team fights. Eventually the other team will get wise to your stealth tricks and you are going to want to switch over to grouping (as your should always group; don't be THAT guy). So with twitch you are always going to want to stand in the way back. I know you are supposed to be in the back always as an adc but I'm talking about when the do not even have vision of you. This way they do not know if you are stealthed or not. Be so far back that a malphite could not even flash ult you, I do not care who they have. The reason I do this is because once you pop out of stealth and pop your ult, you have no escape. When the fight starts, you will emerge from being in stealth in the perfect position. Positioning is key as an adc, and even more on an immoble one.
So when you do pop the ult-ambush-ghostblade-thunderlords-tat-tat combo you will be able to do some damage and not die in 2 seconds. You are in rat-god mode. Put your self in a position to land at least land few auto's on the enemy teams back line, but not close enough to expose yourself to any CC. You have the speed boost from ghostblade to kite around with your ult too. If you get stunned by anything you will die. You have nothing besides flash (I always get the tier 3 boots with the flash CD for this reason) if you get caught. If the enemy team will not expose their adc's not just hit as many people as possible. You are the carry but you do not have to be the hero. You WILL do more damage then any other adc in the game for 5 seconds so stay alive for them. The team with the last adc standing will win the fight 4 out of 5 times. Also if every time you get a kill or assist re-pop your Q (ambush). This is new to twitch on season 6 but it will constantly be giving you 70% bonus attack speed. Also since you do not have an escape use the stealth to wait for enemy assassins and tanks to blow their gap close on other while you are stealth.
One more rule of thumb with twitch in general is if the other champs has gap close up, and you have no stealth, you will die. Stay safe, the longer you are up, the longer you are doing damage. I am always improving on twitch; and the reason this champ is very challenging is the risk reward from RAT-TA-TAT-TATing their back line while trying to not die.
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I hope you enjoyed the guide! I hope to add some more stuff later. Twitch is one of my favorite champs and hope to get more people out there playing him. Please let me know your thoughts!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kaiguy
kaiguy Twitch Guide
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Rat God Twitch- How to spawn camp, patch 6.2

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