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Shen Build Guide by TasteIess

Top Ravenous Shen - Feedback Wanted! (Vs. Champs in the Works)

Top Ravenous Shen - Feedback Wanted! (Vs. Champs in the Works)

Updated on October 30, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TasteIess Build Guide By TasteIess 4,813 Views 1 Comments
4,813 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author TasteIess Shen Build Guide By TasteIess Updated on October 30, 2018
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Grasp of the Undying
Bone Plating
Second Wind

Taste of Blood
Ravenous Hunter


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


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Hey everyone, I'm a G5 OTP Shen. I've been using this Build for a month or so and recently climbed to G5 with it. I don't ever really see this build so I thought I would share it with a couple of notes.
IGN- TasteIess Check me Ranked it big good
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Before Lane

You always want to run to the Bush closet to the enemies tower and put it in there. It's crucial because you if you hit lvl 2 first a quick Q into E, will net you a huge hp lead in the starting lane.
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Lvl 2 -- Only really good if you can hit lvl 2 first. Will give you some crazy dmg
- Math- Shen Empowered Q
1 Your full combo is Empowered AA that does 4%(times 3 so 12%) of enemy max HP. 62.2 dmg per auto attack so 186.6 dmg, And your E. Let's say you were fighting Renekton. Renekton has 572.2 HP at the lvl 1. 12% of that is 68.664. Also, your dash gives you 50(+ 12% bonus health, if you start Dorans shield it's +9.6). Your grasp proc will give you (4% of 601.2+80(681.2) from Dorans Sheild = 27.246 magic dmg). So, in Total you will do 186.6 physical dmg + 68.664 magic dmg + 59.6 physical dmg + 27.246 magic dmg that equals = 342.11 (pre-resistance). With resistance is something like (Physical DMG/259% reduction (35 Armor) 186.6+59.6=246.2/25.9%= 182.2 physical. MR = 68.664+27.246=95.91/24.3%=72.6. SO after all that math, you deal about 254.8 dmg(44.5% of their HP!). So your lvl 2 can give you a big advantage in lane.

All Early game items -- Once you hit these items, the other top laner will really have a hard time dealing with you. You have dmg, minions don't do that much to you (you also get healing back from minions attacking you with bramble) and you can also dish out some pretty consistent dmg.

Full Build -- If god resurrected it would be Shen Full Build
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This Shen build helps you stay healthy in lane. Always try to have your grasp proc ready. Usually, I'll Q the Empower AA twice and proc grasp on the last Empowered AA. Rav Hunter gives you crazy sustain in lane. First, though you need at least one stack for it to start working. I would recommend looking for an R down in bot lane or go for a solo kill. After you get 2/3 of the Early game items and 1/2 stacks of Rav Hunter, you really can't be pushed out of lane. Darius can, but well...he's permabanned.
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Late Game

I would recommend split pushing aslong as you have your R up. In fights dive onto the ADC, your W blocks most dmg and with titanic hydra, you can chunk hard (I'm not doing the math again don't @me)
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Ranged/Melee Matchups

CSing will pretty hard, dont get too close to them unless you have a gank, or taunt them under tower for some free dmg.
Where the build shines. You can proc grasp with the extra range you get from you q, and if they are AA champs your W negates so much dmg
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Pros / Cons

- Passive = Easy Trades
- No Mana Problems
- Using R, even if you do no dmg or CC you still get assists if they killed/ help kill someone (Good for Stacks)
- W blocks so much dmg late game it's wacky
- Good Splitpush and can always be in Teamfights
- Pretty Good dmg, but also pretty tanky
- Wave Clear good with this build

- Has terrible resistances early game
- If you don't Q, you'll be low energy
- If you miss your dash just stand still cause ur gonna die
- R has a long cooldown, if you misuse it you better be able to rotate fast if splitting or stick with the team
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League of Legends Build Guide Author TasteIess
TasteIess Shen Guide
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Ravenous Shen - Feedback Wanted! (Vs. Champs in the Works)

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