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Yorick Build Guide by Growing Fearz

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Growing Fearz

Remember, Thou Art Mortal.

Growing Fearz Last updated on January 15, 2016
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Threats to Yorick with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Jax Other less tanky champs (Jax for example) are easily dominated as they can't get close to Yorick and are easily out sustained.
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Hey, I'm Mitch.
I play on the OCE server and have been playing since later s2.
Usually i play for fun but I have a serious side when it comes to ranked.

Yorick is a simple tanky and sustain based top laner. However in the right hands Yorick can become much more.
Yorick's mechanics revolve around him out sustaining, tanking and pushing his opponent as well as being able to quickly turn the favor of fights.
He fits the current meta of tanky top laners and can provide great peel and lane pressure.

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Basic Game Play

This chapter is going to explain Yorick's basic game play and whether or not he's the right champion for you.
Yorick is really strong in lane and in team fights. Early game Yorick dominates his lane through poke and sustain. At level one you want to zone with your Omen of Pestilence at level two you'll gain most of you mana back and a quick Omen of Pestilence + Omen of Famine combo will catch your laner off guard, heal you to full and drop their health. At level three a Omen of War (On a low hp minion) Omen of Pestilence + Omen of Famine combo will catch them off guard again and most likely an ignite will finish them off (If you chose to run ignite). After level three Yorick focuses best on poking with his Omen of Famine and cs'ing occasionally with his individual abilities. After laning faze Yorick can become a great split pusher or initiater. As Yorick you want to be looking out for times to ult and times just to run and throw your Omen of Pestilence behind you. I'll explain more in later chapters.

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In depth Game Play

Early Game/Laning Faze

Yorick's early game is when he needs to play aggressive and out poke your laning partner (while maintaining steady cs). At level one Yorick's Omen of Pestilence makes a great bush check, when assisting your jungler you can throw it into a bush to catch counter jungler's and invades, at level one it will also help with securing kills if you are invaded or catch a laner off guard. At level two you can start to poke with a Omen of Pestilence + Omen of Famine combo. through this the enemy will have to trade back in order to stay in lane and they will miss cs through this trading. Your Omen of Famine will heal you through trading so you can tank 1v1's early game and cs while your minions poke for you. As your ghouls are on reasonably low cool downs they make great farming tools too. At level three if you're wining lane you can choose to all in if your against a damage based top they'll have low hp and not much armour let your minions do the work and finish them off with an ignite (If you take that over TP). At level six you should think of roaming or diving with your ult.

Mid Game

Mid game is when Yorick starts to shine with either split pushing or ganking. If you find your team at mid or bot while you push top and the enemy goes MIA all you need to do is smack an enemy minion with Omen of War active and run, if you're being chased as Yorick throw your Omen of Pestilence behind you and it will move to an enemy champion near you. This makes running easier. On the other hand your Omen of Pestilence is a great slow which is quite useful for ganking. Yorick's single target damage is great, which means a Omen of Pestilence + Omen of Famine combo will allow you to tower dive or straight up kill the enemy, the slow and life steal will open you up for a clean Omen of War active witch will drop a lot of damage. If you're lucky your minions will tank the tower and you can get clean easy kills.

Late Game

At this time Yorick scales really well and turns into an overall monster. his ult gives you the ability to scream yolo and tower dive, it can also completely turn a fight around as you can bring your ADC or mid back form the dead with the motive of only killing as they'll die after 10 seconds. Yorick's late game is when his ghouls also become strong they get 35% of his max health and damage meaning they make great fight opening damage.

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Pros and Cons

+ Amazing lane sustain
+ Amazing poke/zone
+ Doesn't fall off late game
+ Can turn a 5v5 fight into a 6v5
+ Over all Tank/Damage
+ Counter gank abilities
- Mana starved early
- Ult can easily be wasted and unused
- Ghouls can be easily killed with single target abilities (Unless you're full build)
-Ghouls can be wasted through farming

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Abilties and Break Down

Unholy Covenant: This is Yorick's passive ability. As Yorick summons ghouls he gains more Armour/MR and damage depending on the amount of ghouls you have summoned (max 3) + 2x Yorick's level. Below is the wiki description of his passive.

Yorick takes 5% less damage and his basic attacks deal 5% more damage for each of his active summons. All of Yorick's basic abilities summon a Ghoul and Omen of Death summons a Revenant.
GHOULS: Ghouls last for 5 seconds. Their health and damage are calculated from Yorick's totals. They also have special effects determined by the ability used to summon them.

Omen of War: This is Yorick's Q, this ability allows Yorick to deal extra damage on his next basic attack and summons a faster and more damaging ghoul. This give Yorick a movement speed boost as well. This is useful for catching enemies, making escapes and being combined with his W gives him great sticking potential.

ACTIVE: Yorick's next basic attack within 10 seconds will deal bonus physical damage and summon a Spectral Ghoul.
SPECTRAL GHOUL: Has higher attack damage than other Ghouls. Grants itself and Yorick a movement speed buff.

Omen of Pestilence: This is Yorick's W, This is an on cast AOE slow and damage. After this is cast it summons a minion that will follow an enemy champion and slow them dealing damage every time it attacks. This is combined with E for a decent high damaging poke or combined with his Q & E for a great initiation.

ACTIVE: Yorick summons a Decaying Ghoul that arrives with a violent explosion, dealing magic damage in a 100-radius area and slowing enemies hit for 1.5 seconds.
DECAYING GHOUL: Has a 62.5-radius aura that slows nearby enemies.

Omen of Famine: This is Yorick's E, and is often described as his bread and butter skill. It's an on cast single target magic damage witch heals Yorick for 100% of the damage done to a Champion and 50% of damage to minions (This is Yorick's famous lane sustain). After casting the minion will chase an enemy champion healing Yorick for 35% of damage done.

ACTIVE: Yorick steals life from his target, dealing magic damage, healing himself for 40% of the damage dealt and summoning a Ravenous Ghoul behind them.
RAVENOUS GHOUL: Heals Yorick with each attack. This effect is halved when attacking minions and monsters.

Omen of Death: This is Yorick's ult, It makes a clone of any live team mate within yorick's range. Yorick can then control this Revenant's movement and auto attacks. If the owner of the clone dies the Revenant will sacrifice itself and the owner of the clone will come back full health and have the CD of their abilities reset. They only have ten seconds to live so diving and going all in is the best idea.

ACTIVE: Yorick conjures a Revenant in the image of an allied champion. If that ally takes lethal damage before the Revenant dies, the Revenant sacrifices itself to reanimate them and give them 10 seconds to enact vengeance.
REVENANT: A Revenant lasts 10 seconds. It has health and attack damage calculated from the target's totals. It can be controlled by holding the alt key and using the right mouse button or by reactivating this ability.

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Summoner Spells

Flash vs Ghost

The Summoner Spell's Flash and Ghost are almost always taken on any role. They are two of the most versatile Summoner Spell's that allow for some of the best positioning, escapes or gap closing in league.
However that raises the question

"Which is better suited for Yorick?"

Through my personal time in playing Yorick I have found, figuratively speaking, Nine times out of Ten I have found myself in situations that Flash Greatly out does the need for Ghost.

Teleport vs Ignite

Another difficult choice is choosing Map Control over Kill Pressure.
Yet again throughout my time I have found Ignite to be better than Teleport.
However with the current top lane meta taking Teleport has become more and more viable the reasoning behind this being the increasing need to split push or travel from a side lane to dragon or Baron very quickly.

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Your Role As Yorick

Each champion fills a certain and specific role in league, Champions like Leona fill a role as primarily a CC champion however when built tanky she provides a great front line with lock down capabilities.
Another example is Katarina, she relies on having quick burst and possible multi-target damage, however people have mastered her play style and build options and have turned her into Multi-target burst, that gives the ability to reset her CD's and re-engage.

But where does Yorick come into this?

Yorick's role is primarily a top lane tank. However he can be a master at split pushing, diving, tanky, squishy protecting monster.