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Renekton Build Guide by RENEKTON MAIN RENNY

Top renek is snek [in depth] [first guide]

Top renek is snek [in depth] [first guide]

Updated on May 9, 2020
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League of Legends Build Guide Author RENEKTON MAIN RENNY Build Guide By RENEKTON MAIN RENNY 6 1 7,971 Views 0 Comments
6 1 7,971 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author RENEKTON MAIN RENNY Renekton Build Guide By RENEKTON MAIN RENNY Updated on May 9, 2020
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Runes: speed good

Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Nimbus Cloak

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


need to be fast
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

renek is snek [in depth] [first guide]

what is renekton!
i was born on January 18, 2011 with the soul purpose of destroying nasus. I have spent years perfecting this craft and have seen many beautiful items and runes come and go. Despite the removal of spear of renekton, believe it or not. I AM STILL STRONG. Not gonna lie, there are some better picks- like Darius! But renekton is still fun and has his own place in the game, although he plays just like darius :c.
how do you play renekton!
Go to settings and turn off Renekton's voice or else you'll think you're nasus.
how do you ACTUALLY play renekton
renekton is so good. but hes way harder than anyone thinks. or at least, let people think that.

EARLY GAME: all you have to do in the early game is freeze the lane at an optimal position, then BOOM, renekton speed burst combo POW POW POW. Now that the enemy laner is at 50% you have options. You can either run him down with ghost, OR wait to burst him again, THEN you run him down with ghost.

remember to pressure as much as possible as its ur second strongest point in the game
how do you play renekton except 15 minutes later
MID GAME: You have 2 options in the mid game as renekton. SIKE. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE. HAHA YOU REALLY THOUGHT YOU HAD TWO . . . . it should be noted that i have 21 chromosomes.

OPTION 1: Ok for mid game, you have to sidelane the heck out of top!! Renekton is the 2v1 god apparently. Even if ur team is garbage, but you'd wish u were darius or tryndamere. Even though ur not!

Take every rift herald you can, that shouldn't be a problem beacuse top is renekton's domain.

maintain vision in the enemy jungle as its urs now. try to get every turret you can until 25 minutes, make it a game for yourself!

As a very farm heavy champion you can find sustenance in enemy minions, the enemy jungle camps (even your own jungle camps, its ur side of the map), and even the 0/4 khazix that still thinks he has a jungle!

OPTION 2: While you still want to be sidelaning as much as possible, as that's renekton's strongest point. Your team may spam ping you if you don't at least try to secure dragon or join fights. Since renekton doesn't do well with a bunch of strangers, the most optimal team comps are those with a strong engage before renekton such as Leona, Sejauni, or Zac.
TEAM FIGHTS are still possible however. This whole build is about renekton FLASHING IN to ONE-SHOT the enemy miss fortune. Then sticking onto everyone else with ghost and you know, his items. Stealth is nice so you gotta take oracle before going into fights, then get ur wards when u back.
Trust that when the 3/1 annie looks back to see that her once-lucian has been replaced by a huge speedy (sexy-***) crocodile, she might want to ff instantly.

renekton is all about judgement, if you think there's a fight you can take, go right ahead, if not, ghost away! It's those split second decisions, however that can change the way ur game is going!
how do you play renekton except 25+ minutes later?
ok you have 3 options for late game.

OPTION 1: shut off ur monitor because it does NOT get fun

OPTION 2: team fight, except u can't burst down carries anymore, in fact, you get bursted instead. D: what u want to do is act as a peel for ur carry which is strong and use ur w to cc and deal damage to who you think is the biggest threat, obviously!

OPTION 3: following a couple of the builds (most optimal for this including either wits end or yoummu's) you can still split lane like its the 1970s! ALTHOUGH, be more careful, as deaths are far more punishing this late in the game, you should consider just youmuuing or ghosting away.
is renekton worth playing?
definitely not . . . . if ur stupid! HAHA

renekton is amazing and fun and gorgeous!

goes great if ur pool includes darius, jax, or tryndamere, he'll fit right in!
item specifics!
black cleaver: bruiser essential, stickier, more damage, a little tankier 10/10

tiamat: i get it, old renny mains miss tiamat, i never thought it was good, but took it anyway, it was never game changing for renekton, not as good as other items 4/10

bork: it just so happens that bork is the next best item for renekton! his w deals massive damage now, he stacks fury faster, and hes way sticker pair with ghost! 9/10

penguin: very useful for sidelaning, decent stats- great for bursting a lowly adc. passive kind of gets disabled in the late game tho, but excellent item! 9/10

steraks: incredible item, i cry every time i buy it. excellent damage, super tanky!!, doesn't make u stickier, but a kickass passive!! 10/10

purple bow: usually only get it when u finish executioner's, its a decent item with nice armor pen, but base ad kinda lacks, anti-heal is good depends on matchup, but there are definitely better options for other matchups! :) good item 5/10

red bow: just purple bow but trash, also u have bork for tanks anyway, 3/10

frozen mallet: when u have a good damage team and u need to be a lil more tanky, OR if you just need to be a little more sticky for vayne or ashe, good item 7/10

dead man: make u faster, & tankier, adcs stand no chance! great item. 7/10

visage: default tank item honestly, good against ap matchups, duh. health regen good if you dont wanna reset after a nice team fight. overall decent item 6/10

purple sword down: a classic, just not really on renekton, good damage but hes not necessarily the assassin type, great passive tho and damage does help! ok item 7/10

edge of night: another high damage, base stats lack actually, but lethality is nice for renekton, and nice passive if theres a morg or something, eh item 4/10

thornmail: great item against like, nasus or something, just some better tank items out there, if the comp is full ad, then yea, sure, decent item. 6/10

maw: basically steraks except against a heavy ap comp, makes you surprisingly sustainy- and unkillable, great with ga or steraks 7/10

ga: come on, when adcs take this they're *******, when renekton takes it ... 8/10

wits end: u attack fast lol, its fun to have! if enemy team is mostly ap, go wild lmao, 8/10

bloodthirster: not really gonna overheal much, but it is nice to have if ur really strong. just kidding, its hardly an option considering the other items :P 2/10

death's dance: better than bloodthirster except makes u a little tankier, nice to have in place of steraks if u like this better, pretty good item 7/10

righteous glory: this is a fun pick, too squishy almost, stats are kind of trash, but the active is amazing if ur like, taking a fight down a long lane and need to get to the carries, its a personal favorite of mine, just not really on renek 6/10

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