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League of Legends Build Guide Author William#29250

Renekton - Best chaser in game?

William#29250 Last updated on March 11, 2011
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Hello and Welcome to my guide on how to play Renekton - THE RIGHT WAY.

First of all, in case you do not know why Renekton is awesome: This is why - He uses NO form of resource - Not even his HP. Now, if you've played against/with him you're probably familiar with the nice little red bar where his mana is supposed to be - That's Fury. Fury is like that awesome piece of what ever the **** you think is awesome. - It can be used as a resource to increase the damage of your abilities by even more, and usually also give them an EXTRA effect. Those will be talked about in the "Skills" section.


In my honest opinion, I've seen a lot of good, and a lot of bad Renekton players out there, mostly I think that those who go for a "Tank" Renekton, as with his abilities and how they work which he is obviously not designed to do, are the people who can't play Renekton right. My definition of a tank is "Someone with loads of CC and group utility, who can take a high amount of punishment" - Which Renekton has an astounding lack of (Except the "Taking punishment" part. He can be quite surviving). What he DOES have though, is very good chasing/escape mechanics, aswell as some, most of the time, very underestimated damage, compared to how amazing it actually is.

So without further ado.

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Pros / Cons

In my opinion - the greatest chaser.
Fairly durable
Deceptivly healthy
Can use enemy minions to your OWN advantage.
Infinite laning early game
Great tower destroyer
Do we have any?
Naah, just kidding
Low amounts of armor
Can be focused down
Relies COMPLETELY on being close

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Lets talk runes, as you can see I have only gone for two different sets of stats:
Armor Penetration and Attack Speed - I personally see these two stats as some of your main ones.

All your damage is gonna come from physical (With the exception of your ultimate), which means you're a character who benefits HEAVILY from Armor Pen, I am sure you're asking why I don't have any armor pen items then, we'll take that on in the items section.

Attack speed is ALWAYS good for any character who uses auto-attacks to do damage, more so than any other seal or glyph I could find.

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I've taken an 21/00/09 approach to the masteries, basically how I see it, the 21 that I have personally picked in Offensive is a "Must" for Renekton, improved Exhaust, extra damage, crit chance, Armor pen, and even 10% crit chance - Even some AP (though this is actually a filler) which atleast will give you some extra damage per tick on your ulti.

As you can see, I've personally put 9 points into support masteries. This is COMPLETELY up to personal prefences, the other way I would say to do it is Defensive, putting 3/3 into Hardiness, and 1/3 into Resistance, and then the dodge/follow up.

I like putting them into the support ones I did to increase the speed when I use Ghost, some more HP regen for longer laning, extra XP, to get an advantage over others (in terms of levels, for a short a time as it may be), and then greed to give me the much needed gold even faster.

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As we can clearly see, my first priority over everything is CD reduction - Maxing it out gives me great early game potency

I go for Ionian Boots of Lucidity first, giving me a quick 15% CD reduction early in the game - It's gonna come in handy, trust me.

The Brutalizer/ Youmuu's Ghostblade right after that, even more CDR, some Armor pen, and some additional damage - And when it's turned into Youmuu's Ghostblade the active is gonna kick ARSE - Given that you remember to actually USE it.

Spirit Visage, this is gonna finish the CDR, and bring you to the 40% cap - This means that you can pretty much spam your abilities at will - To make it even more awesome there is it's effects: Extra HP - Always welcome, and then there's the last effect: Regeneration and healing on yourself is increased by 15% - HURR, can anyone say PERFECT!? That means Cull of the Meek is gonna heal you for even more - and you will regen health even faster.

Frozen Mallet, this is where the chasing gets fun, and to the point that IF you've gotten in close, the enemy is NOT escaping - Increased HP by QUITE a fair amount, and then the slow each time you hit. Extra damage too, not anything to flaunt, but still usefull

Zeal/ Phantom Dancer, More speed, faster hitting, and more crit - Together with what you already HAVE, the enemy is not getting away, and you'll do even more damage.

The Bloodthirster Now THIS baby is gonna bring the hurt - 100 extra damage and 25% life steal (When fully charged) - This means YOU'RE not going down easily, and you're LIKELY to be the winner in a fight.

Now, as you can see, we only have ONE item to give you Armor Pen. This is because of Slice and Dice's 50 fury effect: Reducing their armor by a percentage - Now this doesn't only benefit you, it benefits ALL the AD champions on your team - TA-DA you've won. (Not to mention that if aimed correctly, it can affect the WHOLE enemy team.

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Reign of Anger - Renekton gains Fury for every autoattack he makes. This Fury can empower his abilities with bonus effects. Additionally, Renekton gains bonus Fury when he is low on life
Basic stuff: when below 50% hp, you gain 50% additional fury. This means that if you have below 50% hp, you're even MORE dangerous

Cull the Meek - Renekton swings his blade, dealing Moderate damage to all targets around him and heals for a small portion of the damage dealt. If he has over 50 Fury, his damage and heal are increased.

Renekton swings his blade, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+physical damage) to nearby enemies and gains 7.5% of the damage dealt as Health, up to 50/75/100/125/150. Enemy champions grant 300% additional health recovery.

50 Fury Bonus: Damage increased to 90/135/180/225/270 (+phyical damage). Heal percent increased to 15%, up to 150/225/300/375/450

Learn it, live it, BREATHE it - this ability is gonna be your bread and butter - dealing solid damage on a low CD, and healing you - Aswell as giving you 5 fury per target it hits (Maxing at 25 per time used), given that you don't have 50 or more fury already. - The 300% health Recovery is of course a down side, but compared to the damage it's gonna deal, it's nothing. What you need to learn about this ability is the range, an experienced Renekton knows just exactly HOW far it hits, because the ability itself does not tell you that. Practice by running in towards Minions, click it, and run backwards - This can translate into an optimised harassing strategy on enemy champions.

Ruthless Predator - Renekton slashes his target twice dealing moderate physical damage and stuns them for 0.75 seconds. If Renekton has over 50 Fury, he slashes his target three times dealing high physical damage and stuns them for 1.5 seconds.

Renekton's next attack strikes twice dealing physical damage (10/30/50/70/90 + 150/150/150/150/150% of his Attack Damage) and stuns for 0.75 seconds. Each hit applies on-hit effects.

50 Fury Bonus: Instead, Renekton attacks three times dealing physical damage (15/45/75/105/135 + 225% of his Attack Damage) and stuns his target for 1.5 seconds.

Such a POTENT ABILITY. SO MUCH DAMAGE. SO MUCH STUN (Okay, not all that much, BUT STILL). First of all - This is the ability you wanna use PRIMARILY when you got fury, by far being the most damaging ability you got available, dealing over double your AD, + bonus damage, and then stunning the enemy for 1.5 secs, giving you a chance to hit them atleast twice when level 18 - It's also a very good guarantee to make sure the enemy you're chasing is not getting away, by applying your frozen Mallet effect aswell.

Slice and Dice - Renekton dashes, dealing damage to units along the way. Empowered, Renekton deals bonus damage and reduces the armor of units hit.

Slice: Renekton dashes, dealing 45/75/105/135/165 (+physical damage). Hitting an enemy grants the ability to use Dice for 4 seconds.

Dice: Renekton dashes dealing 45/75/105/135/165 (+physical damage).

Dice - 50 Fury Bonus: Damage increased to 67.5/112.5/157.5/202.5/247.5 (+physical damage). Enemies hit have 15/17.5/20/22.5/25% reduced Armor for 4 seconds.

This is another reason why Renekton is such a potent chaser. If used correctly, you can charge forward not only once, but TWICE. The way you mostly wanna use this is using it just STRAFING an enemy minion, an enemy champion, a neutral monster, giving you the Dice effect too - Double charge, GOOOO!

Dominus - Renekton transforms into the Tyrant form gaining bonus Health and dealing damage to enemies around him. While in this form, Renekton gains Fury periodically.

Renekton surrounds himself with dark energies for 15 seconds, gaining 300/450/600 Health. While active, he deals 50/75/100 (+0.1) magic damage to nearby enemies and gains 5 Fury per second.

Did anyone say "LOL U DED ROFLWAFFLE", yeah, this is that ability. Think of Nasus' ability, a little less effective vs tanks, but more effective vs squishies, and then making you able to spam abilities with a fury bonus - HOLY ****, damage.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost, great for nearly every occation, can grant you just the speed needed for escaping, or just the speed for chasing. Awesome stuff, besides, WHO NEEDS FLASH WHEN YOU GOT SLICE AND DICE!

Exhaust, a great ability against everything. Can give you the time needed once again to flee, or chase, or even turn the tide of the fight.

Some you can consider are:
Ignite - Nice extra damage, and in conjunction with Cull the Meek it can stop the healing they would take.
Cleanse - Can easily safe your darn *** if the enemy team is CC heavy.
Teleport - Can always be nice for a 5v5.
Clairvoyance - Always nice to spot the enemy.

Those to avoid:
Flash - Slice and Dice, 'nuff said
Heal - reduces all incoming heals by 50% for some seconds afterwards
Revive - WHAT!?
Clarity - ASDFGLOLWUT!? You. Got. No. MANA.
Rally - The enemy can just walk away from it.
Smite - You are not a jungler in this build.
Fortify - Without the mastery point spent in it, I don't think it's reliable enough.

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Whatayawant? a


Yer' Renekton, go kick sum' arse! You have the power!

NO, THERE'S GONNA BE NO EARLY/MID/LATE GAME GUIDE. It's like it always is with EVERY ******** champion, beware, don't get too cocky, seize the opportunity if it's THERE. Remember, DO NOT TUNNEL VISION