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Renekton Build Guide by bebefruit

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bebefruit

Renekton late game/classic. They all die! 6.12

bebefruit Last updated on June 18, 2016
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Late game Renek

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Not Updated For Current Season

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The identity of the champion is his famous early game, but suffer in late, is not the better tank, no scale, not the better peeler in team fight, ect . So keep and hold this nice burst.

This guide is different from the other than you can find. The aims is to keep the benefits you earned in the early game for the late game.

Renekton deal tons of damage with his spells, but a lot of classical object/masteries recommended is optimised for AA, this build keeps good late game damage, and try to optimize the effects of auto attacks and spells.

You will keep a decent tankyness, sustain, tools for splitpush, better armor penetration, and better burst.

I invite you to see and compare with the build : Renek Classic Ad per HP for more tankyness.

I won't explain you abilities and gameplay of Renekton, and i would recommand the very good guide of SoloRenetonOnly , I've learnt many valuable things thanks to this guy.

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Pros / Cons

Pros :

-Better late game, due to keep a good burst
-Better mobility (40% cdr on W, +5% moovespeed, passive Youmuu's)

Cons :

-Build expensive
-Mid game/stomp opponent is less flagrant

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Items changed

Full build and explanation:

-Titanic hydra <Ravenous Hydra : Tiamat keeps for reset animation W, same wave clear, and better sustain, lifesteal of AA optimized by the attack speed of Trinity force.

- Black Cleaver <Youmuu's : during a classic combo, and to reduce totally the armor of opponents, and being efficient, the BC need 6 hits (ex : AA, W, tiamat, AA, Q, E...) armor is now reduced, but your combo is finished, you are in CDR, and your burst was used before the passive BC was optimized. With Youmoo's, 20% armor penetration is efficient at the very begin of the combo. You lost tankyness, but more AD, and interesting passive Youmoo for chase/escape.

-Trinity force : last offensive item, keep moove speed per hit of the BC (phage), optimise spell vamps of Hydra and Fervor of battle stacked thanks to attack speed, and MORE burst thanks to Sheen passive (1.5s cdr) so Sheen can be used 2 times during a combo, or more. Bonus of 5% moove speed, and u reach 40% cdr (20 tri force, 10 youmoo's, 10 spirit visage)

-Spirit visage : classic RM, good synergie with Q spell, lifesteal Hydra, mastery Recovery, Runic Armor and Perseverance.

-Sunfire cape for better Aoe magical damage.-Randuin's : if opponents have critical strike.

-Ninja tabi : for more armor and better chance of surviving during catch the ADC, Mercury's if lot of CC AP in front.

Core items :

- Tiamat : For the active, the waveclear
- Phage : for HP, and passive moove speed during trade engage/desengage in laning phase

First items :

- Long sword : Ballzy item damage lvl 2 or 3 is a good deterrence, and easily to build tiamat or phage for the next back.
- refilable potion : its an 2x 125 for free! (reason of 8 back = 2 000 hp reneg ;-), don't hesisate to spam it during each trade. This item is profitable if u use to buy more than 2 classic potion.

Classic build:

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-Slice and dice : forget the shred of armor of the dice (anecdotic) but don't forget the 4 seconds between Slice and dice.
You can cross a very long way (ex : Top, dash Krugs and wall, walk, dash wall nashor. Bot,dash wall gromp, walk, dash wall Blue. River, dash Rift Scuttler, walk, dash a wall, ect
If someone chase you, dash across a wall with monster, stay here, wait his dash, or flash,and dash again across the same wall. you are uncatchable
... lot of possibility. Don't hesitate to abuse it, you don't have mana :)

- Don't use your R only for tank damages (only 250/500hp early) use it just a few seconds before an engage (for example in a bush, or across a wall) just for stack and generate fury if you are low, and put an max Q or W in the engage. Often your mates won't understand why ...

-Pull the jungler : do NOT hard pull your jungler lvl 1, and go very quick to your line, 3 sec late and you can loose your line LvL 2 or hard stomp your enemy just with the management of your Fury in very early.

-MIDGAME : with this build, your early and late will be good, but midgame is the moment where you will be weak if you are not fed, items half finished, play safe, splitpush, or group with your team for a better survivability.

- Ok ... ur'e an Offtank, but its not a reason to all IN during teamfight and sacrifice you for your team, always keep your second dash for escape you before the CDR was out, even if you could deal a little more damage. (Exception if you must to use delaying tactics with your HP for your ADC if he have a decent survivability).A better croco is a croco alive