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Renekton Build Guide by ZeebaZeebaEata

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZeebaZeebaEata

Renekton, Like a Hot Knife Through Butter

ZeebaZeebaEata Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Here to learn to play one of the sickest and funnest champions in the game? Well look no further. This build is for Tanky-DPS Renekton. To quickly summarize my build, I put a good emphasis on armor penetration with some beefy health and armor added. With this guide, you'll be able to deal crazy amounts of damage while being able to take a good deal of hits.

Here's RIOT's Champion Spotlight of Renekton if you have NO idea who he is:

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Pros / Cons


    Runs on no mana
    Fury empowered abilities are borderline OP
    Extremely strong early/mid game
    Great farmer/last hitter/pusher
    Can dash through walls with Slice and Dice
    Great lane stability with Cull the Meek
    Spammable stun and nuke with Ruthless Predator
    Tanky, yet still able to hit like a truck
    Dominus is a mini-heal which can take enemies by surprise
    He looks cool. What more do you need?

    Not as naturally tanky as other tanky DPS champions
    Must learn to be aggressive to do well
    No click spells, therefore susceptible to kiting
    High mobility ranged champions may pose problems early game
    Weak late game if not farmed or fed

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This seems like the best choice for Renekton. Flat resistances and health help in increasing defensive power early on. The 21 points are rather self-explanatory. Renekton doesn't need crit chance or any of those AP masteries. 0/21/9 is also a good set to run. If done this way, be sure to take the cool-down per level and % movement speed in the defensive tree. For the 9 masteries in utility, grab increased movement speed and death timer reduction.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

I'm cheap. Flat MR Glyphs and Flat Armor Seals are hella cheap and they help me dominate better in the earlier levels. Each of these runes cost 205 IP each so they should be easy to IP farm up for. As stated before, maximizing armor pen adds significant nukability to Renekton in all stages of the game.

Other good rune options:

Unfortunately, AD casters like Renekton lack CDR items other than The Burtalizer and Cooldown Boots, so if you need the extra CDR late-game, this is a very solid choice.

You can't go wrong with these, but I feel like Renekton has sufficient health. I'd personally rather max out armor pen though.

More speed is nice. If you've got these, they're a nice option to have.

Overall, Glyphs and Seals won't affect too much of Renekton's game. Scaling resistances are good to get too if you already have those runes. You can't really go wrong with most kinds of runes on Renekton as long as they aren't like energy runes or mana runes, but I didn't need to tell you that!

It's important to note that I take Armor Pen over flat AD. Flat AD is good for early game and early game only. In order to maximize damage all game long, Armor Pen wins out.

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Summoner Spells

For Renekton I use:

Excellent for slowing opponents down, crippling them, etc. This skill REALLY helps Renekton close gaps better once you've burned your Slice and Dice. In team fights, use Exhaust on the enemy carry to temporarily weaken them while you rip them up.

The best summoner in the game. The uses are endless. With Renekton and his Slice and Dice, you will pretty much be able to escape any kind of unwanted situation if this is off cooldown.

Other good Summoner Spells:

For that extra firepower or against an annoying healer, take Ignite. I'm really liking taking Ignite to finish people off better as once Renekton has used all of his spells, his auto-attack is weak and slow.

A Summoner Spell that EVERY team needs. Map control is very important. If I don't get exhaust, I get this (usually because nobody else on my team takes Teleport). When I'm solo topping with Renekton, this summoner spell is really great for helping teammates/ganking down bottom (granted that they've warded somewhere you can teleport to).

Another strong summoner spell. It's important to always have some kind of chase or escape mechanism for any champion you're playing. This is better at chasing in the long haul than Flash, but I'd rather take Flash so I can Flash-Stun combo to close the gap and get the kill.

Since Renekton can become very vulnerable to CC, this is another good spell to take.

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Reign Of Anger is what makes Renekton, Renekton. To summarize, his auto-attacks generate FURY which may be used to empower one of his abilities for 50 FURY. At lower health, Renekton generates extra FURY.

Cull the Meek is a quick striking AOE. The key is to use this ability in the middle of the creep wave (Get in between the melee and caster minions) to get that FURY up. Healing effects are increased when hitting a champion. Since the attack animation is very quick, Cull the Meek is a very good ability to last hit with. Level up this ability and the max heal a Cull gives is increased. Mid-game, an FURY empowered Cull will heal for about 200 which is insanely good. I max this ability after the next ability, Ruthless Predator. However, if you are not doing well in you lane or are soloing against two champions, max this first to maximize its healing effects.

Ruthless Predator is the go-to ability of Renekton. It's his bread and butter and a big time squishy killer. On it's own, it provides a 2 shot hit with a .75 second stun and some decent damage. FURY empowered, the stun lasts twice as long and hits 3 times instead of two. Keep in mind that Renekton's abilities scales well with AD, so the damage is deceptively high. Coupled with good-ole armor pen and Renekton will be able to 2 hit kill (Ruthless Predator and Cull the Meek) any squishy late game. Level this up first. Although the stun duration does not increase, the cooldown decreases which enables more spammability.

Slice and Dice is an all purpose ability for Renekton. It is used for ambushing an enemy from a bush and reducing armor when FURY empowered. However, what I find the most useful part of this is its wall dashing aspect. Coupled with Flash, you should be able to escape from any kind of unwanted fight. (Not that you should, cuz, well, you're Renekton!) Believe it or not, this ability has the highest AD scaling out of Renekton's abilities. However, this is not Renekton's main source of damage and should be leveled up once either in level 2 or 3 and should not be leveled again until you have to.

Similar to Nasus's ult, Renekton grows in size, gains increased health, and deals DOT damage. With this, all of his abilities have increased range. Furthermore, he gains FURY each second. The automatic buildup of FURY will allow you to use several FURY empowered abilities in the course of a team fight. This ult is very useful for towerdiving at early levels to survive the extra turret hits. When ganking, you will want to have this ability already set so that when you engage, you should already have 50 FURY up ready to nuke with Ruthless Predator. This ability also has defensive uses in fleeing. When running away from enemies with low health, pop your ult to gain some extra health and hopefully you'll get out of there with your kill-streak still intact.

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This is my "Perfect Game" build for Renekton. This is what I end up buying almost every game in average game settings. It gives me tons of health, damage, and survivability.

I take boots first for the early game mobility and it gives me the ability to chase better early. I used to take Doran's Shield, but since it can't be built into anything, Boots of Speed is a much better choice to start out with. With potions and Cull the Meek, early game sustain is extremely strong.

The cooldown boots are perfect for a champion that doesn't run on mana or energy. It allows for more spammability. You can't go wrong if you opt to make Merc Tread's instead. Either works, but Cooldown boots are preferred.

The Brutalizer gives Renekton everything he needs, CDR, AD, and ArP. You can never have enough ArP! You should have this item by level 8-9 and the extra ArP at this point mid-game will have any squishy champion crying OP at their spawn pool.

Next up, I build Warmog's. This gives Renekton a pretty nice boost in HP which I utilize into the later Atma's Impaler. For an "AD Caster", nothing is more important than the bonus AD which is what Atma's is excellent at giving. Atma's Passive converts 2% of total health into bonus AD. By these two items alone, it should be pretty hard to drop Renekton when he's got a bar full of FURY. The only downside to this is that Renekton's damage output before finishing both of these items is not too great. I've tried Sunfire Cape in the past, but it lacks late game strength. the 35 DOT for the Sunfire Cape is total **** if you think about MR damage mitigation.

Next up is the Force of Nature. Massive MR aside, the passive gives you a nice speed boost which should help you keep up with any sort of Phantom Dancer/Triforce user. This final item in the core build strengthens your weakest stat at this point in the game (which is MR). I put this item in my core build because I assume the enemy AP carry is a threat. If you're facing a team whose AP carry is terrible, consider skipping this item in favor of an armor item.

If you ever find yourself in late game, buy a Frozen Mallet. The bonus health will stack with Atma's to give you even more bonus AD. With about 4000 health in late game, it will make Renekton even harder to take down. Coupled with Atma's, this will give you enough HP so that you can 1v1 almost anybody.

If it ever becomes late-late game where everybody has full item build, get a Guardian Angel. By the time I start building this, keep in mind that your Brutalizer is still there and you can sell it for a quick 1k+ gold. I personally wouldn't bother building the Brutalizer into a Youmuu's because it doesn't really give too great stats late game. Renekton isn't much of an auto-attacker so an attack speed active and crit chance isn't too useful. With the health Renekton has at this point, he won't go away easily. Guardian Angel ensures that Renekton makes his presence known regardless late game. The enemy composition will avoid focusing you being so tanky and with this item, it will make Renekton a late game team fight nightmare.

Here are some situational or experimental items to try:

My personal favorite, the Black Cleaver, is situational. Since Ruthless Predator applies on-hit effects, a FURY empowered hit will apply all 3 stacks of the Black Cleaver on your opponent. It will destroy whatever armor they have left and the additional damage you'll do will make your opponent wish they stacked Thornmails. The downside to this item is that you sacrifice tankiness for damage. Consider buying this if you've been very fed early and anticipate the game ending early.

If your opponent team comp has higher amounts of armor, a Last Whisper is the better alternative. It doesn't give as much AD or any attack speed, but the passive still can really hurt anybody smart enough to get some armor against you.

Thornmail is good against squishy DPS champions like Vayne, Caitlin, or Ashe. In lower level play, an enemy AD carry will build solely damage and attack speed items. Thornmail will make them kill themselves if they don't have sufficient MR or lifesteal. It's also the cheapest which makes it the most attractive purchase for stacking armor. Randuin's Omen is good as an all-around defensive item in case your team lacks utilities to slow. It is the most expensive and therefore is the least recommended.

Since Renekton farms so well, getting the 40 stacks on a Bloodthirster should be no problem. Max stacks grants 100 bonus AD. 100 bonus AD = overkill.

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If you hadn't noticed already, Renekton's full build is VERY expensive and therefore requires lots of farming. Make sure you last hit and don't be tempted to push the lanes with Renekton as it is very easy to do so. In terms of FURY management, keep it around 30-40 so it makes it possible to surprise your opponent with a quick Cull in the minion wave to follow up with a 3-hit Ruthless Predator. On your way back to lane reveling in your 12 minute Warmog's and Brutalizer, feel free to take a few creep camps. If your team has a jungler, be courteous and don't steal any of their camps without asking. Once you get your Warmog's, farm, farm, and farm some more. The best way for Renekton to stay relevant in the late game is to farm well and get your build done as quickly as possible.

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Lane Strategies

If your team has a jungler, and the opponent team does not:

Go solo top. You will be fighting against two opponents, so max Cull the Meek first for better lane sustain. Play passively for the most part and last hit as well as you can. Be patient until level 6 and then you can play more aggressively with your ultimate. If the enemy engages you at this point, you should have a slight level advantage to be able to fight both of them. If your jungler pays you a visit up top for a gank, you should be able to get at least one of them using your Slice>Stun>Cull combo.

If both teams have a jungler:

Go solo top. Generally, the opponent you are fighting should also be tanky. Since it is a 1v1 situation, a fight would be more even. Pop your ultimate earlier to take advantage of the FURY gain. Renekton is very strong early to mid game so in these instances you should be winning your fights. Just remember that your priority is to last hit and farm for the long haul and worry more about your jungler coming for ganks than fighting 1v1.

If there are no junglers on either team:

Go top or bottom. If you play this case, early game success relies most heavily on your team's composition. If you can lane with another early game champion, do so. Your stun will help your teammate get their full DPS in. If you can't lane with one, lane with the squishiest person on your team. Chances are if both teams have no jungler, you will be playing with lower level teammates. Renekton's stun is useful in protecting your squishy teammate in case they think they're unstoppable and engage. Try to prioritize their farming over theirs, but if your teammate is auto-attacking and pushing to no end, feel free to just last hit and take theirs.

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The build suggestions, play-style, and ability leveling are all based on typical games.

  • If you're facing an opponent that does mostly magical damage in a lane, grab early magic resist. If you know you'll be fighting against someone in lane that does mostly physical damage, start out with cloth armor and five health potions.
  • Likewise, if the enemy team has a champion who is fed that you'll have to fight against later, consider buying armor or magic resist accordingly.
  • If you've tried being aggressive and it's hurt you more than them, consider being more passive and just focus on farming. If you've done a good job in harassing them, consider zoning the enemy from the minion wave.
  • If you find yourself playing against an opponent that has good lane sustain (i.e. heals, lifesteal, spellvamp), definitely max Cull the Meek first.

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TL;DR Tips

In case you don't need any of these build suggestions, here are some quick tips about playing Renekton more effectively:

  • Most people underestimate Renekton's nukability (especially with this guide), get your stun ready, dash out from bushes and watch their HP drop.
  • In chasing scenarios, Slice into an enemy creep if possible in order to be able to use Dice and close the gap even more. This is also useful in escaping ganks. Dash into the enemy jungler as he's running towards you and Dice right past him.
  • Renekton's primary harassment combo is: Slice in> Ruthless Predator> Cull the Meek> Dice out.
  • If your opponent is standing in a big creep wave, Slice in and Cull to get increased health back.
  • If laning against a champion with good mobility, be careful of how you harass them. Wait until the skill is on cooldown before striking. If you get kited after a Slice in, you might end up giving up many free shots.
  • Renekton is very capable of towerdiving by level 6 with his ultimate. Be aware of enemy summoner spells, if they ignite you right before you use your ultimate, your towerdive can backfire.

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Thanks for reading. I'd really appreciate constructive criticism/tips/additional tricks. Hope you learned something about my favorite champion, Renekton.