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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enaio

Renekton Reaper Build

Enaio Last updated on January 24, 2011
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Playing Style

Renekton is a very... odd hero to play with because he is the first with a fury system. The fury system is a plus because you don't need to go back to the main base as often because you are low on mana, basically you need to watch only your health so that is definitely a plus.

I use Exhaust to kill a hero quicker which obviously is a good thing. I use Heal because this character is very low on health and the build doesn't stack a lot of armor so it helps to have something to help out with not having to run back so often.

His a good hero to push lanes with. His Slice and Dice (SnD) ability is good to use while taking minions down because you can hit so many at one time. Cull the Meek (CM) is also a good ability while pushing because you can hit multiple targets and plus it heals you.

Heroes can be cut down pretty quickly with this character. The hardest part about facing heroes is getting close by to them and keeping them close. I would use SnD to get to them quickly. Ruthless Predator (RP) is great to keep heroes next to you, it stuns them and also puts out a lot of damage because it does more than one hit. You can use SnD against heroes as well to bring down their armor but I would stay focused on RP because of its stun and it focuses just on the one target. Use Exhaust when you don't have SnD or RP up. Use Dominus against heroes when you have more than one around you or if you are low on health when you are fighting one.

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Level 1-6 - With this character, I have found it fairly hard to take down heroes with out Dominus. So I tend to stick with killing minions for the first few levels. If you can get a hero down low enough to get a kill than go for it but don't aim for it. I use RP to actually get away from heroes around these levels because it stuns your target and gives you time to get away. SnD and CM I use to take down minions because they hit more than one target. You can use SnD to get away from heroes attacking you as well, especially if you are trying to get through enemy minions.

Level 7-11 - Now is about the time I would use Dominus when heroes are close. If they try to kill you use RP first and than Dominus because they stay within range for a longer period of time. If they try to run use SnD to stay with them, you'll lower their armor plus you'll keep them within range of attacks, you can also get ahead of them while using SnD so watch if you are close to a tower because you don't wanna risk the tower hits as of yet because your health is still more than likely pretty low. Don't forget about minion killing either, more minions hit with your SnD and CM, the more fury you build.

Level 12-18 - Let the damage begin XD. No seriously, you should be hitting like a Mac Truck now. Heroes, if 1v1, even 1v2, should feel like cutting through butter. If you have 3 or more heroes though, you are most likely going to die, you are strong but you aren't superman. Minions are more than likely gonna be one hit kills so you still wanna hit them but they aren't that much of a concern.

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I use Desolation Marks and Quints because Armor Pen (ArP) is great against heroes. Your main attacks are all Damage based, so heroes are gonna stack armor to weaken the blows, using ArP will make it a little bit harder for them to weaken your hits.

I use Focus Glyphs and Seals because the lower the cool downs the more targets you can take down, which means more fury, and with this character fury is the fuel to the fire.

Short and sweet.


From recent advice from others I switched out the Seals, instead I'm using Fort for the health, since the cool down reduction is only minor.

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Everyone thinks that Renekton is a tank... think again. He IS NOT a tank. Stacking armor only helps you stay alive longer to beat the **** out of heroes and minions. Perseverence is so you can take more hits, yes I know it gives mana as well but the health is important with this character because you don't have a lot of health from the start so more the better. Good Hands is good because well being dead is always bad so less time dead is good. Awareness is good because experience is always good. The rest of the mastery tree should be explained with what you read before but if you want a summary... You are a damage character. More the damage, the better. ArP because you are gonna have heroes who stack armor against you. Damage to hit harder. Attack Speed to hit faster. Cool Down reduction to use abilities more.


Again, from recent advice, I have changed around the masteries. I see the reason to use the Defense tree instead of the Utility tree since it helps with survival.

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Your main focus in items, even though with your masteries, runes, and skills you stack these, is still ArP, Damage, Cool Down reduction, and Attack Speed.

I use this sequence of items because I find it easier to take down minions in the beginning if you stack a little damage instead of making yourself faster. If you find yourself in the position of needing speed in the beginning to get away from heroes because you don't have boots than use your SnD, you can save your money to get the boots for second.

ArP in items is hard to come by so I would get Last Whisper because it gives 40% ArP and also Damage, which is always good.

Ionian Boots are great because they reduce your cool downs by 15%. (If you are having issues with melee you can go with the Ninja Tabi for the dodge chance)

I go for Phage next because it gives you damage and some health, which is always good.

I finish off Frozen Mallet for some more health and damage along with the chance on hit slow.

After that I would go for The Black Cleaver for some more Damage and some more of that rare stat on items, thats right, ArP.

Next, Randuin's Omen. Health, Armor, Health Regen, Cool Down Reduction, and a chance on hit to slow your attacker's movement and attacks ALONG WITH an activation that slows them even more. Can not pass this item up.

And last but not least, Bloodthrister. Attack Damage along with Lifesteal, always a good combo.

Other items that are nice are Stark's Fervor, Sunfire Cape, and Sword of the Divine.


Ok I looked at the items I was using and was trying to figure out how to add more ArP without costing Attack Damage and Attack Speed. I figured Youmuu's Ghostblade would be a good addition instead of Randuin's Omen, you lose a little armor for some attack speed and ArP. Plus, with the change to The Black Cleaver, you get another 30% Attack speed there. Riot likes to revamp their items and characters like crazy.

Also, I have switched around the item list a little because I figured it would be better to get a chance to slow someone to beat on them more than just being able to attack them faster, no I did not remove Last Whisper because of the Attack Speed and ArP. It's too valuable for the build because it basically is the most ArP you are gonna get from one item so close to the beginning or middle of the game.

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I've put a lot of time into this build and I hope it helps a lot of you understand this character a little bit more since he is so new. I hope you all enjoy the build and hopefully make your own or put your own spin on the build. Go out and test it for yourself and tell me what you think.

I created this build as a guest the first time. I figured since I made it why not put my name on it.