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Renekton Build Guide by MazrimTaim77

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MazrimTaim77

Renekton: Tanky Scary Crocodile

MazrimTaim77 Last updated on October 13, 2011
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This is my first build. Please feel free to leave any comments, but please try my build before you rate it. Renekton is my favorite champion to use. He has amazing damage potential without building very many attack items. This guide is how I play him: as an off tank initiator/melee DPS.

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The runes are pretty standard for a melee DPS. Armor pen marks and quints for higher damage. Flat armor seals for early game survivability. Magic resist per level glyphs to balance out since I only buy magic resist items for AP heavy teams.

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My masteries are 21/0/9. This is to help with my damage dealing and to let me level faster and reduce my time dead and keep the buffs longer. Although, I think that masteries are a personal choice so use whatever you think works best. I pick the offensive tree over the defensive one because the extra damage is worth more than the defensive masteries and the defenses will be picked up by items I buy.

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I start off with boots and 3 health pots. This is so I am faster and have early lane survivability. With your cull the meek, you should not have to go back to base for the first 10 min, unless you want to. The next item I get is the phage. It gives decent health and damage as well as a decent slow.

I then focus on my core item, the Sunfire Cape. THIS IS YOUR MAIN ITEM. It gives you health and armor and a passive that synergizes with your ult. Next, I get a guardian angel. Usually, after I finish this item, I do not die more than once for the rest of the game. To finish your core build, build your phage into a frozen mallet.

After this, the rest is situational. I recommend going for an atma's impaler to give more damage while still helping with the tankyness. Get a force of nature for AP heavy teams or a banshee's veil. These last items are really up to you.

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Skill Sequence

Reign of Anger
Reign of Anger: This is what makes Renekton so scary. He gains fury through attacking, Cull the Meek, Ruthless Predator, and Dominus. When he has 50 fury, his next ability does more damage and it's utility part is amplified as well. All of his abilities are stronger when you use them with fury. Using an fury-empowered ability does not grant more fury though. Also, it is applied on the next ability used so make sure it is the one you wanted.

Cull the Meek
Cull the meek: in my opinion, the best ability Renekton has. I level this one first because it has a high damage potential, heals you when used, and builds fury quickly.

Ruthless Predator
Ruthless Predator: This is a very useful ability. It stuns on hit and each hit of it applies on-hit effects(except criticals). The only problem is that you are suppressed for your attacks so be careful.

Slice and Dice
Slice and Dice: This ability has many uses, mostly not for dealing damage. You can use this to catch up to or escape from enemy champions very quickly. It also lets you go through the thinner walls in the jungle. It is better not to use your fury with dice. Cull the Meek and Ruthless Predator are the better choices.

Dominus: Renekton's ultimate. When you activate this, it gives an immediate boost to HP and you passively gain fury and damage nearby enemies. This also increases his size granting farther reach to his attacks and abilities. Save activating this until you are committed to a fight so you do not lose precious seconds of the duration.

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Summoner Spells

This is my first choice. It lowers the enemies damage potential for those pesky ranged carries as well as reducing their MS.

I get this over flash because Renekton has a built in flash. It is more useful for him to run faster for 10+ sec than it is to flash somewhere you could walk to in 1 sec.

If you are used to this and do not like ghost that much, go ahead.

This is OK to use, however, leave it to your main damage dealers if possible. You need to absorb damage and keep people there, not kill them.

While Renekton is a decent jungle, his sustain isn't very high. You can if you want to, but you should try out a route in a custom game.

This is good if you are scared of CC. Once you get your tankier items, you can soak all the CC you want and still survive which kind of makes it less useful.

I don't think this spell is as useful as ghost or exhaust, but if you are solo laning and don't want to leave for very long it is a valid choice.

If you are not very good at keeping your health in check or you like people thinking you are weaker than you are than by all means take this. It's usefulness is low late game, though.

No. You are there to be in the middle of the fight, not to hug the turrets like a coward. Leave this for the main tank.

No. Leave it to a full support.

Has anyone ever used this? I haven't seen it.

What? Are you stupid or something?

As with the Masteries, these are a personal choice, but I strongly recommend exhaust and ghost.

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Early Game

If you are solo laning, you want to focus on farming as much as possible so you can get your Sunfire Cape faster. If you are laning with someone else, let them get the minions kills while you hold off the enemy champs. It is better for your carries to get gold than it is for you. Your main goal during early game is to get more experience than your opponents.

Healing: Cull the Meek is your main heal. After you level this up a couple of times, you can gain back 100+ health with one move. Make sure you build up 50 fury, slice in, hit with Cull the Meek, and then dice away to safety. This is much more useful if you hit all six creeps so try to position yourself accordingly.

Harassing: Renekton is a very good harasser after level 3. At this point, you have all three basic abilities. Slice in, hit someone with Ruthless Predator, Cull the Meek, and then dice back out.

Most of all, DO NOT LET YOUR TEAMMATES DIE. Renekton cannot carry a team all by himself. I have often started strong but my teammates fed so we lost the game even.

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Mid Game

This is often the funnest part of playing Renekton. Once people start leaving their lanes, go ganking. Your ultimate makes you very durable. Try to get between them and their turrets and then engage. Your abilities make it hard for them to run away or to go through you. Make sure your allies no what you are doing and who you are targeting so they can help. Do not engage without anyone's help. Your job is not to go after kills, but assists. If it is possible, let your carries get the last hit, it will benefit your team more in the long run. That being said, never let your enemies escape when you can kill them.

At this point, you are able to jungle as well if your team (or theirs) doesn't have a jungler and it isn't possible to gank. Make sure to save your fury for Cull the Meek to maximize your survivability. While you can solo the Dragon with your ultimate, I recommend getting someone to help you so you don't end the fight with low HP.

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Late Game

During this stage, stay with your teammates. Do not go off alone and do not let them go off alone. Keep an eye on Baron and the Dragon. You are the one who needs to initiate fights. Slice into the middle of them with your team nearby and target the squishiest one. Killing off just one of your opponents quickly can determine victory for your team that fight.

I said earlier that no Renekton can carry his team to victory. This is why: Tanking does not lead to extremely high damage. The other team ignores you to take down your carries first. 5 Vs. 1 is never a good match up.

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Build up your armor and health so you can stand in the middle of a fight and roar over the dead bodies that soon pile up. Protect your team, especially the carries. Never leave your team without you. Fight hard and fight often. Renekton belongs on the battlefield and should never have to cower in fear.

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Final Comments

As I said at the beginning, this is my first build. Please give me any feedback you want. I want to be able to improve this guide as well as make more in the future.