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Renekton Build Guide by Matz0r1995

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Matz0r1995

Renekton too stronkk

Matz0r1995 Last updated on January 24, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Well, this is MY guide about Renekton. Who I am? Well, 1,3k~ Elo Player, focused on Normal games, just about 950 wins. I kinda like Renekton, and he was one of my first Champions i really LOVED from the beginning.

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Why Renekton?

+ Early-Game MONSTER -Easily kited if the opponent knows how
+ Incredible sustain -CC is your worst nightmare
+ if hit, 2 gap closers at once, escape -Uselss if not fed
and initate in one ability
+ NO Mana/Energy, feel free to spam skills
+ Easy to farm
+ It's a motherf*cking Crocodile
+ Extremly fun to play

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Summoner Spells

Classic : Flash Ignite. Flash for escape, initiate; Ignite for securing kills.

My build: Heal Ignite. Wait, Heal on Renekton? But how to escape then? well, the answer
is so primitive, it's even funny. You don't need an escape. Heal is imo the best spell to get on Renekton. It's simply PERFECT to bait your enemy ( especially early game) into attacking you. Well, they won't to the same mistake twice..
Don't forget: Enemy's Ignite halfs your Heal

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Classic:Boots + 3 Pots. Well, some mobility and sustain, what you need more? :)
Some people actually like to buy the new Flask. I do NOT recommend this, becasue renekton is not the kind of champion who needs 3 pots everytime he comes from base, but simply needs an effective regeneration early game, to make dem big playz.
- Get 2 Dorans Blades (Skip this step if you do not have any problems anymore with sustain or have like 1,5k gold to afford a Brutalizer and wards (and pots).
- Get Brutalizer ( if you bought it earlier, get and situational item )
- Try to find the perfect balance between Attack Damage/Armour Penetration , Health Points and Armour/Magic Resist.
I will give you some examples: You got Shen jungle? then you won't need someone who can tank their team, you got Shen ---> Rush as much Damage as only Possible.

You got a Kha'zix mid and Fiddle jungle, who could literally destroy the enemies, but they get focused instantly? ---> Rush more defensive Items.

If your Team is quite balanced, try to have balanced Items aswell, League of Legends is a Teamgame :)


My Build:
lol what.I mean I can understand the pots and the ward. But the red pot? For the start?
Yes. And this little red pot is -when played right- gonna SAVE you First blood. It works AMANZINGLY well with the Heal-bait. Just pop the pot first, if you need some more heal, pop summoner Heal. Truely Overpowered.
Rush Ninja Tabis ASAP, Mercs if you face an AP top, which won't happen too often ;).
After that, build brutalizer and Blade of the Ruined King. Why? Let's look at this Item.
It gives you less lifesteal than a Bloodthirster and less Attack Damage, yes. But every hit will take 4% of your opponent's current Health + you heal for half of this amount. Seems quite OK, but hey, our Stun procs AT LEAST 2 on-hit effects, if not 3 if you have >50 Fury. Insane Damage + 12% of current health + stun. Pretty badass, right?
The Black Cleaver is a Must-Have. In EVERY game. Then go on with situational Items, I do buy Sunfire Cape, Spirit Visge and a Bloodthirster in like 80% of all games. Your Lifesteal will get extremly high ( 10% of Blade of the Ruined King[ + 2% of current health] + 18% for a Bloodthirster) = 28% but hey, Spirit Visage powers your Lifesteal up by 20%, so it gets up to 34%! Sunfire and Spirit Visage provides enough Defense most of the time.