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Renekton Build Guide by LegitimateLogic

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegitimateLogic

Renekton Top Guide

LegitimateLogic Last updated on December 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello. This is a short guide I use it on Renekton whenever I can get him in game. This guide should help you win top pretty easily even when facing the most annoying of champions. Renekton is a really AMAZING at the moment and is hardly ever played. He has a very LOW BAN CHANCE as well so you should be able to grab him without a problem. I have invented a build which I find just DUMBSTERS everyone. Renekton top has very few bad match ups and with a good jungle on your side should be able to fight these people down anyway.

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Pros / Cons


- Can easily get first blood
- Hard to beat in laning phase of the game
- Hard to counter down
- Can get easy doubles of enemy ganks


- Hard to fight duo lanes
- Takes practice
- Has trouble vs high cc enemy's
- Can have trouble if your team fails

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These runes are to help sustain damage early while still being able to deal you own amount of heavy damage. To get a nice and easy FIRST BLOOD it may be best if you try to run full damage runes, but only do this if you have 100% confidence in your self while laning. you also have to think about who you are fighting and if your jungle will be able to follow up if you are losing.

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Offense Tree
As I said Renekton needs to have a very high burst. Putting 21 of your 3 mastery points into offense will improve your early game. These points will also give you a huge buff in the long run due to % stats.

Putting points into this tree will really help you out early game, this is due to the armor and health regen. These tree will also help you get really tanky with the 3% increased HP.

In my opinion, putting points into this tree as renekton will over all turn out to be a utter waste. This is due to the fact that renekton relies on what he gets from both the OFFENSE and DEFENSE trees early game. If you lose these early buffs laning would not work out.

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Early game
Early game play safe till you hit about level 3. This is due to you don't have any gap closer up until this point. before your level 3 you should always try to get as much farm as possible while avoiding enemy AA. A easy way to do this is be ready to stun your opponent as soon as they try to trade AA

Level 3
Once your level three use your Slice and Dice to close the gap instantly use Cull the Meek and then finish off with a Ruthless Predator. This combo should be able to heavy chunk them and get you and easy kill if you do this with RED POT active. This combo is really good due to the fact that your Ruthless Predator will counter out the animation of Cull the Meek which means you can greatly increase your damage out put.

Later laning phase
you should try to zone your opponents farm. If you pulled off your early game correctly you should be clear of jungle ganks (unless they are in skype call that is).

Team fight
In the TEAM FIGHT PHASE you should wait for the TANK of your team to engage first then you should Slice and Dice into the enemy support and their adc. Once at their location you should PRESS R for Dominus, at this point you should be able to crush their tiny heads. If you by chance happen to be the TANK on your team then you should ping for an engage and then use Dominus right before using Slice and Dice onto the support and adc as you usually should.

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These Items are because no one understands how good SOLID AD Renekton is, but that would be to risky to try for. So these items relate to how you will want to be a bit tanky and that you want to unlock your maximum damage potential.

The Brutalizer-This is a good item to get on your first back due to it increases cdr. having a good cdr will win you most trades due to Cull the Meek

Ravenous Hydra-Good first full item buy due to it increases your total wave clear. Ravenous Hydra also gives you a very good life steal stat and will help you out when the opponents jungle ganks

Frozen Mallet-I find is a good buy. This is mainly because it gives you health as well as its slow passive will help you secure allot more kills.

Sunfire Cape-This item on Renekton is really just for the extra AOE on ult and the good amount of HEALTH and ARMOR it will give you. However if the enemys have high AP and are very squishy you could try building a Maw of Malmortius

The Bloodthirster-This item will heavily increase your TEAM FIGHT sustain and will help you get back up after being chunked hard. If their team has a high AP champs you can instead build a Maw of Malmortius

The Black Cleaver-Is a really good buy when you consider its passive, but if you feel like more single target ARMOR PEN I would suggest a Last Whisper

You can if you want try for a higher damage build but I would only suggest this if you are really far ahead and you know how to play Renekton to the dot.

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Ability Sequence
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Cull the Meek-This is one of Renekton's main damage skills. This skill can be used often in fights due to it has a lowish cool down.

Ruthless Predator-Is Renekton's main skill it does piles of damage low levels and is the main reason you can always get an easy first blood. The stun time is short but at low levels if you have enough rage you are able to chunk close to half there health.

Slice and Dice-This is Renekton's main engagement skill. when its first use hits an enemy (champ or minion) you can cast it again which means you can lunge threw the minion waves as well as put up a very good chase.

Dominus-This ability allows Renekton to gain increased health, he also grows in size, and does AOE damage to all surrounding enemy's. This ability is good to ambush unsuspected tower divers with as well as for starting up good TEAM FIGHTS

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Ranked Play

Ranked play is pretty much the same. The only main thing that is the difference is the fact that the jungle will not give up and will try to help your opponents lane as much as possible to keep him ahead. Also in ranked you will want to incorporate wards into your build as much as possible.

DO NOT RELY ON THE JUNGLE think of them as a source that will back you up but only after you die.

If you are someone who will blame the jungle for your loss the only time you can say this is if they came to your lane and just died for over 3 times. At this point its pretty much called feeding your lane.

If your JUNGLER does happen to feed your lane try to help mid to pick up kills or play safe under tower as best you can.

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Build an AD offtank general build. If you need more damage or health build more feel free and dont forget that early game is where you shine so try as hard as you can to out farm and zone the opponent as hard as you can. By 20 minutes in you should have at least 160 farm

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I'm sharing this build try to help you guys so UPVOTE if you like it and give any type of feed back. Also i will try and keep this build updated at all times or whenever something that majorly affects this build.