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Renekton Build Guide by OneshotOnekill

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OneshotOnekill

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OneshotOnekill Last updated on November 28, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First off, let me start by saying that this guide is designed around 3v3s, I don't play 5v5s.

Why AD/AS Renketon vs AD/CDR/Off-Tank Renketon? Well first off Renketon is a rage based champion, , with that being said the faster you can get your auto-attack up the more rage you generate; the more rage you generate, the more damage you do; the more damage you do, the more kills you will have. Towards the end of this build you will be doing almost 2 auto attacks every second, combine this with proper use of your and you will kill champions so fast that CDR is pointless. As far as "Off-Tank" goes, combine your with your and your tanky enough for 3v3.

Champion 1 vs Champion 2
My 1st Renekton build is assuming that you will be facing a AD champion in top lane while my 2nd Renekton build is assuming you will be facing a AP champion in top lane.

( This is just a "general idea" covering each one of Renekton's Abilities if you are fairly knew to Renekton and confused on his abilities/mechanics.)

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Pros / Cons


+ Has a lifesaver stun!
+ Can do great burst damage!
+ Great for pushing/farming!
+ Hard to kill when ult is active!
+ Has a "get out of jail" free card!


- Slows can be a B***H!
- Doesn't have any ranged abilities!
- Takes some time to get use to using rage
- Needs items to do burst damage (hes not garen/tryn)

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With the new masteries, I've found that you can play just about any tree and it will works. It mainly comes down to your play style, for me 21/9/0 works the best for me.

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Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Experience

  • greater mark of desolation Greater Mark of Desolation
    Armor counters AD. Armor pen counters armor. Crazy concept I know.

  • Greater Glyph of Shielding
    Helps deal with early game harassment coming from AP champions. Once you hit level 9-10 this will be up to scale with .

  • Greater Seal of Resilience
    Helps deal with early game harassment coming from AD champions and helps with clearing jungle. Why not get greater seal of defense? Because unlike AP champions, AD champions can do amazing damage right off the bat, ex: A right-clicking Tryn or a spin to win Garen.

  • Greater Quintessence of Wisdom
    Up until reading this guide you probably thought that these were put in the game as a joke. However if you read this guide from top to bottom and understand how to use top lane correctly, combine these runes with and your leveling between 11% to 6% faster than everyone else. Happen to score a Zilean on your team , now your looking at 19% to 14% faster than the other team!

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Summoner Spells

Primary Summoner Spells

I use smite for the extra damage jungling. At the start Renketon isn't a very strong jungler UNTIL you get your lantern.

One of Renkton's biggest problems is that he has ZERO ranged attacks. Exhaust can be the difference between owning a champion in a 1v1, or snaring a fleeing champion in a team fight!

Secondary Summoner Spells

Great for getting that extra damage needed to kill champions in 1v1, fleeing in team fights, or people who are so bad at this game that they play OP champs that have a 95% of being ban in ranked (*cough* *cough* Tryn's ult).
Can save your life more than you know it and can help close the gap between you and a fleeing enemy. Solid choice for Renekton considering he has 0 ranged abilities.
In League of Legends map control is everything, proper use of this can play a critical role in team fights, ganks, dragon, etc. Not as reliable in higher level play IMHO.

If you use anything else, please do yourself a favor, delete your account and go back to playing internet checkers.

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Creeping / Jungling = Power Leveling!

In 3v3 the top lane is unbelievably broken. When going solo top abusing creep waves in combination with jungling can make the difference between losing a 1v1 and 3 shooting champions. When you push a creep wave to the enemy turret, instead of being a noob and attacking the turret for 80-90 damage a hit (waste of time), go jungle. If you can push the creep wave and clear top jungle before the enemy can even push the creep wave back to your turret (thanks to ), not only are you gaining twice as much exp than the champion whose top on the other team, but your also getting 2-3 times as much gold. Not to mention that when your creeps are being hit by the enemy turret that's less gold for the opposing champion.

My Jungle Route
I start of with just pushing creep waves and killing the basic jungle camps (the black dots shown on the map). Once I get my lantern I start clearing all of top and bot jungle (excluding dragon). Once I have my boots I'm usually around level 10-11 and can take dragon without any problems, given that the opposing team doesn't interfere.

Where do I use the ward from my ?
Early game - Your first choice should be red buff. This is the most important spot on the map to have warded. If your duo lane is willing to provide their own wards, then the next best spot is right above dragon, this allows you know when the enemy team is trying to take dragon and could save you from a gank if someone tries to kill you as your clearing the jungle.
Mid game - Once your focus has shifted from clearing creep waves and jungling to ganking the best spot to have your ward is at dragon, regardless if there is or isn't a ward at red buff. 625 team gold and level based increase damage is HUGE especially mid-late game considering everyone ganking and are higher levels, therefore gaining more damage from dragon buff.
Late game - As far as late game goes use it inside the enemy's base. This can make all the difference in the world. Place a ward next to the wall on the inside of their base when your trying to take a turret down and no longer will they be able to surprise attack you (EX: fiddle crow storming from the shadows when you thought there was only 1 champion guarding the turret).
If you are losing late game and you can't leave your base the best place to put your ward is on the outside of your base in the middle so you can see when the opposing team is switching between turrets/inhibs, and if a champion is about to back door.

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Skill Sequence

Why do I max off instead of ? Because if you maximize your top lane potential combined with 6% extra exp gain from runes, 5% extra exp from mastiers, early game your focus shouldn't be killing champions it should be gaining levels. In order to get levels you need exp, in order to gain exp you need to be able to lane for as long as possible. Getting maxed off first in combination with your lets you push creep waves and clear top jungle without having to recall. Once you enter mid game and the ganking begins, you should be or at least be very close to level 16, having max ranked and your bread and butter ability, !

This is your get out of jail free card (with an insanely low CD)! Since your wanting to push creeps and clear jungle, most of the time you will NOT be focusing on ONE/LAST HITTING minions. When pushing a creep wave dragon wall is your best friend, lots of times people will try to gank you considering you don't have , or ambush you using the grass in the middle of the lane, if this happens, just slice through dragon wall, and your out of harms way. Because I don't use with this build, I pick this up at level 3, rather than wait till level 4.

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What to buy?

Early Game
I start off with a and 5x , this will allow you to lane without to much trouble (Just because you have 5x don't just ignore the opposing champion up top and allow them to free cast on you when your killing their creeps). However when your in loading screen, IF the opposing team comp appears to be rather heavy on AP and lacking AD (and most likely will be having a AP go top), get a first, wait an extra 5 seconds at the fountain when minions have spawned for 35 gold so you can get 1x and then head up top. If an AP goes top your will not help you decrease any of the damage they do to you.

Dominating Jungle
This is a must in order to jungle. The ward can save your life and the life of your teammates numerous times. Combine the 20% chance to deal 500 true damage to a minion/monster with your attack speed and , and you will be unstoppable at clearing jungle, pushing creep waves, killing dragon/red buff. Just as a side note, the ward that comes with will NOT see invisible units (ex: Twitch, Eve, enemy team's wards, etc.).

Which boots are best?
IMHO this comes down to your play style combined with whose on the other team. In most cases I go with . However if the opposing team is heavy AP and/or has lots of CC (stuns/slows/silences/etc.) you can't go wrong with . MOST build will tell you to go with but considering your AD/AS 9/10 times you will kill the champion that you are fighting without needing to use 2 stuns so CDR isn't necessary.

Late Game
Your last item depends on the situation. If the enemy team is heavey on AD damage, get a , this combined with your damage, the health from your ult, and your lifesteal will rape ANY AD champion. If their heavy on AP get a . Even if they notice you have it, this causes their main source of damage to waste a spell on you, which gives you time to slice towards them and stun them with your "w" which could mean the difference between "GG we lost" and "Renketon has scored an ACE."
(NOTE: If the other team has a morde as there main source of damage instead of getting a get a to counter his OP ult, the last thing you need is a enslaved AS/AD renekton raping your teammates)

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Wheres the Armor Pen at?

Most games I can completely avoid getting any armor pen and still rape anything that stands in my way. The key to doing this is good communication with your team, ganks, and DON'T focus the tank first, seriously this isn't a joke. Make sure to have a kill order, 1st, 2nd, 3rd. Most of the time when I do come across someone who has a lot of armor they tend to be a tank, as long as I can kill his 2 carries that are doing 80% of the damage, I can then turn my focus towards him, between my auto-attack and my life steal, there is no way and hell he can kill me. And while armor may reduce a rather large chunk of my damage, when your doing 2 attack per second, armor is only going to help so much.

IF you get in a bind late game where you just cant seem to pull out enough DPS to kill their carries, go ahead and sell your for a nice down payment towards either a or .

If they have a TON of armor go with the for it will be the most effective.

If they only have 1-2 pieces of armor, go ahead and get a . This item will be a win-win for you considering your killing 2 birds with one stone, not only are you solving your armor pen problem, but your attack speed is being increased in the process, giving you more life steal, rage, and damage!

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Suggested Items

Timing is everything, literally. If you follow this guide you will realize that the suggested items are TERRIBLE! One great way to counter this is by using a simple add-on that allows you to change the suggested items to whatever items you want (The default hot-key to the store is "P". The faster you buy your first item the faster you can get to the bot gank!

(NOTE: I did not make this video, all credits go to LegionLeague, sadly my voice is not nearly as sexy as his)

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General Tips

How to use your stun to its full potential
Use your to your advantage. Not only is it amazing damage but the stun can be a LIFESAVER! In a perfect world you only want to use it when you have over 50% rage due to the huge damage increase you will receive and the stun will last twice as long. However, there are times when its hands down better to use it regardless of your rage (for example Fiddle is about to Crow Storm your team).

Maximizing creep damage
Try to get in between the 3 melee and 3 ranged creeps before using to maximize its damage/healing potential.

To tanky to be killed?
Use your when you have over 50% rage and you will be able to tear him to shreds.

Getting away with murder

If only I had a ranged attack that stupid Tryn wouldn't have gotten away with 300 hp... While some might see this as a complete waste I beg to differ. If you can't catch up with a fleeing enemy champion that's just inches away even with your , pop your . While it might not have the range of Lux's lazer beam, its got a decent radius for its AoE effect. And while the CD isn't insanely low, killing that champion could lead to an epic push, free dragon kill/red buff, free farming for your team, etc.

You get more use out of your abilities when you have at least 50 or more rage. The easiest way to know when you have enough rage to receive the bonus effect is if the rage meter right below your champion's hp is red. (Also when in laning phase, try not to waste your rage on creeps just because your at 100 rage.)

Most of you most likely already know this but for those who don't, if you reach max build and there is nothing left for you to buy, don't forget about elixirs (there under consumables)! Even if you have 6 items already, you can still buy them, of course once you buy them they will already be in use so you may not get the maximum potential out of them, but there still a great source of extra damage and survivability for the next 5 minutes (and even if you die they still last - excluding oracles)!

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Helpful Key-Bindings

  • Default key for the store = "P"
  • Default key for health bars = "Shift+L"
  • Default keys for slotted items (ex: potions, DFG, ghost blade, etc.) = "1,2,3,4,5,6"
  • Default key for toggle camera lock = "Y"
  • Default key for centering camera on your champion = "Space bar"
  • Default key for normal ping = "G"
  • Default key for retreat ping = "V"

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This is the part where you post a "Thank You" comment below. Hope this was helpful.

Thanks to JhoiJhoi for the template! Her epic guide can be found here!