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Rammus Build Guide by Tatakai Sento

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tatakai Sento

Rescue Rammus

Tatakai Sento Last updated on June 16, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Rammus is a Tank that is mostly forced to be put in the jungle however he can find his way on the top lane quite nicely. In this Guide I will show how one can utilize these tips to brutalize ones own opposition.

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Rammus has this nifty passive where the more armor he has a forth of it is translated to Attack Damage. Do to this we go for a armor reds, yellows, and even blues only differing on the Quintessences. This maximizes our lvl 1 offensive capabilities while being a stepping stone for our highly mobile play style.

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Masteries, 0/21/9. Due to Rammus being a tank we focus on that part of him picking up the masteries that increase his defensive properties. While in utility we get mobility and sustain for the early game. Since Rammus does not have in built sustain we force it upon him in the early levels with Biscuits.

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Playing Rammus

As a Top lane tank with no sustain it requires a semi-passive yet aggressive play style. At Lvl 1 focus on farming however once you hit lvl 2 feel free to power ball into your opponent when you get the chance. the goal is to try and push the opposition out of lane after all it is durring these times that you yourself can clear a couple free waves of minions back then zoom back to lane with teleport and ghost.

when you can though save your powerball in lane as a getaway, after all the object is not to die, this will typically allow you to escape and back to base only to return within moments to stop any push against your tower as you build more and more armor.

Speed on Rammus is key and mobility boots with home guards are A+ items when paired with Rammus's Powerball out of base. Even with a lvl 1 Powereball you can easily break 1000 movement speed. Backing to base is also your key way to heal up so they synergy real well.

With two armor items and mobi boots its time to focus on our tanks pushing capabilities. Turning him not just into a tank but an Assist machine. Ap Is the way to do this. Sure with the two armor items you have over 100 AD but once you build into Ability Power your abilities will really start proving their lethality. After all, all of your abilities scale and scale well off of AP.

By late game you are a focus for most team fights after all your mix damage production, AD Tankyness and CC can decimate the opponents team in a team fight. Afterwards your speed due to powerball, mobiboots, and ghost allow you to chase down the stragglers. If in reverse and one of your team mate is getting chased that same set up can get you to their position and flip the odds into your teams favor.

The whole idea behind Rescue Rammus is to be able to support your team by not being a burden due to losing lane, or feeding, often times your top tower will stay standing the whole match. Due to this he is also the tank in team fights, the peeler of your team, and the securer of kills. His W and R are great for pushing lanes and towers.

The only problems this Rammus will have would be mages but if your team is doing halfway decent they should be focusing those mages down first. Of course if Rammus is still having problems late game with mages feel free to sale one of the Armor items for Magic Resist.

Its your goal to NOT DIE. Simply stall out your lane pre lvl 6 and after you have your ult just tell your jungler to gank whenever he is free. that is when your more then likely to finish off your lane opponent. Once you knock over your first tower feel free to roam a little just make sure your top is doing ok and tp back to it if and when needed. You might not end up with 15+ kills but 15+ assists is quite possible and is what a tanky team supporter should be focusing on. Dont worry that your team is kill stealing people your out dueling, just be thankful that your making the other team miserable.