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Revelations : The doom chapters

Revelations : The doom chapters

Updated on September 3, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dzopilant Build Guide By Dzopilant 10 1 10,715 Views 0 Comments
10 1 10,715 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dzopilant Build Guide By Dzopilant Updated on September 3, 2019
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Not ready to go deeper yet ? Back to Revelations

You wanted to learn more powerful forbidden knowledge ?

You came to the right place Summoner.

Within doom
Outside doom

Impressive young Jedi summoner, so you ARE the chosen one ... few did came that far and maybe you are the last, all the hopes of the entire universe relies on you now !

These last chapters will cover team synergies, Teemo counters, advices for Noxious Trap positioning, a last secret, the ultimate revelation of this guide and some final thoughts.

Proof of the obvious mysterious power from the devil : + 666 !
6/1/6 because 6/6/6 would be feeding and not 6/0/6 because the devil can't be perfect !

Revelations is a strong build made to survive beyond season 9 and the end of the world but it is interesting to know various builds and ways to play Teemo. I did select 4 other complementary Teemo guides to this one so you can find the playstyle you enjoy the most (all are not updated yet)

This is probably one of the least known part of Teemo : he DOES synergize with MANY champions !
Test : count how many champions you guess right without having to check the special skin picture. (results in this chapter's end and not only the 4 special skin pictures below, all of them until )

Champions with abilities benefiting from additional or improved powers :

can use Safeguard on Teemo's Noxious Trap

can use Leap Strike on Teemo's Noxious Trap

can use Shunpo on Teemo's Noxious Trap

can boost her Twin Fang with Teemo's poison

mmm ...
Still searching ...
Plenty others i can't remember i am sure ...

Champions with complementary abilities when teaming with Teemo :

Champions with stun (Teemo lacking of hard CC)

- - - - - - - - ...

Champions with taunt or charm.

- - - - ...

Champions with grab.

- - - - - - ...

Champions with DOT or similar which adds with Teemo's DOT (really evil)

- - - - - - - - ...

Champions with invisibility or camouflage to duo ambush.

- - - - - - ...

Champions with traps to duo trap.

- - - - ...

Champions with visible bonus or "things" to place some mushrooms around.

- - - - - ...

Champions with invulnerability or escape.

unmasked kayle - - - - ...

Champions with heal / shield / prevents damage.

- - - - - - ...

Champions with AOE to force opponent(s) to move towards a mushroom.

- - - - - - - ...

Champions with fast movements to catch a middle / low life opponent revealed by a mushroom.

- - - - - - - ...

is so cool he deserve a section for him alone, he places brushes !

This list is not exhaustive and you see there are REALLY plenty of champions going well with Teemo.

You can find more details on Synergies and ranked games especially in the Sovereign Kitten guide.

Test results :

Between 0 and 20 :

Between 21 and 40 :

Between 41 and 60 :

Between 61 and 70 :

Between 71 and 99 :

Despite this build is meant to cover most situations, there are some champions more annoying than others :

Champions having anti-invisibility.

- - - - - ...

What to do then ? Unfortunately you will need to move to dodge skill shots and avoid the traps.

Champions with AOE or damage spell without target may create new threats to take in account.

- - - - - - - - - ...

What to do then ? Stay more away from minions than usual, get defense and/or boots faster.

Champions having minions who can make explode your Noxious Trap.

- - - - ...

What to do then ? Place your Noxious Trap more away from the lane than usual and launch them within minions so opponent gets impacted by the explosion too.

Champions having blink or gap closer which ignore your Noxious Trap in the way

- - - - - - - ...

What to do then ? Get defense and boots faster, always keep placed a Noxious Trap within 1s run and try to keep your Blinding Dart available.

Champions with walls needing to bait them to launch it before being able to really attack.

- - - ...

What to do then ? Just need to remember to bait the power really.

Champions with autoshield needing a "lost attack" to break it before being able to really attack.

- - - - ...

What to do then ? Think to AA or use Noxious Trap but avoid wasting your Blinding Dart.

Champions with a fast stun / root + huge damage able to blast you in a blink of an eye.

- - - - - ...

What to do then ? stay away, dodge and get some serious defense adapted to the champion.

Champion which is your reflection in the mirror.

- - - - - - - -

What to do then ? : Change lane or toss a coin (small hint, first to attack usually wins)

is complicate because you can't target his soldiers and he has fast powers.

What to do then ? : Try to kill him early, stay away from minions, get boots fast and stay mobile.

is very special having strong defense and insane wave clear with his turrets.

What to do then ? : Start with Toxic Shot, poke the turrets, bait his stun and get some MR fast.

is so annoying she deserves 2 sections. is so annoying she deserves 2 sections.

What to do then ? : Change lane or kill her very early otherwise she will probably stomp on you.

Finally, every champion can become a real maximum annoyance if he does THAT :
What to do then ? (assuming it was not that bad and you are still alive ^^)
Ⅰ) If too dangerous to defend, let go, you must accept some mushrooms will be destroyed.
Ⅱ) If playable you can try a "submerge" tactic, launch a Noxious Trap as well as a Stealth Ward, launch a second Noxious Trap bumping on the first so he gets behind opponent (ideally within minions) and attack using eventually Ignite early in addition.
Ⅲ) You can use it as a bait if close to a wall. Place a Stealth Ward or Noxious Trap revealed by the ward and position yourself behind the wall (not revealed) for a trap in return.
Ⅳ) Once VERY sure of the reveal area, place some Noxious Trap just outside and ambush yourself. Opponent may feel safe being close to a Control Ward and he may make a mistake.

Additional details concerning match-ups within the Razyelx guide and Turbofean guide.

🕯 The forbidden knowledge 🕯

SchroomLand is an utopia come true, a place of serenity where you can stay relax and hear "An enemy has been slain" as well as watch various opponents tower dives or teamfights canceled while you are not even there thanks to your marvelous Mushrooms.

- Safe roaming -
Friendly jungler roaming : Especially before level 6, always choose to roam the same side of the map where is your jungler and Ping him so he knows you will be around.
Mushroom brush roaming : You should never face-check a brush, instead use your mushrooms to get safe vision (Use the bump effect if needed before lvl 11) and safe roaming.
Indian companion roaming : Follow behind a companion and place regularly mushrooms on strategic point you cross. It will provide both an escape route and traps opportunity.

- Mushrooms of death -
Autopathing of doom : All champions share the same interesting weakness : Autopathing !
Most players just click on a close point towards where they want to go. Visualize the usual paths (from nexus to red / blue buff, from mid lane to a gank bot lane, aso.) and use mainly the corners and brushes within these paths to place your Noxious Trap. As a training you can make some games with Warwick as his Blood Hunt is almost an autopathing training tool.
Superior Autopathing of doom : Now place your Noxious Trap between these great spots, they may appear being in weird places but now they are :

Ⅰ) still on the autopathing of doom.

Ⅱ) in tricky locations for opponents to anticipate (so they will waste Control Ward and other reveal capacities checking the usual brushes or corners places)
Perfect Autopathing of doom : Nothing works better than knowing your opponents and how to play them so you can :

Ⅰ) place them on their most usual attack or escape paths.

Ⅱ) place them on their most usual ganking or roaming paths.
Towers of pentakill : Always place some Noxious Trap under and on the exit options of your tower(s) to punish heavily any opponent's tower dive or tower siege attempt. Change regularly the "areas" of the map you cover heavily to even more confuse them.

- Mushrooms maps -
Outside doom : Check the map from CptTeemoOnDuty guide and the Dragon / Nashor maps from Razyelx guide for additional advices concerning Noxious Trap positioning.
Shroomland of the dead : A legendary perfect map allowing 100% win rate called "Shroomland of the dead" is supposed to exist but it is probably only a myth.
endless mushrooms map

⚔ Ultimate power ⚔

I will now reveal you a very important secret : Teemo's power spikes !

You will reach several specific points within the game where you are especially powerful, these are the key times to play aggressively. Here are the optimal times with this build :

- Level 1 to 3 -
- Level 7 to 9 -
- Level 11 to 17 -
- Got Nashor's Tooth -
- Got Liandry's Torment -
- Full Core build completed -

- The End -

You did it ! you've learn every secret of the little devil and now ... YOUR time of glory has come !

The rift needs you and you shall show to the world how powerful you are. The only laugh remaining on the battlefield will be yours and soon, very soon, you'll become the true pirate king of League Of Legend.

Farewell almighty chosen one, keep the little devil laughing forever !

☣ ☣ Revelations ☣ ☣

I did receive a strange e-mail from a journalist since considered "missing".

Despite his clear warnings, my curiosity was too strong and i could not resist to go deeper into the unknown involving highly illegal activities from a powerful "respectable" consortium.

You will find this mail as i did receive it below, up to you if you want to know the truth or not about the REAL origins of the Devil.


Final thoughts

I own none of the artwork and the credits goes to all these gifted artists. (cf list in Revelations)
- ImKaria or Karia sur facebook for the Lady devil Teemo.
- TCBunny sur Tumblr for the pink ward joke with ambushed Teemo.
- All the others if i forgot any (let me know about it)

2017 Change log :
12 Nov : V 1.0 First text version named "Lazy" published
22 Nov : V 1.1 Shameless promotion thread and new "Revelations" concept
28 Nov : V 1.2 First text version of the "Doom chapters" published
5 Dec : V 1.3 First design upgrade and "Synergies" Test
12 Dec : V 1.4 Second design upgrade
13 Dec : V 1.4b "Items" Test
17 Dec : 100 000 views on Revelations, WOW !
17 Dec : 1 200 views on the Doom chapters, only 1.2 % knows how to read ? ¿ ? ... Anyway enormous congratulations because it means you are among them if you read this :)
18 Dec : V 1.5 "Endless Mushrooms" map and "Top Secret : the real origins of the devil"
20 Dec : OMG ! The Mobafire mother grant me "masterpiece" in her comment, best day ever
24 Dec : V 1.6 Third design upgrade

2018 Change log :
14 Jan : 200 000 views on Revelations, WOW !
14 Jan : 2 400 views on The doom chapters, 1,25% knows to read, hope is rising !
21 Jan : Commendation for this Revelations Teemo guide Thank you so much AP WormMaW Mid for your tremendous support and friendly streams (check AP WormMaW Mid twitch)
02 Feb : First review by Seth346 granting me an amazing 9/10 grade,
20 Feb : 300 000 views on Revelations, WOW !
1er Apr : 400 000 views on Revelations and it is not an april fool ;-)
18 May : 500 000 views for my own Saint day, <3 you all !
10 July : 600 000 views and a big motivation to quit smoking :)
21 Aug : Winner of the S8 contest as "Most fabulous guide" ... BEST DAY EVER (again ^^)
08 Sep : 700 000 views ... 100 000 times my lucky number ! Yes !
12 Nov : 800 000 views, thank you again for the support.

2019 Change log :
Life is wonderful, happy year everyone !
08 Jan : SEASON 9 World most fabulous guide again <3 I LOVE YOU ALL !
15 Jan : 900 000 views ... do you hear ? its coming closer !
18 Aou : 1 000 000 views :) OMG we did it !!! I Love you all <3

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