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Riven Build Guide by x trollface

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author x trollface

Riven - A Thirst For Redemption. AD build

x trollface Last updated on September 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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Utility: 3

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Riven is a new champion released in the latest patch, and her being new means that not much game play has gone on with her and people will want to know some various ways to build her. she can be a well rounded champion if you so want her to be but in this build I will be talking about an AD build for her. sorry if I do something wrong in this build as it is my first build plus like I mentioned riven is new and we are all getting used to her and the different ways we can build her, so please leave any comments below if you feel that something should be changed to make this build better.

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Riven's Story

In Noxus, any citizen may rise to power regardless of race, gender, or social standing - strength is all that matters. It was with committed faith in this ideal that Riven strove to greatness. She showed early potential as a soldier, forcing herself to master the weight of a long sword when she was barely its height. She was ruthless and efficient as a warrior, but her true strength lay in her conviction. She entered battles without any trace of doubt in her mind: no ethical pause, no fear of death. Riven became a leader amongst her peers, poster child of the Noxian spirit. So exceptional was her passion that the High Command recognized her with a black stone rune sword forged and enchanted with Noxian sorcery. The weapon was heavier than a kite shield and nearly as broad - perfectly suited to her tastes. Soon after, she was deployed to Ionia as part of the Noxian invasion.

What began as war quickly became extermination. Noxian soldiers followed the terrifying Zaunite war machines across fields of death. It wasn't the glorious combat for which Riven trained. She carried out the orders of her superiors, terminating the remnants of a beaten and fractured enemy with extreme prejudice. As the invasion continued, it became clear that the Ionian society would not be reformed, merely eliminated. During one bitter engagement, Riven's unit became surrounded by Ionian forces. They called for support as the enemy closed in around them. What they received instead was a barrage of biochemical terror launched by Singed. Riven watched as around her Ionian and Noxian alike fell victim to an unspeakably gruesome fate. She managed to escape the bombardment, though she could not erase the memory. Counted dead by Noxus, she saw an opportunity to start anew. She shattered her sword, severing ties with the past, and wandered in self-imposed exile - on a quest to seek atonement and a way to save the pure Noxian vision in which she believed.

''There is a place between war and murder / in which our demons lurk.''

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Pros / Cons

-she can be very fun to play
-can deal tons of damage if played right
-she has a dash, stun a shield and even a knock back
-she a sexy champion

-she can be easily CC'd
-she's squishy
-she depends mostly on items
-her AD ratio is not the best

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After playing riven a little and testing the different ways of doing the runes, I realised that her squishy nature can be a big problem.

so what I did was include some runes that giver her more survivability against both AP and AD champions but also keeping in a bit of damage runes and ArP.

for this build the runes I got were :

x9 Greater Mark of Attack Damage (RED) = 8.55 damage

x9 Greater Seal of Armor (YELLOW) = 12.69 armor

x9 Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (BLUE) = 12.69 Magic resist

x3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation = 9.99 ArP

as I said this is my first build so I could be wrong with this. you don't have to use my build I am only giving you my opinion, if you want to test your own way of doing things or try a different build, by all means do so. I only want to give people a different way of playing Riven

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like you can see I have chosen to go 21/6/3 mostly focussing on the offensive parts of talents as well as a few points into armor and magic resist. I can really elaborate on this as its pretty simple, all the talents I have chosen in the offensive tree are along the lines of damage, crit, CDR and ArP.

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-The items I have chosen for this build are all for AD reasons, you start off the game with the Boots of Speed and some Health Potion, this gives you some movement are the start which can allow some easily harassing or to get away from ganks and the Health Potion allow you to lane for longer.
-Soon after get [The Brutalizer]] this item is good as it gives attack damage, CDR and ArP.
-Next is the Ionian Boots of Lucidity these are useful for the movement level 2 and also provides a bonus 15% CDR which stacks with your other CDR items.
-After you will be grabbing a B. F. Sword for its damage early game and then upgrading it to an Infinity Edge for more damage and 25% crit chance.
-After that bad boy make your way to the Youmuu's Ghostblade this item gives you some good things for riven, 15% CDR, 15% bonus crit chance and +20 armor penetration which is good with you masteries and your runes.
-After this you should go for another B. F. Sword then upgrading it again but this time to a The Bloodthirster.
-Once you have grabbed the The Bloodthirster go shopping for a Phage, reason for this is for the health and a bit of damage but we get it for the reason of bumping it up to a Trinity Force, now I been looking at other guides and there are a lot of people who question the Trinity Force the reason I have chosen this is because of its passive as well as some stats it provides. the passive is every time you use an ability your next auto attack will deal 150% damage I think this is very good as it stacks with your passive which will do the exact same thing seeing that each part of her combo is a skill, her Q allows the Trinity Force and her passive to proc three times so after each skill as long as you get 1 auto attack in you will do fine.
-The final item i chose was another The Bloodthirster for the more lifesteal and more damage but this item is totally up to you and can be replaced with situational items like Thornmail for anti AD champions or a banshee's veil if your up against an AP champ or maybe you just want a Warmog's Armor for more health.

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Riven lashes out in series of strikes. this ability can be reactivated three times in a short time frame wit the third hit knocking back nearby enemies.

-it can allow riven to do a small dash in the direction of your cursor or onto an attacking target
-every time a combo is used it builds up towards your auto attacks from her passive and from a trinity force if you brought one.

Riven emits a Ki burst, damaging and stunning nearby enemies.

-this skill can come in handy in many situations, it can stop a gank by stunning nearby enemies trying to attack you, it can influence a gank by going into a lane and initiating with this stun as well as doing some decent damage, and can also be used along side your Q combo.

Riven steps forward a short distance and blocks incoming damage.

-can be used to escape from ganks or from unpleasant situations
-can be used to chase down an enemy or tower diving
-provide a lovely shield which can save your life many times

Riven empowers her keepsake weapon with energy and gains attack damage and range. additionally during this time, she gains the ability to use wind slash once, a powerful ranged attack.

-increasing attack range meaning you can hit those hard to hit champions, also makes chasing that whole lot easier
-wind slash does amazing amount of damage, can be good for seriously injuring an enemy champ, or can be used to finish a champ off
-very good in team fights as it hits all inside the cone

Riven's abilities charge her blade, causing her basic attacks to deal bonus physical damage. riven's blade may be charged up to three times and expends one charge per attack.

-causes tons of damage if used between each combo of her Q
-can stack with trinity force

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Summoner Spells

I have chosen Flash and Exhaust because they can be used for ganking, escaping ganks or dodgy situations and can be used to chase up an enemy and slow him down for more attacks/easy kill.

You can switch out Exhaust with anything you want if you choose to, this is just my opinion and I wont rage at you for using your own ideas.

Heal is another good one to have instead of Exhaust as it can save you and your team mates life or it can be used to keep you in your lane for longer getting you more kills.

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I know that people are going to give their own opinions and their views on this guide and I am OK with that I look forward to comments on how to improve the guide for others that need one. this was made to help people with the champion and share my ideas with them.

Please comment about this guide and rate if you can so I can make future improvements for the build.

Thank you for reading my guide.