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Riven General Guide by AsaKun

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AsaKun

Riven Eat's Your Life Away

AsaKun Last updated on April 4, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Starting off with Riven

Riven is mostly a Champion that can solo fights, her stun allows her to stop her enemy from initiating and letting her do some extra damage in the process. She is great top, and if there's a juggler in your team, she can solo it. The reason why she is great top is the fact that she can take enemies red buff at lv 2 or 3. She can also Jungle, but I'll make a separate chapter about that. Anyways, how you usually start a fight with your enemy you charge with your Valor(E), then stun them with Ki Burst(W), then end it with Broken Wings(Q). This is your main Combo with Riven, letting you get hits without getting hurt. If you have your Ultimate up and want to do tons of damage, activate it, do your main combo, and if they are still alive, use your ult again which allows you to launch 3 volleys to finish the job. This video will show you an example of this combo.

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How Riven Works

Since Riven is mostly a solo fighter, she not much of a support for the team. The only way you can maybe support with her is building her tanking, but that's wasting her talent. If you are in a team fight, and don't have a tank, make sure you're teammates got your back and dive in there when you think is the right time to attack. She is great in taking on multiple of people if you know how to use her right, just make sure to take out the APC before you attack the other players. Now knowing you can take on multiple people, when you're solo top against two people make sure to put wards, and turret hug. Once you're two levels ahead of them, there's should be no problem taking both of them on. This video is an example if you do team fights with Riven.

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Why I love Riven

Riven is a very flexible champion, there's a lot of builds you can get her. You can top lane, go Jungle, and be a tank at Bottom. You can also make her a hybrid of a little bit of tanking and Attack Damage. Having the ability to build her how ever you want her can allow you to have the ability to go against every champion. Using this champion gives me a challenge when I'm going 2 v 1, and knowing the fact that you might kill them just thrills me. This champion is amazing in every aspect.

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Negative sides about Riven

Riven relies on her cool downs, without that, she will not to be able to go against multiple players. Like I said before she is not great for support, but you can do it "If" you have no choice. She cannot go mid, she will get murder from possible ganks in early game and the APC that's going mid. If she doesn't have the correct items on time, she is vulnerable and weak against other players. If she is two or three levels below, you're in trouble. Another problem will be enemy champions the have cc, Riven is completely useless against stuns or silences. Since she relies on her abilities to do damage.

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The first item you should aim for is Ravenous Hydra, the item allows you to farm faster with the basic attack, heals you, and gives you life steal. What you'll have to do to get this item, get Tiamat, which is practically a downgraded version of Ravenous Hydra, and since you got Tiamat, it makes Ravenous Hydra, costing 1400 gold. After that, then you can get Blood Thirstier. I know you guys might think getting blood Thirstier might be better, but it get better in "Late Game". You can get Ravenous Hydra faster than Blood Thirstier with a more reliable and stronger build. The next important item you should get is Black Clever. When attacking with this item, armor reduction stacks up 5 times, at max %25 armor reduction. This item also give you cool down reduction and health, which helps out a lot. To make this item cheaper just buy brutilizer (Follow my Build). Frozen Mallet is not really a big deal for Riven, that would be the 4th last item you should get. It give you 30 attack damage, and 700 health. Also slows down enemies in basic attacks, but her stun compensates for that. If you want, just get another Blood Thirstier if you want, more life steal and substance.

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Just Have Fun

Riven is a fun champion too, I hope you enjoy her as much as I do. Practice with her, and you'll do great.

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Riven Jungle in Depth

Riven Jungle is amazing, I finally master it. You need to practice or have an ideal how to jungle, with that, expect a good Riven that could jungle. The first thing you will go for is for red buff, ditch the wolf, you'll get that after red with help with a leash. Once you reach level two, go to blue buff and get it. Once you got blue buff, you should be lv 3, go gank and get an early kill. (Only go for the gank when you know you can kill, watch out for possible wards) If you get a kill, you'll get the necessary items, and delay the enemy team. Make sure the support buy wards. If they don't you are stuck with buying wards. Make sure you ward dragon when almost every body is Lv 10. Ward Baron at lv 15 or 16. When you go for a gank, your job is to stop the enemy from escaping, so dash with E, and stun with W, keep in mind you have to be close to them. Most important part, it's useless being a jungler if you don't help your teammates. You need runes to Jungle, and the Masteries. Doesn't have to be the complete set, but make sure you are lv 20 to jungle. Click on the second face of Riven up there to see the build I recommend for you.

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