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Riven Build Guide by Pokeandkill

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pokeandkill

Riven S4 3V3

Pokeandkill Last updated on November 26, 2013
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Hey guys and welcome to my build. My name is Lewis Bell, i have been playing league for about two years and i must admit this is my first guide i have made. I am not saying that i am great or to follow this guide word for word. What makes players good is for the individuality and experimentation. This is my 3s build that i like to use and i thought i would share this with the league of legends community and hopefully you can learn a few things from me or if not just enjoy laughing at me if you think i am wrong but this is my Riven build so enjoy

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About Riven:

Riven is not one of my main champions but i have recently been playing her since the Pre season patch and i quite like playing her. One thing that i have to mention is that she is not a easy champion to play and you will be surprised how dependent she is on her passive. It takes alot of work to get used to it. There will be alot covered in this guide explaining her passive and combos that you might like to try. I will also be explaining my item choices in detail and what alternatives you can possibly try.

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Learning your skills:

- This is the pot of gold that riven owns. This is what makes a bad riven into a fairly good riven and that is understanding her passive Runic Blade. Basically whenever you use a move she gains a stack so how to use this when fighting. It is easy. Lets start very basic, level 1. combining this with your q can easily get you first blood. How i do this is i pop my Q and then auto attack and then pop it again and auto attack and finally again and auto attack. The Q allows the auto attack reset so using this fluently can get u a very fast and easy kill. In my opinion She has one of the strongest passives in the game and when used correctly at a higher level can make a serious impact in your game and your damage output and when used wrong can be the fall of riven and i can honestly say you can lose out on at least a extra 40% damage. That is how crucial this passive can be.

Now let me move on to her other moves and i will explain combos and the basics of how to use each move:
Her Q is a force not to be reckoned with. lets start with what this move is: Basically you can use this 3 times and the cooldown activates after the first swing. Now that piece of info is important as i can increase your chasing capability. i will explain how i use it: Firstly i pop it and then count 4 seconds and pop it again and then another 4 and pop it again. At 40% CDR it means it would have reset so you can fly around the man easily. Now another way to use it is to clear minions. When clearing minions i spam it and then after 3 auto attacks i use my E and W and it clears the minions extremely fast while maintaining health due to your shield. Finally the most important thing. DO NOT GET CAUGHT UP TRYING TO JUMP WALLS WITH YOUR Q.. Another thing to take into consideration is when to use this with your w. when you hit that knock up E forward and then stun so you are in front. They will not escape you.
The amount of rivens i have seen use this move really badly is unreal you just would not believe it. Ki Burst makes riven a very scary champ to play against because all of a sudden u can find yourself caught out of place with riven and her teammates jumping on you. However when you are the riven that is a very good thing and can secure your team a easy kill and turn the game into a 3v2 allowing a tower or a altar. How to use this: Basically as i said before you knock up with the 3rd Q and e forward and press the button. However its not always that easy, there is a alternative however and that is to flash in. Do not be afraid to burn that flash as it really can change a game. The downfall to this however is that you can really get yourself in a bad situation if u flash at the wrong point thats why i can not stress enough to use this at the right times. You can also try outsmart the enemy team if you are getting chased by stopping and stunning. However that is very risky and should only be done if you have a flash to get away along with a E. Remember DONT TRY AND FLASH IN AND GET YOURSELF IN A BAD SITUATION, COMMUNICATE AND PLAN THE ATTACK
There is not to much to know about valor really except how good it is to chase and how badly it can sometimes end for you. However i like to max this second and the reason being is the shield it gives, when maxing this you have no idea how easy it is to tower dive early if u have a flash. you E in finish fast flash out. No health gone and a free kill. However it is not always that simple so dont just think that it will go that way. One thing to note is that this scales with AD which makes it amazing for riven late game. and at 40% CDR that can be used every 4 seconds. If you wish to go slightly tanky a way to tank a turret is to E in and just attack minions with your lifesteal and consistently spam E while your team does the killing. One thing i will say is dont overestimate or underestimate this ability.

Now this my friends is rivens ultimate and when you use this right with the combos i am about to tell you, i guarantee you can 3v1 a team. Firstly what this ability does: It gives you a ranged attack you can use 1 second after casting. it also gives you bonus damage. Now what should you be thinking. ULT+PASSIVE....... Enough said. you start by popping ult then engaging with a E Q(1) autoattack combo, Q(2) again when the passive is at 1 and then again to knock up. Stun again and then ult. I can tell you right now that all 3 of them will be dead.

Now that i have told you the moves i now must stress to you, to become a good riven player DO NOT SPAM ABILITIES use them wisely with the autoattacks and passive and you have 40% more damage output. Land your combos and you will be unbeatable.

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Pros and Cons


. Very mobile champion
. Can engage and disengage Easily
. Great killing potential
. Not easily countered
. Very strong most of the game
. Can chase to secure kills

. Countered by CC ( not hard countered )
. Relies on pulling combos off
. Relies Heavily on passive
. Very squishy and when in fights no matter what you build you can die fast
. Must go all in

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Firstly i want to say that most builds don't do this but i am going to be telling you people to go against and people not to go against. However i am also going to be telling you good champions that synergies well with riven and explain why so you can improve your understanding of riven which may result in better scores:

This is a fairly difficult topic to discuss as most champions can synergies with anyone however these are my findings from what i find best and this may or may not be something that you would like to try:
I believe that lux synergies well with riven and that is because or her slow and her stun. Lux allows riven to land all her combos perfectly because of all the cc as well as that together their burst is extremely high and in return riven allows lux to land her ult or another snare very easily. Together they can take away one of rivens biggest issues and that is being squishy, imagine a shield then another shield and then another shield. Consistent shields for riven. although you are still squishy you are taking away alot of that which allows you to engage however this requires alot of communication.
This is another champion i believe goes extremely well with riven and the reason being once again is the ranged stun in this case its a charm into a riven stun which allows both riven and ahri to land their moves and kill extremely fast due to the burst that they both have. Also with these two champions there is no escaping them or catching them. Consider yourself lucky if u can catch either of these.
] Finally to give a bit of overview this is another type of champion that riven goes well with. Someone who can engage extremely well and this champion is the one to do it. Sometimes what riven needs is to just have someone tanking it up and keeping them of riven and Hecarim is the champion to do that with his knockback and his ult. Another good thing about Hecarim is that when he gets the stacks with his Q if they are focusing you consider them dead.

Strong Against
There are Tons of champions that i know riven can beat and there are several reasons for it however this is obviously debatable once again however what i do know if you are a good player why should you really worry about match ups, you should beable to handle any champions but for those of you who want to know who to go against and who to stay away from well here it is.
Gangplank is extremely easy to go against. With all laning situation especially in 3v3 just remember not to overextend and dont let him gank your lanes either. One mistake i say many summoners do is not follow up on the Missing player but i will explain that later on. Riven does well against gangplank in almost every situation. Zone him with your Q and all he can do is try hit u with his Q however early game that is usless against you with your shield so poke with q 1s and then e into him and just go for him. Zone him away from farm and from experience. One tip against a gangplank is you can see when he is going to Q you because he will activate his E which gives him extra damage so two tips against him when u see him glowing or the buff from his e on you. just run away and when it is off go for him with that combo. secondly when you have your cooldowns up dont fight him wait until the reset to engage.

Now you may be thinking ohhh god a nasus but you have nothing to worry about. you counter him so very easily. Rule 1 when playing against any nasus DENY HIM AS MUCH FARM AS POSSIBLE, make sure he can not land that Q on the minion just stun the second he is going to. Once again you can poke him easily when u see the activated q. Shield and go for him. Two more tips for nasus is watch out for the wither when you are poking hard and overextending. just be carful of that because you dont want to get ganked and try end the game early against him as he will most likely farm up and become a HUGE threat late game.

Here are a few more champions who you may also want to try the same technique with as they are also champions you should have no problem with. Just zone them and keep them away from farm. initiate early and watch out for their slows.

Weak Against
Just because you are weak against these champions does not mean you will lose against them. There are ways if you know how to play to beat them but the following champions counter you one way or another and will be a pain in lane against you:
This is going to be one of the toughest match ups and one reason so few people play riven because of how many people just pick darius. In my opinion i dont like darius as i think he is to easy to play however with that being said this is why you are playing riven and because you now know her moves you can easily trick a darius. His overpowered move is his q ( if u are not familiar it is when he spins and takes of alot of health ) Now to bait this out and possibly get you a early kill q once into him and then q out see if he wastes his Q, this makes him waste mana. Now do that several times. now he can also grab you but dont be scared if he does, just stun him and e out. The best time to engage is when his q and e or one of them are down if his e is down, jump in stun e out. You win the trade but basically you just want to try and waste mana and engage at those times when either he has none or when he has cooldown up. Just make sure you time this right and the best way to do that is to play a bit of darius and find out how he works and how his cooldowns work.

This champion means you want to get your skills differently early and that is to get the shield first and time it right to block his Qs, Garen is a pain and can stop you in your tracks with that silence. What you want to do is bait that out so he uses it on a minion and engage, you can do this also around level 3 and bait it our jump into him and stun him, then go attack him, your third q use it to disengage. and do it fast. He is not the most difficult to lane against but that silence really can hurt you so watch out for it and once again its all about playing smart

This match up takes a fair bit of skill on both parts but for you what you want to do is stay away from that skill shot. Now a item that you may want to build to contain kennen is a hexdrinker. i do suggest it against him as it will save you alot of harass however that is up to you. To go against kennen once again start with the dash to stop him attacking u, shield at the right time and remeber DO NOT ENGAGE WHEN HIS PASSIVE IS ON YOU. The best time to go against a kennen is when you bait his dash out. If you do just stun him and go at him because you have to remember kennen is very squishy and you should have no trouble with that just shield when you can see a q coming to try and keep of some damage.