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Riven Build Guide by Threk

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Threk

Riven - The badass with a broken blade! (A little bit tanky)

Threk Last updated on September 15, 2011
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Hi there! My name is Threk, and I've been playing LoL for quite a time now, and I really enjoy it. This is my guide to Riven - The Exile. She's a strong melee fighter, with quite a burst.

This is my first guide ever, so please, go easy on me. I'd like any comments and critics, it will only help me out. And please, don't just downvote me, before actually trying this..

I hope you enjoy it, and hopefully, you'll own! Here we go!

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Greater Mark of Desolation : ARP is essential for a hero like Riven, since most of her dmg comes from her abilities, which causes physical dmg.

Greater Seal of Armor : Armor is good throughout the entire game, and it will help you harras early game.

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist : This will help you throughout the game, aswell as it will improve your early/mid game alot. And it synergizes with Atma's.

Greater Quintessence of Health : I pick health Quintessence because Riven is a mean harraser, and this saved me a couple of times.

Most of these runes are pointed towards a good early/mid game, but they are all usable later on aswell.

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For masteries I go 21/0/9, as most AD carries use. Not much to say here.

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Summoner Spells

I use the Flash / Exhaust combination.

Flash is a great tool. Both for being aggresive, and defensive. You can Flash in there, Ki shout, Broken Wings,( Exhaust if needed), Blade of The Exile and Wind Slash.. DEAD!

You might Use Ghost instead of Flash, but movement speed just isn't the same as a good old flash!

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For a starter I get Doran's Blade. It has everything you need to get a good early game, HP, DMG and some lifesteal too.

On my first trip back, depending on my farm/kills/assists, I start off buying Boots of Speed, then Starting to get My The Brutalizer

From there on I'll go for Mercury's Treads
(You might consider getting Ionian Boots of Lucidity, CDR rocks! All depending on their team!)

Then it's time for icon=B.F.Sword, and if you have the money required, got straight for The Bloodthirster

Now you got yourself some pretty high dmg. Now it's time to get some defensive stuff!

First off, start by getting Phage, Then get Giant's Belt, and turn those into Frozen Mallet. With this you get HP, DMG and some epic slowing, so you wont let any enemies escape!

After this, you want to finish your Youmuu's Ghostblade, for more ARP and CDR.

Now you'll have to choose based on how your game is going. If you feel like you need to be tankier, get Warmog's Armor. If you pwn them, get your Atma's Impaler first. Either way, you're gonna end up with both of them!

At this point, you're pretty tanky, and you got a lot of dmg. Use it well!

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Pros / Cons


- Strong harrassment!
- Good farmer.
- High burst.
- High mobility/good at escaping.
- Kinda ninja?..


- If you get stunned, you're pretty much screwed.
.. I can't really think of more.. She's quite squishy unless you use a tanky build, but I got that covered.. So just avoid stuns!

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Team Work

Riven can really help out her team mates a lot!
She's got an AOE stun, AOE pushback.. And then she can just slide out again.. How awesome is that?

In teamfights you want to stay back, until your tank has initiated. Even though LoL doesn't tell you, Riven can work as an assasin. Go for their AP bursters/squishy guys. Utilize Ki Shout to stun as many opponents as possible, even those 0,5 sec, might make the difference, aye?

Always remember to use Blade of the Exile, before you jump in there, to maximize your dmg. And for god sake, never forget to use Wind Slash .. Please? ..

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So all in all, Riven is extremely deadly, aslong as you don't overextend.. And just keep on farming. CS over harass, EVERY time!

I hope this will help you building a succesful Riven!

If there's anything wrong, or something you'd like me to change, please tell me!

Threk, over and out!