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Riven Build Guide by anyway2

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League of Legends Build Guide Author anyway2

Riven - The teamfight wrecker

anyway2 Last updated on October 30, 2012
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AD Bursty


Tanky - Less damage overall

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello. My name is Fresh Squeeze, I currently got no ELO, as I don't want to rush my ranked games so fast, I haven't prepared myself for all roles, nor I have all runes. However I am writing this guide because Riven is my favourite champion ever since I started playing League of Legends.

I hope you have fun while reading this guide.

Note: You will find why I put more then 6 items, few of them can be changed, those are just item choices.

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High Burst
Able to carry a game if fed
Snowballs hard
So friggin sexy

Silence hurts her combo
Has problems vs beefy guys like Malphite
Garen is a *** with his 3 sec silence

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I usually go with flat AD marks, flat armor yellows and flat magic resist glyphs + 3 AD Quints

You might wonder why I chose those runes. Here I will explain it.

I choose the flat AD Marks and Quints simply because they make lasthitting much easier and farming under your tower without having to spam your abilities and thus naturally pushing the lane. I use the armor yellows because I like to have survival against those pesky AD champions like Nidalee, "lee sin", Rengar. And then the magic resist glyphs for annoying little bilgewater rats like Rumble.

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Those are the masteries summed up. You should be using those for the aggresive playstyle, however, I will not be including the masteries for the passive tanky Riven, as I dont think she should be played as tank but rather tanky/Damage carry killer build, and also able to kill few more before you get killed, and even if you do, is there to save you

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Now, in my build you will see few more items then the ones you can buy, this is because you should delay your HP item and decided which one suits you best.

is useful if they are escaping little freaks
If you get focused a lot or you find yourself taking lots of damage (TONS OF DAMAGE!)
This is if you get focused by the pesky Tryndamere Ashe Caitlyn or other basic attack champions
Versus opponents like Tryndamere Ashe Vayne and other auto attack guys
Versus heavy ap team this does wonders. It can even be bought vs a normal and balanced team.
Well, if they build lotsa armor, get this. It will penetrate them.
This item is not to be taken if you have Last Whisper, flat armor pen and percent armor pen, then they lower themselves.
I used to get this item. However, as my experience showed, it wasnt that useful during lane phase. Better get BT first item.

Items to never get
Never get this, attack speed is useless
Attack speed. Again, attack speed items are useless on Riven. There are really rare situations when you would need it.
Way too expensive, attack speed, price not worth it
Worthless, just the attack damage and movement speed can be used from it as Riven, and it's way too expensive to take it.

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Styles of playing

There are two styles that I have included in my Riven builds.
One of them is the bursty tanky DPS, while the other one is the tank girl Riven.

Now, I will not talk much about the tank build, because I do not think this is the way that Riven should be built, as her damage will falloff a lot in the lategame and it might be the reason you are losing these teamfights, because you fed their Renekton and he prolly has much more less tanky and damage oriented build.

Now, let's go to the damage build.

I am building a bloodthister in this build as a core item. The next two core items are: , mercury treads however, the purchase order is like this:
mercury treads > bloodthister > . In most cases you will want bloodthister even before your mercury treads since you want to farm it as much as possible.

Tanky build

You wouldn't really want to build this way unless you are versus some really heavy burst versus few of these pesky, high damage champions like Darius who can be shutdown much more easily with the damage build. But hey, your decision.

Here we will cover the items that are usually used for tanks, again our core items being However. I do not recommend getting because after its recent nerf, it sucks rat ***.

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Skill Explanation

This is the source of most of your damage and the reason you want to build more AD, with 50% AD ratios, this passive is one of the best damage passives, and prolly the highest one during lane phase.

This is one of your highest damaging skills. It will deal lots of damage after being maxed. Some of you experienced Riven players might ask: Why max Q first, W is better.

Due to the recent nerfs to , the damage from moved to , Q has mroe damage, and if used right (Basic attacking between each charge of your Broken Wings, then it does more damage then the W which does almost 0 damage after they get

This used to be your old harass skill. Now it is used mainly for the utility, even if you think maxing it and reducing the CD is worth it, it is NOT! Now it is just a way to land another strike of your passive triggering around 300 damage

Sometimes you might want to max this. This is also a primary reason why you build Riven as AD, as her shield scales perfectly from AD, making your teamfights, lane phase and turret diving much more pleasant with a chance of taking little to no damage especially if you dominated them in teamfights or lane phase. You might want to max this first or second, however most of the time it's best to max it third. Your preference, against champions with lots of damage, like Rumble, Renekton and other fat guys, max this. Also against Tryndamere

This is a passive/active ability that is the second reason you should be playing AD, as the AD steroid in it gives you 20% more AD.
Always activate at the beggining of a fight, lasts 15 seconds, and lets you use the execute ability Wind Slash . It has a low cooldown, dont be afraid to use it.

Is your execute ability, much like a Garen ulti, but however AoE, making her one of the champions able to Pentakill like a boss ;D

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Summoner Spells

A mandatory spell
Has numerous uses. You can chase for that Morgana with 30 HP left, and using your to finish her off. Can be used to escape a gank, go for the kill with your , . I cant even list all of the uses.

The second most useful spell for me. No other spell rivals it except to shutdown poor Darius's Damage.

Summoner spells you should never get
Sucks in Dominion, sucks in SR
Clariy Useless, you are not a mana champion, nor you will ever be.
You are not a support, it's not even worth on a support.

Alternative Summoner Spells
Against strong AD champs like Darius, Renekton
Not really useful since you ignore unit collision with and . But meh, you can use it if you wish.

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Open with , to their carry, use and then use your to survive all the things you will eat. Pray you got or you die in an instant. Also, never initiate first. This would mean either that your tanks suck or you are an idiot to jump into 5 people alone. Remember to always basic attack between each and other abilities. If you cant use your passive, like target too far away, dont push it, or you might die.

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To-Do list.

-Add matchups
-Update it on a later date
-Add jungle section (YES)
-Add more pictures

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Thanks to Jhoijhoi for her "How to make a guide"
And thanks to everyone who did read my guide and vote on it.