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Riven Build Guide by CroatianKilla

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CroatianKilla

Riven's Guide to Total Domination (Season IV) (Not finished)

CroatianKilla Last updated on December 27, 2013
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Hi guys, I am playing League of Legends for almost a year and I really like this game. This is my first guide so please tell me in the comments what you like or hate about my guide and I will try to fix that. I am playing in EU West server and my Summoner name is CreskiKiller. I am from Croatia and I hope this guide will help you with understanding Riven. My first champion that I played with was Garen and I played him until I was level 30. They I bought Riven and had a hard time learning her. I needed some time to see how to play her but when I saw how strong she is I mained her. She is my favourite champion in this game now. I am gonna be updating this guide as much as I can and I still dont know how to copy my runes or other images for you to see here.

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Pros / Cons

First of all, who is Riven. Riven is a melee assasin that excels at early game and snowballing (getting advantage over your opponent). She is a champion that needs some time to learn and is an often pick in ranked.


- Strong Early game
- High burst
- Best snowballer in the game
- High mobility
- She is hot


- She deals ONLY physical damage, so armor is her worst nightmare
- Has some tough counters
- Late game is not the best

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There is really no other good spells to take as Riven (except if you want to troll). Flash gives you mobility and high amount of surprise and it can be used both aggressive and defensive. Ignite gives you higher kill potential in line and because you are a snowballer you have to have high kill potential. If you really, really like Teleport, go on take it but I do not recommend it because Ignite and Flash are like made for Riven.

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Flat AD marks are my favourite, you can also take armor penetration marks for late game, but since Riven is a early game champion, there is really no other marks for Riven to take.

NEVER take other seals than armor seals. They are needed for early game tradeoffs and help you fight minion aggro and turret shots.

Feel free to take flat MR resistance glyphs when against an AP solo topper like Rumble.

You can also take quints of Lifesteal so you will (with a Dorans blade start) heal 10 Hp with every basic attack, but I like Full AD marks and quints.

Other Options

Marks of Armor Penetration - Better late game

Flat MR glyphs - Good vs AP solo toppers

Lifesteal Quints - Good when in a hard line (when countered)

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First of all you should start with aand a . That way you will have a strong early game phase and will have sustain, AD and tankiness.

At first back you should pick but if you get fed early and take some early kills go on, take . Those items give you a huge damage increase at early game and will make it easier for you to kill those who oppose you. One tip - if you dont have sustain in your build you have to buy some health potions. The reason Riven doenst need boots early in the game is cause she has a build in high amount of mobility with her abilities.

General Items

The Bloodthirster

This is a really strong item on Riven, it gives you really high amount of sustain and a lot of attack damage. All things this item gives are like made for Riven, since she doesnt have built in sustain and needs to build a lot of AD. It will make your shields soak some more damage, it will give you a lot higher burst damage and it will increase the damage your ulti does by double.

Ravenous Hydra

This item gives you sustain and a lot of attack damage, it will also make you a better farmer since you wont be needing to use your abilities to farm, you can just activate this item and minions will lose half of their HP. This item is also really strong in teamfights since you will make a lot more AOE damage.

Last Whisper

This item is 100% needed on Riven since this item gives a really high amount of Armor penetration (35%) and Riven only deals Physical damage. It gives you a nice amount of AD for its price and its a really cheap item.

Black Cleaver

This is a really OP item on champions like Riven. It gives you tankiness, AD, flat armor penetration and 25% of armor penetration for your WHOLE team. I cant stress enough how much this item is needed on Riven and how much will you help your team with buying this item.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity

These boots are purely my option, you can pick other boots if you want them, but I mostly pick these boots cause it gives Riven a high amount of CDR which is needed on Riven since she only uses CDR to fuel her abilities.

Guardian Angel

This is the only item that gives you tankiness in my build. It is a good item since most of summoners will focus you cause you are "OP" and this item is made for that kind of situations. It will make you come back to life after you died.

Other Items