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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jinx Build Guide by wtfuredead

AD Carry Rules are made to be broken...

AD Carry Rules are made to be broken...

Updated on September 13, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author wtfuredead Build Guide By wtfuredead 6,751 Views 6 Comments
6,751 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author wtfuredead Jinx Build Guide By wtfuredead Updated on September 13, 2015
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About me

Hi, I'm Andrew or wtfuredead(IGN) and I've fist played League in season 3. Short after getting into League, Jinx was released, and I kind-of felt in love with her crazy personality and gore/rock-ish style.
After one year of not playing I rejoined at the end of season 4. Driven by frustration and my lack of ADC related skills i was playing mostly mid untill i got one of my matches trashed by an awesome Jinx player ^_^ . Soon i found out that objectives are more important than kills, which highly boosted my Elo.

Guide under construction
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Jinx is one of the most versatile ADCs in the game, having awesome pushing power and insane DPS(damage per second), taking down objectives with ease.

Being dissapointed by the lack of information most Jinx guides provides, this guide is looking to be one of the most comprehensive out there.

"Jinx lives to wreak havoc without a thought for consequence, leaving a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake. A manic and impulsive criminal, she despises nothing more than boredom"

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Pros / Cons


+ Great snowballing
+ Split-push
+ Global ultimate Super Mega Death Rocket!
+ Insane DPS
+ Passive Get Excited!
Jinx is in my opinion one of the most versatile ADC in League. With great dueling potential thanks to your Flame Chompers! + and Pow-Pow, the Minigun combo, you can even win a 1v1 with an assasin. The insane DPS allows you to take down objectives with ease, and switching to Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher provides good poke, outranges almost all ADCs and is one of the best wave clear in the game. Your Passive, Get Excited!, allows you to escape after diving for a kill, overstaying in lane to get the tower, or helps chaining kills/assists


- Support dependent
- Imobile
- Flame Chompers! takes time to arm
- Easy to dodge Zap! and Super Mega Death Rocket!
No built-in escape, makes you highly dependant on your positioning or teammates peel. Flame Chompers! takes 0,7s to arm and can be Flashed/jumped over. Being unable to activate your Passive Get Excited! in teamfights will leave you vulnerable
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  • Fury : The best mastery in Tier1 for almost any ADC. We take 4/4 for the +5% AS it provides. Combined with the AS Glyphs and Quints it will make last hitting a breeze(we want to farm as much as we can as an ADC)
  • Butcher : Helps with cs-ing and also provides access to Feast . No other viable masteries in T1
  • Brute Force : Not the greatest mastery out there. 2/3 points allows us to spend the remaining point more efficient, as +3AD spared across 18 levels is really unsignifiant. You can alternativelly move one more point into Double-Edged Sword leaving you with 1/3 points here.
  • Feast : The best Tier2 mastery for any ADC. For 50 cs you get the effects of a health potion. Great for laning phase.
  • Martial Mastery : +4 AD makes a great use for one mastery point. Helps with cs-ing and trading.
  • Executioner : We want 3/3 here for the bonus damage against targets with 50% health or less. It's a great mastery which helps both early and late game. Provides acces to Dangerous Game
  • Warlord : More of a late game mastery, it outscales Brute Force at any point of the game. 3/3.
  • Dangerous Game : I believe this is a must have for any champion in League. +5%HP can help you survive an Ignite or other DOT(damage over time) after you killed an enemy.
  • Frenzy : One of the best masteries for almost all ADCs. Stacking up to 3 times(+15%AS), you can have this mastery active the entire teamfight, as more attack speed means more chances to critical strike(you will need bonus crit chance and attack speed in order to stack it as long as the fight goes on)
  • Devastating Strikes : We are interested in the +6% Armor penetration. Stacked with Last Whisper it will help you shreed through tanks.
  • Havoc : +3% attack damage. Personally i don't find it the reason why we go 21 in the offense tree, yet nothing really outscales it.
  • Recovery : A great mastery in my opinion. by the end of the laning phase, you would have had recovered around 150 HP
  • Block and Unyielding : Not entirely worth 3 damage reduction from the enemy at the expense of 3 mastery points. Consider trading 2 points into Swiftness if you are facing Ashe, Lissandra or any other champions that can slow you down
  • Veteran Scars : A great mastery. Helps you survive an extra AA(auto attack) in the laning phase. I find it useless late game.
  • Juggernaut : Very good mastery both early(+15HP at lvl 1) and late game. Scales great with any deffensive item which provides health. Consider trading it for Tenacious if there are 2 or more enemy champions with heavy CC.
If you consider you will have trouble against a team with slows and heavy CC, trade 2 points into Swiftness and Juggernaut for Tenacious

Note: mathematic explainations will be added in a further edit
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Skills explaination

Get Excited!: This is your passive. +175% MS(movement speed) will help you get that risky tower, chain kills and assists, reposition yourself during teamfights.

Switcheroo!: This is the skill that makes Jinx such a versatile champion. Pow-Pow, the Minigun helps melting objectives (turrets, Dragon, Baron) with ease and is great in 1v1 and 2v2 fights thanks to its high DPS (damage per second). Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher is great for pushing lane or split-pushing, outranges almost all ADCs (we look at you Caitlyn, at least early game), making it a great way to poke, and is great for team fights as it alows you to deal damage to multiple targets while maintaing a relativelly safe distance.
Spoiler: Click to view

Note: further update will provide a spoiler with a updated chart(as this one is from 2013, but it still proves my point) containing ranges for all ADCs

You're going to want to max out Switcheroo! second (after your ultimate, of course) as it's the best option out there.

Tips and Tricks

Zap!: Not a big fan of this skill. Provides slow, vision over the enemy(if there is any), but is hard to land in lane. You're better off using Fishbones, the Rocket Launcher 3-5 times instead of Zap!. Use only to snipe enemies under their tower, check for bushes, chain with other CC, or catch escaping enemies.

Max Zap! 3rd or 4th

Tips and Tricks
  • Safe way to check your bot bush if you come late in lane (you had to help the jungler), not safe for all bushes.
  • Good for catching up runnig targets.
  • Don't use for poke, as it's quite hard to land, and will set you OOM(out of mana) fast.

Flame Chompers!: A pretty versatile skill, but not a great escape, as it takes 0,7s for them to arm. Great when chained with other forms of CC. Always try to lead your enemies when using it.

Max Flame Chompers! 3rd if you feel you can make use of the 33% CDR at max rank (you are dived a lot, or focused), else max it last.

Tips and Tricks
  • Use this skill in lane only as an escape, or if you know you can make an advantageous trade and the enemy jungler is somewhere else, or kill the enemy when chained with your support's CC.
  • Use it to shut down jungle routes or hide them in bushes so the enemy can't avoid them

Super Mega Death Rocket!: This is your ultimate. Deals more damage the further it travels and the less HP your target has. Great for sniping out recalling enemies from other lanes. It's splash damage allows you to steal Dragon or Baron if syncronized well.

You're going to max out Super Mega Death Rocket! as often as possible.

Tips and Tricks
  • Always back off a few steps if you intend to execute a close low health target
  • Can be usefull for checking objectives around the map (although warding should do the job)
  • Don't use it in close combat as it needs some distance to do damage
  • If you recalled and your teammates started a fight without you, send it in the middle of the teamfight so you can get the movement speed from your passive if you get a kill/assist
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Gameplay-early game

Laning phase
Here you are usually highly dependent on the support match-up.
    You + CC support vs. squishy bot: You should always try to engage against squishy bot. Always poke, and chain your Chompers(e) with the support's cc for great trade/all in. Long story short, be aggresive early, but not reckless (you are still weak). An particular match-up would require for you to poke the enemy support instead of the adc: ADC + Soraka.

    You + CC support vs. heavy engage bot: Play safe, let your support in the first line, hug tower and farm. Poke the enemy ADC when possible, but always prioritise farm. Ask for jungler help(don't spam), but notice, ultimatelly is your fault if you lose tower, regardless of the match-up.

    You + poke/sustain support vs. squishy bot: usually, squishy enemies will have good sustain. try to engage only if you can properly land chompers on one of them, else, it's a farming battle.

    You + poke/sustain support vs. hard engagee bot: poke whenever you can, especially early(if support have Face of the mountain, poke is useless). don't push, freeze lane or farm under tower. you are barelly safe even under tower. ask for ganks, you really need them, even just to zone the enemy bot.
Note: this section will eventually be expanded in the Match-ups chapter

At lvl 6, use your ultimate to help other lanes, or finnish off backing-up enemies. Keep it if you think you can use it to steal drake, or secure a kill in your lane. allways try to back up a little before launching your ultimate, in order to deal more damage.

Advanced tactics
Farming under tower
as a general rule, you have to attack minions acordingly:
    when no ally wave is under tower: let the tower attack melee minions 2 times, then attack them. for caster minions, you have to attack them first, then let the tower attack once, then you can kill them

    when ally wave is attacking enemy minions: usually you have to reverse the tactics from the first case. attack once the the melees then let the tower attack them once. for casters, you can usually kill them directly after one attack from the tower.

Freezing the lane
Under construction

pow pow mini-gun vs. rocket launcher
This is what separates average jinx players from bad ones(why average? because jinx is ultimatelly about objectives control). Don't abuse this skill, as it will drain your mana pool in seconds.

When to use rockets:
    -when pushing lane, use them on the 3 caster minions
    -when against short ranged adc, to poke. for even greater range, use them on the enemy minions if the enemy support/adc is close to them.
    -when you have to keep a greater distance from the enemy
    -when chained with chompers, as the enemy ADC will mostly be out of range to fight back for 1-2 aa's
    -chaining them with the pow pow. if you are in range to trade with mini-gun, switch for chompers if the enemy retreats for 1-2 more aa's

This is your only escape and should not be used for zoning. Use it reckelsly and you are a sitting duck for 24 seconds. A nice trick i see no one is sharing is to use them in bushes.

When to use Chompers:
    Enemy ganks
    You can chain it with your support's cc
    Set up ganks
    Root over extended enemy bot

Under construction

NOTE: in a further update, picture exaples will be added
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Gameplay-mid game

Lane pushing vs. roaming
Mid-game is where you start to shine. You are now a real threat for the enemy team. Most of the times you will want to stay in lane and keep pressure, as roaming means you loose xp and cs
When to stay in lane:
    -you won lane: keep pushing, and always ward. You have awesome pushing power, and towers are a piece of cake for you. Take their jungle whenever possible. Take the second tower before considering joining other lanes. If you are against another heavy pusher adc, roam as far as mid, then come back to defend your tower. Oh, and ALWAYS WARD!(upgrade your trinket at lvl 9!)

    -you losed lane: farm in your lane. WARD your jungle and ask permision to farm the jungle. if you roam you are loosing xp/cs. Oh, and maybe i forgot: ALWAYS WARD!

    -you are feed, but theere is an enemy that can easelly shut you down: just stay in your lane and keep feeding. You might consider keeping the enemy towers up longer, in order to feed more. If the enemy plays too safe, just ward river and enemy jungle tribush and take down the tower. If the enemy doesnt leave, you can catch them with your passive. Move closer to the tower just before taking it down so you can catch the enemy bot-laners. Ward deeper and do the same to the second tower. Always steal as much jungle as you can. Oh, did i forgot something? Yep. ALWAYS WARD!

When to roam:
    -you are feed a.f. and there is no enemy pusher: if no one can shut you down, take down the first tower and "wreak havoc". go help in the siege of other towers, but allways try to not give your tower for free. take as much enemy jungle as you can. Oh, got it ^_^

    -you losed lane, but the enemy doesn't have pushing power: roam if there is too dangerous to keep pushing that wave

NOTE: warding points and other pictures will be added in further updates
Note2: i am well aware that Gameplay section is a pain to read in it's current format. I chose to keep it this way untill it comes it's turn to be reworked, as i believe it contains valuable informations
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Gameplay-late game

Under construction
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Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Spoiler: Click to view

Feedback is always highly apreciateed

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