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Ryze Build Guide by Derisat

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Derisat

Ryze 2.0 Unending Nuke

Derisat Last updated on November 19, 2011
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Version History 2.04

VH 2.04 = Replacing MP/5 seals with Mana seals due to numbers and a great point from NovaJJ.

VH 2.03 = an explanation from Warrrrax on why we drop RoA was added to the end of the items section

VH 2.02 = I've gone on forums, done my own testing and made changes from the 2.0 guide. Most notabely I swapped 2 in offensive from Mental Force to Butcher to get 4 dmg vs minions, last hitting is always a pain with ryze and this helps with that. also i dropped filler points from Improved Recall (not the good to start with) and Sage (useless once you hit 18) for 2/4 in Swiftness * thank you for the mastery input "Sylvr" * That extra 1% could mean the difference between outrunning an Olaf and being just in range of his axe. As for runes I'm swapping the CDR with MR5/Level in testing i hit cdr cap before I even finished Frozen Heart The added MR will bring my MR to 104 by endgame, up from 80. Also put Will of the Ancients in after Frozen Heart this allowed me to go to a seperate lane or Jungle the golem to get back almsot all my health instead of Recalling and running back. Also it lets you semi-tank damage while dishing out alot and it has a nice aura effect. I'd like to thank "Sylvr", "Warrrrax", "NovaJJ" for their contributions in improving the guide and also "Eledhan" and the other comments on the LoL forums for their input and insite"[/color]

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Hey MobaFire Users, this is my personal Ryze build, inspired originaly by the Ap Be Damned build and now being fine tuned by the MobaFire and LoL community.

Ryze is a very powerful caster, his skills have a unique utility and offensive base. He has a horrible scaling with AP but his abilities gain damage based on his mana pool. Knowing this and his ability to machine gun out spells with his low CD's and his passive from Overload make him the perfect synergy to be a machine gunning nuker with a massive mana pool to continually cast from.
Texts in green are recent adjustments made to the guide, while those in RED are what stood their previously.
So please follow the guide and read along as I attempt to walk you the reader, through a cheap item build in a streamlined order to capitalize on his skills and stats as the game progresses with levels.

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Runes are pretty basic, all runes should be Tier 3, don't buy runes from any lower tiers as you level. Now onto the runes.

First off...
The Marks will always be 9X Greater mark of Insight magic penetration. A must on all AP champions

Second are...
The Seals, I personaly go with 9X Greater Seal of Intellect . Nice boost to your starting mana pool, as well as additional damage early on. Also has more use through the game over MP5. I came to this conclusion with very little persuasion from "NovaJJ"from LoL forums. This guide continues to be a credited work thanks to the contribution of the LoL and Mobafire community :-)
I used to have MP5/Lvl here, now I use flat Mana though Mana/lvl could also work out for you. Tear is built damn early and once you have that mana issues are few and far between, count also the blue golem buff and your mana issues dissapear really fast. That being said, MP5 seals have very limited benefit.

Third in line...
The Glyphs, I go with 9X Greater Glyph of Shielding . The MR/LvL allows me to 104 MR by the end of the game and by level 9 I'm already getting the effects of flat MR just in time for late game.

The Quintessences, I use 3X Greater Quintessence of Fortitude only because I don't have 3x Greater Quintessence of Swiftness which I'm IP'ing up for you read this. The extra movement from swiftness helps you chase, avoid other abilities of summoners and move quicker. Until i get those the extra health of the fort lets you survive longer.

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Finaly now to the new mastery tree for season 2, the reason you really came here. This new mastery layout is a VAST IMPROVEMENT for Ryze. In season 1 you were forced to choose some dead end or mediocore masteries in utility because the ones we wanted were glitched and didn't work.
Now we get the full effect of what we wanted. It's a simple choice 9 in offensive for the 4 vs Minions to last hit, some AP, CDR, Magic Penetration%.
For the utility I chose what I did for specific reasons. If i have to tell you why I chose the Mana/lvl and mp5 don't make a Ryze, make a Garen. I bet the real questions are why I DID NOT CHOOSE the movement 4/4 or gold per lvl 4/4, its easy, the remake made the new mastery choices better with better fillers for 1 point. Using 2/4 as a filler filled the 4 point void from and . filled the 4th point from the 3/3 . You are a caster, getting health for nuking things MASSIVELY outways 2g/10. I opted out of Sage and Improved Recall after testing and input from "Sylvr" from LoL forums. the imp recall was worthless and the sage lost its effectiveness at 18. But that extra 1%movement speed can save your *** sometimes. It helps you get back to lane sooner especially with swiftness quints.

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OK, the items I posted all synergy great with this Mana/CDR buildas is there order. This is a Mana/CDR build to make the most of nuking ALOT without recalling, the fact he can be tanky does not make him a tank, other guides that demand he be a tank should be pointed and laughed at. Being tough is just a perk, not his role.
The core item though, the one that will make the game easier by itself, just happens to be Tear of the Goddess It continually ramps up your base mana pool there for your damage. Seriously I've won games with this alone the rest is just a smackdown insult. So here goes the guide

Sapphire Crystal adds mana and hence forth doubles your Q's damage at level one as well. and it builds into your next item.

Tear of the Goddess MP5, mana, and it has a passive that adds to your mana capacity max the more you cast spells. Also it builds into the Archangel's Staff

Glacial Shroud adds cdr + mana and goes into Frozen Heart which does it all that better and with 99 armor.
Your game should be in its late phase by the time you have Frozen Heart.

Sorcerer's Shoes = speed + magic penetratoin.

Negatron Cloak builds into Banshees's Veil and adds serious MR

Banshee's Veil Great MR, a mana shield and just all around awesome stats

Archangel's Staff Mana AP MP5 and Ap based off your max mana.

Frozen Heart upgraded from Glacial Shroud

Will of the Ancients AP + Spell Vamp, lane longer and heal on mobs without recalling for mana, + it gives a similar aura effect to nearby allies

Void Staff makes your spells pack more punch and pierce through combining AP + Anti-MR

Alot of people wonder still why no Rod of Ages. well the best explanation is from Warrrrax from Lol forums, he posted the following

"RoA is a huuge bump in the road and there is no reason for Ryze to NOT be able to Go Off with his comboes by level 9. Why save it for lategame?

If Ryze gets 10% free at 9 from Q, 15% from 1500g shroud, and starts with 9-0-21 for 16% starting, he is SET at level 9!
Alternatively you could have 35% with some mana runes instead and then upgrade to Frozen Heart earlier than normal for the 40%.

Belive me...I understand the temptation. Rod gives you tons of mana and your health bar is a lot healtier looking...despite that your MR and armor still suck! Having base health with a Negatron and Shroud actually gives you as much or more effective health, for 800g cheaper." - Warrrrax

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Skill Sequence

OK skills are amazing on Ryze, they dont' scale worth a damn with AP BUT they have the added benefit of bonus damage based on MANA POOL. Also I use smart cast! it allows you to hover your mouse over your target and click keys on your board corresponding to you spells to cast whats under your mouse, no clicking mouse required. I replace the Smartcast options with the games: Q, W, E, R, and Summoner Spells D, F. Find this under keybindings.

First Your Passive
Arcane Mastery states, every time you cast a spell all other spells have their CDR reduced by 1 sec.

Q =

Your bread and butter is gonna be your Q aka Overload It adds a passive cdr to your all your spells, it scales bonus damage with your mana pool, and at level 1 does nearly double its base damage with your starting item Sapphire Crystal That's 80 dmg spell 2% (10+total) cdr and extra mana right at lvl 1! This gets skill up priority over everything BUT your R / Ultimate. Btw i wouldn't try to get a kill till you have this to rank 2 so Level 3 is when you can get aggressive

W =

You'll hit lvl 2 soon so of course get your W Rune Prison. It locks them in place and does minor magic damage. The only time to take this at level 1 is if you are bot or top and know your teammate is an ad carry that can get the job done aka Olaf/Vayne etc.. Level this after Q

I want to thank "Sylvr" again for pointing out my mistake on Rune Prison. It does infact scale and the guide has been adjusted accordingly.
This abilities lockdown time doesnt scale well neither does its damage, so when Overload is done being skilled I'd alternate this with your E

E =

Your E Spell Flux take this at level 4 It hits for a little and bounces 3 times and adds a temporary debuff to the enemies magic resist. It's fun to harras the back lane of a minion push and also to get an early smack on the ranged enemies hiding behind them. It's most important for increasing damage from your spells on your targets but it's key to getting the full satsifaction of your Ultimate. Level last poor damage scaling with no reduction in CD Credit to "Sylvr" again


R aka Ultimate is Desperate Power after activating this you have a VERY SHORT TIME to utilize its ability, It makes it so your spells that do damage, gain spell vamp and do a percentage of the base damage as an AoE off the target it hit. Now imagine your lane is being pushed by 1-2 champions + a mob ball. Activate R then target your enemy champion, click E>W>Q wham you just bounced an AoE Spell Vamp Spell Flux reduced the magic resist of all targets in the AoE damage zones and Locked down your target, adding another aoe+spellvamp, then slammed them for your Q which if you where fast enough gives off another aoe burst+spellvamp. The minion ball is of course very dead, you are very healed and your opponent/opponents are very hurt if not very dead. This is what makes Ryze the nuke king, because, except for your ultimate, your spells will be ready to cast again in only a second or 2 for another E>W>Q or W>E>Q or W>Q>E or any other combination. also your ult has a fairly fast CD.

All this without any real AP scaling just mana+cdr which seems to be paired on alot of cheaper items. I don't care that your brand hits for 1k+ I pounded out a sustained AoE Spellvamp Chain hitting Lockdown Thunderstorm Barrage on your tank, your carry, your healer and ****ed you up your digital butts while tanking your WW though his lifesteal, killed him under your turret and ended up with full health and have 70% of my mana left . I just PENTAKILLED YOU UNDER YOUR TURRET FOOL! I refer to this very common occurance as a A.S.C.L.T.B. ...yeah it needs work. But you get the point, This is infact rollface easy, sometimes I just hold 4 fingers above QWER and act like I'm playing a piano badly. I end up SPELLing wrqwrqeweraweserweqerwqrqwewerreqwrqweer while using smart cast. Yeah I just typo'd your team to death!

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Summoner Spells

My skills include a meta basic.

It escapes, it assaults, it avoids, it rocks.

There is several choices for the second, Exhaust Ignite but with the new season 2...

is now a regular game spell. Ryze cant drop turrets very quickly, his abilities cant hit the turret and he doesn't auto attack very well or quickly. But with Promote he can make one of his minions a supper minion, get credit for its gold.
Since we have the perk to buff Promote and Flash. Your Flash comes up faster and your super minion from Promote gets bonus defense stats. you can get gold credit, and a turret tanker/dropper.

Not bad in my opinion.

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This is Ryze in a nutshell, I hope to improve the clean up further, I would appreciate a banner and any input on how to make the guide more flashy and well awesome looking.