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Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides Mobafire League of Legends Build Guides
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Ryze Build Guide by danijel01

Ryze-Burn 'em Up

By danijel01 | Updated on February 28, 2012

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  • LoL Champion: Ryze
  • LoL Champion: Ryze


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hi guys! Welcome to my first build on I have published on this site. I'm so excited about this so without stalling you let's move on to the guide.
Ryze is potentially a very dangerous character, one of the best burst casters in the game even though many players seem to underestimate him. That is why I love him so much. If he gets some early game kills, and most probably he will, he can become nearly unstoppable if played correctly.
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+ A great nuker
+ Pretty easy to play,but hard to master.
+ Can burn up squishies in 2 seconds.
+ Overload has an insanely low cooldown.
+ Arcane Mastery is a pretty good passive which allows him to spam spells
+ When fully built,he can soak up a lot of attacks while dealing TONS OF DAMAGE(Phreak lol :D)
- Can be focused down pretty easily
- No hard CC,only CC being Rune Prison
- Can't really lane vs. champions with silence,E.G Kassadin
- Without his ulti,he has no AOE spells
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Standard caster masteries,nothing really special.
This section is really straightforward,there aren't so much different ways to go with Masteries.
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I use this particular Runepage that I dedicated to Ryze.Some may argue that it´s not good for Ryze but I like it and it is really useful to me.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Summoner spells

Ignite and Flash are in my opinion two of the most used Summoner spells in LoL.It can help you versus those pesky Champions like [vladimir],[swain],[volibear] etc. or just a bit of extra damage when you really need it.
It's great for running away,chasing,getting out of very dangerous situations,really a very versatile spell.

Other viable Summoner spells

It's not a bad spell for [ryze],but in my opinion it really isn't needed if you take [flash].

A good all-around spell for teleporting around the map,saving turrets,going to base and getting back to your team etc.It's a pretty decent spell,nothing more,nothing less.

These are pretty much the only good Summoner spells for Ryze in my opinion.
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This is the ability order I use for Ryze
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Basically I take Overload whenever I can,making sure to max it first,then i max Rune Prison and after that Spell Flux taking Desperate Power whenever possible.

This is your bread and butter skill.This is your highest damage ability with a ridiculously low Cooldown.It's a simple single-target long range nuke that blasts your enemy scaling both with Mana and AP.

A simple single-target skill which snares your opponent for a period of time and deals damage to it.Scales with Mana and AP.

With this skill you launch an orb that bounces up to 5 times dealing damage to enemy unit it hits and reduces it's magic resistance for a period of time.If there is no other nearby enemy unit the orb bounces between Ryze and his target , dealing no damage to Ryze.

This is Ryze's ultimate.It passively increases his mana pool , and on activation it gives you a buff for a shord period of time,giving your abilities 15/20/25% spell vamp and making your abilities do 50% AOE damage.Cooldown is also affected by your passive. Arcane Mastery.Sweet.
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Core items

Definitely THE best item for Ryze. It's just a must for any Ryze build.

These are pretty much the best boots for Ryze giving you that nice chunk of Magic penetration.

Mana,HP,AP.What more could you ask for?Definitely a must.

A great item for Ryze. It gives you a lot of armor,20% Cooldown Reduction,gives you 500 mana (FTW) and reduces the Attack speed of nearby enemies by 20%.IN UR FACE TRYNDA!:P

375 HP 375 Mana,and an epic passive that saved my life a thousand times.Pick this by all means.

I take this item last because it doesn't give you that much Mana and AP for it's cost,and i think Tear of the Goddess has a better passive because you get extra Mana for casting up to 2 spells in 6 seconds rather than 1 spell every 3 seconds and Ryze is a burst mage so he needs to cast his spells fast.Anyways take this item when you reach 1000 Mana cap on Tear of the Goddess,take it preferably late game because it will boost your AP insanely.

Note that I did not write the 6th item.It's pretty much a situational item and I will write some of potentional 6th items.

Situational 6th item:

Another Rod of Ages isnt such a bad idea as a 6th item as it boosts your HP,Mana and AP to a nice level.
Yes,2 Archangel's Staves.If you got to late game and want some extra killing power you could consider another Archangel's Staff because it's passive will give you a huge chunk of AP and with all items you should have around 500 AP and 5k Mana.
Spell Vamp and AP aura.Great item which I take often,sometimes I even pick it up in early game(check my second build).
A great item for annoying spells like Mordekaiser's or Malzahar's ulti.
You can take Void staff if your opponents stack a lot of Magic Resistances but I don't really take it very often.
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Playing as Ryze

When starting off as Ryze pick a Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Potion.
If you are facing an opponent with skillshots like [anivia],[cassiopeia],[ziggs],[swain] etc. pick up Boots and 3x Health Potions.
I STRONGLY RECOMMEND USING SMART CAST FOR RYZE.You can enable smart cast by going to your key bindings and remapping the q w e r abilities to smart cast versions.
You should constantly poke your opponent with Overload.

When you get at lvl 4 and have all 3 skills start focusing your opponents more seriously.
Open up with Overload and then Spell Flux, Overloadagain, Rune Prison, Overload.
When you go to the base for the first time try to have at least the amount of gold to buy Tear of the Goddess.
Always try to acquire Blue Buff.With Blue buff you will be able to do INSANE damage because of the CDR and you will have practically infinite mana.

With Blue Buff and Tear of the Goddess start spamming your spells and slowly but steadily filling your mana cap on Tear of the Goddess.
In teamfights try to burst down squishy champions as fast as you can.
Stay behind your team and focus on one champion at a time.
When you use Desperate Power you will get 50% AOE damage and if your opponents don't spread out they will take a considerable amount of damage.

Ryze has the potential to burst squishy champions from full to 0 in a matter of seconds,and you need to use that ability to its maximum.
In teamfights use this combo: Overload Desperate Power Overload Rune Prison Overload Spell Flux Overload.
With Smart Cast and some CDR from Frozen heart and Blue buff you will be able to spam this combo extremely fast,melting AD or AP carries,as well as Support champions in a matter of seconds.

When Ryze finishes his Build,he is a pretty beefy Mage,having approximately 3000 HP,180 Armor and 80 MR which is pretty tanky,if you compare it to mages like LeBlanc Cassiopeia Veigar etc.
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Last words

Well,this is the end of my guide.Since this is my first guide on Mobafire,I am very excited,and I appreciate the time you spent to read it.
It's not a long guide,I just wrote some basics and I tried to keep it short so you don't get bored while reading :D
Thanks to JhoiJhoi for her tutorial on how to make a Guide(I really wouldn't be able to do it without you!).
If you have any complaints,suggestions,questions,or just want to talk about this particular build or anything related to Ryze feel free to post it in the comment section below.
Thank you and have a nice time playing LoL.
League of Legends Build Guide Author danijel01
danijel01 Ryze Guide

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Ryze-Burn 'em Up