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Ryze Build Guide by XMonixX

Ryze: Ryzing Over 9000!

Ryze: Ryzing Over 9000!

Updated on January 17, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author XMonixX Build Guide By XMonixX 10,801 Views 2 Comments
10,801 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author XMonixX Ryze Build Guide By XMonixX Updated on January 17, 2012
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Greetings summoners! This is my first official guide on Mobafire and hopefully won't be my last. I've read over many of the Ryze guides here and feel that they just lack crucial information so I'm hoping to fill in the blanks. I easily have over 150 games as Ryze and the numbers are climbing. I have fun every game playing this DPS caster and usually do pretty darn good. Anyway I hope I am able to help you understand more about this underestimated champion and the dmg and utility he brings to the team. ENJOY!

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Summoner Spells

Flash Provides for quick retreat or quick gain on opponent. Opponents are shocked when you throw down a flash snare combo on them.

Ghost Although Ryze has a nice snare and spell vamp ult his survivability is .... "low" during early game due to his low hp (initially). Also a great spell to catch that fleeing squishy that you know... "If only I could get my hands on them".

Other Recommended:

Clarity Provides for a faster TOG Tear of the Goddess build up and allows for better harassment

Heal Almost dead? Heal and pop your ult for full HP

Ignite We've all had those... "If only I had had ignite on me" moments XD
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Arcane Mastery:

Arcane Mastery This is Ryze's passive and not one to overlook. This passive is what helps make Ryze a no CD spell machine gun. With some CD reduction and this passive Ryze can reach staggering amounts of DPS when using his spell combo over and over.


Overload This ability has great range and is essentially your bread and butter. This will be your first spell in your spell combo. Late game this ability combined with your 8% mana dmg can hit for over 450! That is without any AP scaling and not to mention it's at a virtually 0 sec CD. The CD reduction passive on this ability combined with your passive allows you to start your spell combo early game in rapid succession.

Rune Prison:

Rune Prison This is the ability that you will max second as the CD is a bit longer and not as spammable but the dmg is still a force to be reckoned with. This will be the second spell in your spell combo because your overload will most likely scare your opponent into retreating. This is a very strong, very efficient ability as it holds your opponent down for you to complete another spell combo rotation resulting in quick, massive dmg.

Spell Flux:

Spell Flux This will be the ability you max last due to the.... "poor dmg" it provides. Although you max this last you SHOULD take this at lvl 3 because it allows you to get another Overload in your spell rotation early game. Also if you are standing next to an opponent that you have just snared with your rune prison you will be able to get the maximum dmg by using yourself to ricochet your Spell Flux between you and your opponent. Ex: At lvl 1 your spell flux does 50 dmg (before MR) PER BOUNCE. So being able to hit your opponent at a maximum of 3 times (bounces off yourself twice)your 50 dmg triples to 150 dmg.

Desperate Power:

Desperate Power This ultimate may seem "sub-par" at first but you have to take into account that the CD is very low and that because of your passive it's another spell to use in your spell combo. The CD is low enough that you can use it on a wave of minions to heal up and not have to worry about it being down when you need it. The 50% AOE dmg may appear unflattering at first but given that it last for 7 seconds which gives you plenty of time for multiple spell combos and damaging everyone in range.... This ultimate can easily turn the tide of a team fight. EX: Lets say you are only able to get off 2 spell rotations while in your ultimate, that is equivalent to you hitting everyone that was in range with a full combo (50%+50%=100%) <-- XD I earned my first pentakill due to this ultimate :o)
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Skill Sequence

Explantion: Obviously you will max your Q Overload first due to its range, dmg, and spammability. Although I have it as my lvl 1 skill here, it all depends on where you are laning , who you are laning with, and who you are laning against. EX: If laning with someone who already has a stun I would take overload first because i would be able to dish out 2 overloads (more dmg) because of my partners snare but if I were laning against an opponent who was high dmg and melee I would take rune prison first because if they are not able to get to me then they can't dmg me. QUICK NOTE: If you do take overload first try not to over-use because you can easily run OOM. Your goal early game is farm, farm, farm although sometimes harass is just needed :o) Rune Prison will be maxed second because of it's great utility and also it great dmg. Spell Flux will be lvled last because it only scales with AP and this build doesnt utilize any AP until late game through AAS Archangel's Staff. Desperate Power will be taken at lvls 6, 11, and 16.

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
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Your Spell Combo/Smartcasting

Ryze's spell combo IMO is best used when SMARTCASTING. For those of you who do not know what smartcasting is, here's a breakdown: When you assign one of your ability keys (Q,W,E,R) to automatically cast the ability when the key is pressed. EX: Ryze's Overload is Q, when you move your cursor over an opponent and press Q Ryze will automatically walk in range and use Overload. This eliminates having to press Q, select your target, and press Q again. You can go to the options menu in LoL, scroll down to smartcasting, and assign each key. Once you have done that, try practicing in a custom game to get the feel.

Ryze's spell combo is Overload, Rune Prison, Spell Flux, Overload, Desperate Power and repeat. After you cast your Rune Prison you can move a little closer to ensure that your Spell Flux will get maximum bounces but only do this if it is safe. The only exceptions I would make to this combo would be that if you are in the middle of a team fight you might want to use your ultimate sooner to cause more AOE dmg.

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Greater Mark of Magic PenetrationX9 MAGIC PEN.... DUH!!!

Greater Seal of HealthX9 These will help your early game survivability as Ryze's base HP is low. Thanks to Mastarwe for pointing out that I needed flat hp seals

Greater Glyph of ManaX9 This adds another 8 dmg to your Q and W and combined with your Sapphire Crystal doubles your mana with a total of 48.5 extra dmg from mana. EX: Lvl 1 mana 305, add 101.25 from runes, and add 200 from Sapphire Crystal EQUALS 606.25 mana at lvl 1

Greater Quintessence of Movement SpeedX3 Ryze needs to be able to move around quickly so that he can target high priority targets. A big reason why Ryze is viable is his snare and you need to be able to get in there complete your objective, backout and repeat.
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For masteries I go 9/0/21. I believe this to be the most efficient way that ryze can be built. In Offense I take the masteries for Ghost enhancement, CD reduction, and 10% Magic pen. In Utility I take masteries for Flash enhancement, mana and mana regen, movement speed, spell vamp, CD reduction, and summoner spell enhancement.

With these masteries and runes you gain:

8.5 + 10% Magic pen

10% CD reduction

113 mana

48.5hp @ lvl 1

5.5% movespeed

3% spell vamp

16hp/5 @ 4k mana (end game)

15% CD reduction on Summoner Spells
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Core items:

First I start off with Sapphire Crystal and Health PotionX2 I don't believe I've ever come into a situation where this would change. It's too good of a setup, you have an extra 200 mana to cast spells, a huge boost in dmg from that mana, and to top it off you have not 1! not 1.5!, but 2 Health Potion!!! If that doesn't get you goin then I don't know what will XD

Next I rush to get my Tear of the Goddess. This item is crucial to your overall damage and needs to be built up ASAP. Your endgame goal is to reach around 3800-4200 mana. QUICK NOTE: When casting spells to build your tear don't forget that the 4 extra mana effect can't occur more than 2 times within 6 seconds so don't go key crazy thinking that you are reaching the high score of the mana gods! The mana regen is also a welcome boost :o)

Your next item should be Boots. Although you start off with 330 speed at lvl 1 you aren't sonic and you need to be able to flee, chase, or help a teammate AFAP (as fast as possible). Also if gold permits you should always grab some Health Potion and for heavens sake.... SOME FRIGGIN sight ward!!!! Wards save lives... PERIOD

Check out this guide by Panglot Warding helper-more than your eyes can see

Alrighty next we have our Glacial Shroud this baby gives a nice chunk of mana, some armor, and a beautiful helping of CD reduction. By the time you have this item you should have 35% CD reduction and be firing your spells as if you were playing Contra.

Ok the next item will be up to you to decide but here are some helpful tips:

Is the other team stacked with hard hitting AD champions? Then you should build into

Is the other team doing some nice dmg with AP champs? Then you should build into

Are you doing fairly well but could use an HP boost? Then you should build into

Fairly simple right???

To round off your build you go for more dmg with and for more MR and Armor go with If the enemy team has built some MR then you can replace GA with a Void Staff to keep your dmg flowing.
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Now that we know WHAT to play with let's learn HOW to play!

Early Game: During the early game phase Ryze can be very squishy so try and make it a point to get in as many last hits on minions as possible while keeping a safe distance. When laning against a melee you can be a little less careful but when dealing with ranged, it will feel like every bit of harassment hit you hard. This doesn't mean you CANT lane against ranged it just means you need to pay more attention, because although they may cause dmg they won't return without a sting of your own. Ryze has a 675 range on his Q that does significant dmg so make sure you return a blow so they know that you won't be pushed around. Your goal while laning is to get enough gold for your Tear of the Goddess because once you have this then your real harassment can begin.

Mid-game: Mid-game is when Ryze can really start to shine because at this time you should have your core items Sorcerer's Shoes, Tear of the Goddess, and Glacial Shroud. These items allow you to do some serious dps and in rapid succession. You aren't quite "sturdy" enough to be right in the middle of a team fight but your damage will be a crucial part in a team fight.As in any team fight you would like your tank to initiate before you go in and then target whoever is out of position, the most threat, or whoever you can drop in that instant.

Late Game: By this time you have most of your endgame items, you are fairly beefy, and your mana is GINORMOUS!!! hence your dmg output is devastating to the enemy team.QUICK NOTE:With your Rod of Ages, Archangel's Staff and a Void Staff your AP grows to 305 adding 60 dmg to your Q, 183 to your W, and 106 PER BOUNCE to your E! You follow in with your team, throw down that ult and let the mayhem commence
..... PENTAKILL.... echo... echo GG.
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Special Thanks

I'd like to give credit where credit is due to the amazing jhoijhoi for her guide Making a guide It really helped me add a little spice to the format and provided me with 'The know how"

Also I'd like to thank Panglot just for making a ward guide in general because ppl need to WARD MORE!!! XD

Thanks to Mastarwe for bringing up some valid points :o)

And also thank YOU!!! The reader for taking a peek.... +1 to you

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