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Ryze Build Guide by Tettsui

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tettsui

Ryze viewed from a different angle

Tettsui Last updated on February 6, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Thanks for taking a look at this guide/build. If you don't like this build/guide then PM me or comment rather than just voting it down. I've spent some time on this build/guide so please give me feedback. :)

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Yeah, why make a guide for Ryze?

Probably because he is so adaptable, so strong and fun to play. Because of his farming compability, his Rune Prison and his lane survivability. There's plenty of guides out there for Ryze, but I wanted to make something controversial, something different.
This is my tank build for Ryze.

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  • Very strong late game, considered an AP Hypercarry
  • Extremely tanky for an AP Carry
  • Built-in snare with low cooldown
  • Great wave clear with ultimate and low cooldown
  • Has AOE Damage and sustained ability power damage.

  • Weak at early levels against some champions
  • Has very short range on his abilities and he has to get up close and personal to deal damage

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Your only reason to take cleanse is to last longer in as well team fights as fights 1v1. Instead of buying Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash I therefore recommend you to go with cleanse.

I don't state that Cleanse is best for Ryze, but rather an option worth considering.

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Why these runes and items? Why the magic resistance and the Sunfire Cape?

Due to the fact that Overload and Rune Prison deals damage based on a percentage of his his maximum mana he can build very tanky items and still deal "tons of damage".

  • Start off with either Sapphire Crystal or Boots of Speed, in both cases go with Health Potion and don't forget to ask for blue buff from your jungler. Ryze is very. very strong with blue buff early on because almost all of his damage comes from his amount of mana, literally said. Late game he can do very well without blue though.

  • Catalyst the Protector is a great item to buy on your first recall. This gives you increased lane survivabilty with the mana and health restored upon levelling up meanwhile your increased mana and health makes you tougher and gives you higher damage out put.

  • Your next item depends on situation and what you feel comfortable with. The most common item for Ryze is probably Tear of the Goddess, and many prefer to buy it before catalyst the protector. In this more tanky build we're going for Rod of Ages for the mana and health and then Abyssal Mask combined with Sunfire Cape for extreme tankiness and damage output.

  • Take magic resist and magic penetration runes for extra durability in lane and to deal more damage to your enemies. The movement speed quintessences are for better utility and chasing compability. Ryze is really strong against tanks with Sorcerer's Shoes due to its magic penetration.

  • Archangel's Staff should still be one of your primary items because of the mana you get when using abilities and the mana regen.

  • Frozen Heart makes you more durable in teamfights and and is a good counter item against attack speed champions as Teemo and AD (attack damage) carries. Its mana gives you higher damage too!

    If the enemy team of some reason doesn't have any AD (attack damage) carry or any Teemo then another Archangel's Staff might be a wise choice.

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+ gain massive durability
+ stronger against melee champions
+ abilities deals more damage
+ it's badass


- less damage than other builds
- your team might flip out
- you can't hide in camps or at baron if chased

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It can be very difficult to get creeps with Ryze because of his low range, low and slow auto-attack damage, and slow movement.

Thus, using his abilities to last hit minions is not uncommon. When you get Tear of the Goddess, it is even beneficial to last hit with your abilities to build up your mana.

Be wary of enemies harassing you when using your abilities to farm creeps.

Late game farming gets a lot easier though. As your Spell Flux gets stronger you can clear out minion waves easily, otherwise you can use Desperate Power for faster farming and to get HP (hit points) back if you're hurt.

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Ryze has an unbelievable amount of sustained damage. Your job is to stay alive and not be focused in team fights. Doing so will allow you to unload tons of pain on the enemies.

Your primary focus should be the enemy carries and squishies.(This does not mean that you should run through the enemy team just to try to get to them though)

Ryze has the ability to poke with his spells. Keep an eye out for anyone on the enemy team that overextends even a slight amount. You can catch them with Rune Prison and destroy them.

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Ryze is extremely strong against melee champions. Therefore, he is a good counter pick against several champions that are viable top lane.
Champions such as Nasus, Rumble, Singed and Riven can have a hard time against Ryze.
Ryze can freely harass these champions without getting hurt or risk dying except by being ganked.

Ryze is weak against strong pushers. He has a very hard time stopping pushes, especially before he gets his Desperate Power and a decent sized mana pool. Champions such as Anivia, Morgana, and Orianna can give him a hard time.

As always, if you can not defeat your laning opponent, do not try to. Call in ganks and tower hug if you are getting zoned. You will lose some farm but it's much better than giving the enemy a kill which often results in them getting a tower as well as a huge gold advantage.

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Never start a fight with Desperate Power. First use you Spell Flux or Rune Prison for higher damage. Also, don't use Cleanse unless there's an ultimate coming or it's about your life. This is very important.

Ryze is the perfect candidate to assist with ganks. Junglers should have an easy time ganking with him because of his burst damage and Rune Prison. Call for ganks at every opportunity, especially when your laning opponent does not have flash up. On the other hand, Ryze is also an easy target for ganks because of his lack of mobility.

Once you've used your flash, you need to be really careful, taking note of your laning opponent's behaviour and positioning. Depending on how aggressive or passive your laning opponent is, it may indicate that a gank is coming.

The two most common signs that foreshadow an oncoming gank is if your laning opponent suddenly becomes extremely aggressive or extremely passive. If you notice this, back off immediately to avoid getting killed.