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Ryze Build Guide by swedenownz123

Ryzing to power

By swedenownz123 | Updated on December 27, 2011

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First words

Hello and welcome to my first guide here on mobafire.

This guide will cover one of my main champions: Ryze, the rogue mage

Also please vote my guide whatever you think it deserves and please tell me why.
If that happends then I could take into consideration what you said and see if it works better then what is listed here right now.

Thank you for reading this.
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This guide will cover one of my main champions: Ryze, the rogue mage.

Ryze is one of the simpler characters to play since most of the time you don't have to chain spells in any special order, just spam and watch the fireworks.
Of course sometimes this is not true, but the majority of the time it is.

Ryze is unlike almost every other magic carry in the game due to that most magic carries get a massive leap in burst at level 6 and with their ultimate.

This does not happend with Ryze due to that his ultimate does not do nearly as much compated to all the other magic carries.

It gives you a small bit of spellvamp and AoE damage on your spells, something which is only really useful for clearing large minion waves late game.
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Ryze scales with mana to do damage, so getting mana instead of AP is a no-brainer.

Meki Pendant is a better starting item then Sapphire Crystal for 1 reason, unless you go back to base every 150 seconds to recharge mana. If you do the math then you will find out that if you don't have maximum mana for 142 seconds at a time then Meki Pendant is better. Thats half the cooldown of Teleport. Don't belive me? Do the math yourself.

Tear of the godess is a definete must as it gives an extreme amount of mana thanks to it's passive. It is a definitive core item for Ryze.
This item should always be rushed.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Cooldown reduction is good for any mage character, even the odd ones out (such as Ryze.)
alternatives are Sorcerer's Shoes and Mercury's Treads

Next I either grab a Frozen Heart or a Banshee's Veil depending on if the enemy team is deals mostly physical or magic damage.

Next up on the shopping list is a Rod of Ages
It gives a decent chunk of hitpoints, an even bigger chunk of mana and a small chunk of that "ewwy" AP but it's still a good item.

For the last item you can grab just about alsmot anything releated to magic.
Morello's Evil Tome, Eleisa's Miracle, another Rod of Ages, Void Staff, Abyssal Mask and Will of the Ancients are all situationally decent choices to fill the last slot.

For the very last thing we buy we upgrade out tear of the godess to an Archangel's Staff and just keep buying Elixir of Brilliance since you don't have any more inventory slots and you can't give money to your team mates who are not as pro as you are.
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This rune setup focuses mostly on early damage, lane sustain and surivability with a small focus on kate game burst. Of course there are other viable choices and feel free to experiment around and if you already have other magic carry runes you can use those, but I fell that these are the runes I have most succsess with.
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I go for magic penetration in offense while going mostly in utility.

Reasons? Because magic in offense is all about getting AP, and Ryze has really bad AP ratios, the case could be just for getting Executioner. But that dosent give as much as the utility tree,
especially now with the Strength of Spirit mastery giving you good chunk of health regen it gives, both early and late game.
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Overload, your main damage, harass and once you get enough mana also your last hitting spell. it also gives Cooldown based on rank.

Rune Prison

A hard, non-conditional, non-skillshot stun.
This thing will be your life saver for you and the demise for the enemy.
It's not even hard to land, press W and click on that which you want to stop. DONE

Spell Flux

Dosen't scale with mana which is really sad, dosen't really deal any damage and offers no other utility rather than reducing the magic resist of all targets hit by a very small amount for about a second.

Desperate Power

EXTREMLY situational and dosent really add your damage, it passively gives a small bit of mana, probably the only reason I even pick it up at all
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Summoner Spells


This evil thing is something that everybody has, which means everybody needs it, but if no one had it then no one would need it, but if you had it and no one else had it then you would get a massive advantage. It has become an infite time paradox that is in an infinte loop, effectivly breaking the laws of physics by creating something that is the most used thing in this game. It only is still in use because it is something that can not exist without itself.

soo yeeeaaah.... get flash


Something that is really under rated and rarely used but has a decent amount of uses.
Like keeping preassure on a lane while you go back to base, pushing an unguarded lane, distracting your lane opponent while you go gank, give small extra damage when fighting in lanes and to troll opponents. What people don't realise is that it has scalling armor and magic resist so late game it's about 80% the strength of a super minion.
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Pros / Cons

+Good sustain damage.
+High max mana.
+Superb stun.
+Easy to play.
+Is awesome.
+Decent harass.
+Very good mid.
+Short cooldowns.
+very cheap in the store.

-Squishy early game.
-Mana problems early game.
-Low health.
-No escape mechanic (except stun).
-Vurneable to silence/snare.
-Bad ultimate.
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The minions and you

Your minions like you, the enemy minions don't.
Kill the enemy for all sorts of nice goodies, such as gold, experience, and a high K/D to brag about to your friends (if you have any).

Now for serious stuff:
If you have a jungler who is starting at the wraiths or ancient golem then you can cast your opening spell at them through the wall, making them wanna kill you and not your jungler, meaning you will do damage to the jungle monsters, aswell as letting your jungler get in a bit of free damage aswell. once you've done that then go back to mid lane and play as normal.

What people dont realise here is:

Look at it this way:
I just did a good amount of damage to the junglers monsters, meaning he could probably save a Health Potion, which costs 35 gold.
You were away from the lane for 5-8 seconds, meaning it's very rare for a minion to die in that time, but if it does then that was a potential 28 gold lost.
There was no guarantee that you would be able to get that last hit, but even if you dont last hit the minion every single time and leash every single time then you still saved your jungler 35 gold for losing 28 yourself.


Also ask him back the favor later by having him help you get blue buff if you are OoM and dont wanna go back to base and he's not jungling at that point in time.
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Last words

As stated above, give me feedback and give +rep on useful comments, even the ones that are completly disregarding the time and effort I put into this and just pointing out flaws.

Thank you for your time and hope you all "Ryze to power" soon enough.
League of Legends Build Guide Author swedenownz123
swedenownz123 Ryze Guide

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Ryzing to power