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Nami Build Guide by Trix68

Support [S:5] Surfing on Freelo

By Trix68 | Updated on February 3, 2015

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Hey! My name is Trix68, I am a Platinum support main. Nami was the first support I ever learned to play and in my opinion is very underplayed considering her strength. If this build at all helps you out drop me a photo of your game and I'll showcase it on my guide! Don't forget to drop a vote.
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Pros / Cons

- Good engage/disengage
- Hard CC
- Speed buffs
- Strong at almost all points in the game
- Sustain with heal
- Long cool downs
- Stun can be hard to land
- Squishy early
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Press the Attack
Lethal Tempo
Fleet Footwork
Dark Harvest

This rune setup improves Nami's auto attack damage and spell damage while making her very tanky.
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Nami is an interesting support, her abilities scale off of AP but you don't build it at all. That's because she poorly scales off of any sort of damage, this forces you to go peel type defence items.

This item is core on Nami providing good poke during lane, gold generation, and a great active which and really turn around fights.

Sightstone is arguably a supports greatest tool. This item allows you to provide vision to your team by holding up to 5 wards in one slot.

This item is very important I cannot stress this enough. Watching support build Athene's always makes me cry, this item provides massive amounts of mana regeneration and an active that will save your adc many times cleansing roots, stuns, etc.

Frozen Heart is a strong item because it provides so many useful stats, I usually build this item if the enemy has a ad hyper carry like Yasuo or Vayne.

Armor, health, an active that slows. This item is very strong in fights allowing you to keep bruisers away from your AD carry.

I take this item almost 99% of the time. Provides a strong aura of MR and HP regen also the active gives a nice shield that usually takes a single a spell for you.

An alternative to the Locket, since Patch 4.20 this item has gotten more useful and attractive to the support role. I'll take this if the enemies wave clear consists of mostly magic damage making the active very strong when sieging towers.

Almost never take this item unless you need MR and someone else already has a Aegis of the Legion.

This item is very situational, I would only take this if your AD carry has no hard CC to worry about or if they have some sort of massive heal like Soraka.
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Laning Phase

Nami's auto attack range is fairly high for a support so try and zone the enemy laners by harassing with your autos. If the enemy trades an auto or 2 use Ebb and Flow on the enemy adc as it should damage the adc, heal you, then damage the support. Try and fight level 4 once you have a second point in Ebb and Flow, I think this is when Nami is her strongest. Landing an Aqua Prison then use tide caller's blessing on your adc to give them move speed and more auto damage as well as the slow. Save Ebb and Flow for damaging the adc when they're about to die when your adc can't reach it or to heal your adc if the enemy fights back.
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During team fights you want to Aqua Prison either for making picks or peeling off bruisers. Never stop peeling and healing your carries, your goal is to use all of your utility to make sure they do not die!
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I hope you enjoy this guide and find it helpful! Right now it's a little short but I'm going to be continuing to update as days pass, please leave a vote and comments all help is appreciated. :)
League of Legends Build Guide Author Trix68
Trix68 Nami Guide

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[S:5] Surfing on Freelo

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