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Darius Build Guide by eskisehir999

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author eskisehir999

İs it a bird?, İs it a plane?, No İts Darius!

eskisehir999 Last updated on May 26, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Guys its my first build so if i did something wrong pls write and ill fix it.
in this build i will show you the fun of playing Darius that you can use him allmost every lane possable.

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Pros / Cons

Why Should i play Darius?
Here is a list of Pros And Cons
-He can survive early and will be unstopable late games.
-he is one of the best helpers in team fight's
-he deals Tons of damage and even if he stops attacking his Hemorrhage keeps his life in thin ice Same thing what Ignite does
-5 stacks of Decimate then Noxian Guillotine will give what you want.
-if you want some Serious damage you nead to farm
-he is not a tanky char so if they gank you it will be hard to escape And DONT BE A HERO AND START THE FİGHT. Let your teammates start it for you
-Does the best when your target is stacked so you nead to get him stacked untill you Finnish him.

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Summoner Spells

İ picke those spells because i used them alot so it fits me good actualy. But if you wana try something new i will only advice Ghost and Exhaust but people actualy use Exhaust when the enemy champ runs away but i actualy use it at fights because it reduces the attack speed by %70 etc and that will help you when you attack him you hit him 2 times when he hits one if you have some Attack speed items Like Phantom Dancer and if he runs away use ur Ghost and if your stacks are full on him and his health is verry low use Noxian Guillotine and you got the kill. Dont even think about useing other spells...

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Early Game
i start with Cloth Armor And 5x Health Potions.Then i get Boots of Speed then one more Cloth Armor.Then i Get Madred's Razors],A [[Ninja Tabi]or][[Mercury's Treads(Depends with the enemy)].Finnish Wriggle's Lantern Then get a Phage (those 2 items will help you at early game (health+Attack+Armor)
Mid/Late Game
Finnish your Frozen Mallet then get a B.F.SwordAnd a Giant's Belt Finnish your The Bloodthirster then move straight to Warmog's Armor Now you have amazing Health Attack Damage And Some armor if the game still keep's going and you have some money to spend you can pick a Phantom Dancer For Alot of speed and crit Dmg or a Trinity Force for a little bit of everything but i pick Phantom Dancer because trinity force doent give bonus armor and you have good attack and health just nead some speed if you get all those item's You will be unstopable and if you get all the stack's too you will be GODLİKE

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Will Add's

-A cool Jungle guide
-Some more information about how Playing darius is Fun and much much more

-i will add all lane accept Mid When i try them all (Jungle Finished this build suits top and bot now i will try a Support Darius for fun i think it will be so good and exciting)

-Pls Forgive me for a short build i could do only this for first time but i will Make this build better

Pls post me how the build is and how to make it better thank you all for reading.