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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by AP WormMaW Mid

Top [S12] WormMaW's guide for Dr. Mundo

Top [S12] WormMaW's guide for Dr. Mundo

Updated on November 3, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AP WormMaW Mid Build Guide By AP WormMaW Mid 2019 115 7,252,322 Views 46 Comments
2019 115 7,252,322 Views 46 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AP WormMaW Mid Dr. Mundo Build Guide By AP WormMaW Mid Updated on November 3, 2022
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My name is AP WormMaW Mid and I am AP Kogmaw main since season 3. I was Master tier season 4 and season 5 in soloQ, ending up in Challenger in 5v5 bracket during these seasons as well. Last season I ended up in Diamond 1 on EUW and Master tier 160LP on EUNE.

My main account profiles can be found here: EUNE, EUW

Even though, my main role is midlane, there were times, when top was my main role instead and I still do actively play it, keeping my ability to play it close to my ability to play midlane.

Reason why I decided to create this guide is, that I feel like Dr. Mundo is really underrated champion with really good potential (at least from soloQ perspective). Mostly he is being considered as something between mediocore to "pretty bad". Why I really like playing Dr. Mundo is, because he is versatile pick that expecially excels against magic-damage dealers. And since I already made Malphite guide, which is champion that excels against physical-damage dealers, I felt like it would be great, to add this guy in here as well, since both of those champions are my best toplane picks right now.
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Preseason experiment

During preseason, I managed to pull off experiment, where I created new account, that I leveled up and I started to play from unranked and climb as much as possible just by playing Malphite and Dr. Mundo. Since I leveled up this account myself, it was guaranteed, that it didn't have any history. You can see results from this experiment below.

Account that I used for this experiment can be found here.

For commentary, I wasn't able to get latest data from, because they removed all preseason data one day before season started, which I didn't really expect, so I didn't really get winrates and KDAs from there, but I kept one screenshot, that I took during process (for such cases). You can see final results taken from (last screenshot).

As you can see, at first I was able to keep up quite decent winrate, while it started to drop later on snowly. I am sure that there would be people, who can make even better winrate, since I am not really toplane main and I didn't play toplane for quite a while + I am not perfect player either. But still, I think that I managed to get quite decent KDAs and winratios with mentioned champions.

I was playing Dr. Mundo way more, because he is harder to counter and because it was my go-for pick, when I didn't know my opponent, which might lead in harder matchups sometimes, while I tried to keep Malphite mostly for matchups, where I knew my opponent, so it was basically easier to keep up decent winrate and KDA ratios.

My final elo was Plat 2, I was nearly in promo and I was getting around +25 for win and -15 for loss, which means that my MMR was somewhere around Diamond 5.

In case that you had some doubts about these champions, then I hope that I provided you with at least some valuable information, in case that you would be deciding if you want to pick some of these champions, in order to add them to your champion pool.
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Pros / Cons


+ Incredibly tanky
+ Great sustain
+ Generally good damage output
+ Possibility to splitpush or teamfight
+ Incredibly strong against magic-damage


- Weak early
- Can be kited by various targets
- Pretty bad, when he gets behind
- Lack of CC/utility
- Hard to play against tank-melting opponents

Mundo can be generally played against nearly anything on toplane. As I already mentioned, he excels against magic-damage dealers and he is able to become nearly immortal, against such teams. Except for that, he has pretty good ability to splitpush and if he gets caught, he still mostly has high chance to escape that trap.

What he hates though is, when someone can melt him down really fast, which mostly means facing Vayne or Kog'Maw, but except for that he can live for quite a long time, even if he gets focused in teamfight by entire enemy team.
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Here, I will try to explain possible rune choices for Dr. Mundo, even though it feels like sometimes there might be multiple viable choices and the difference might be very low. I wan't to point out, that I will mention only those runes, that I somehow consider interesting for comparison, so there might not be all runes explained, because it would just result in incredible wall of text that nearly no one would ever read. So let's get started!


From first look, Sorcery looks like viable option, since it has either way Summon Aery, which is pretty decent either way when you poke, or even if you trade with autoattacks. Another possiblity is to run Arcane Comet, that would be great together with your Infected Bonesaw, that provides slow and makes it hard to juke Arcane Comet.
What makes it annoying for me is that last row in Sorcery, which is choice between Scorch, Waterwalking and Gathering Storm. If you would probably have to choose anything out of these three, it would probably be Scorch, but none of them is really great for Dr. Mundo.

For reason mentioned above, I decided to go for Resolve, because generally, you have way more options to benefit with your very high health pool. Except for that you can pretty much get really good rune on every single slot, making more value on them over Sorcery ones.

This rune is pretty much the only usable one for Dr. Mundo in Resolve tree. Even with that fact, there is no problem with it, since it provides things that you exactly need. By that I mean extra damage, depending on your % health, in addition to neverending health stacking - and we all know, that Dr. Mundo loves additional health. With lategame health pool (sitting around 5k health), you will be doing really huge hits into squishy targets, expecially when you have your Blunt Force Trauma active.

After Bone Plating has been moved from this row, it's the only viable rune, that is quite useful when taking tower plates early as well as when you are splitpushing and trying to make pressure on side lane.


Here we have really hard choice between pretty good investment and early game power. Conditioning will definitelly give you a lot of late game power, since it gives you bunch of stats. In general I still prefer this rune over Second Wind, because usually I can survive early even with it and just make that transition into strong mid game.

After testing it, it's really strong rune in general for most of tanks during laning phase. It increases your sustain a lot and improves your quality-of-life in lane. What I see as a problem a bit is, that later on this rune starts to be pretty useless, where people burst you down in several seconds. That is where Conditioning starts to shine. It might be sometimes better though to grab this, when you don't feel confident with your early game or you feel like you will need more early power, because don't forget - you don't have to wait for this rune for 10 minutes, it works all the time, which is really important, expecially when a lot of soloQ games are fast paced!


This rune is literally what Dr. Mundo needs. It allows you to increase your health pool even further, which is exactly what you want to do in order to become that unkillable beast. Best thing is, that you are utilizing it's scaling potential even during siege of enemy objectives, where you are mostly not able to get any farm, which doesn't really matter in this case.

I have seen people using this rune, but to be honest I can't see it being that good. Main problem, that I have with it is, that whenever you play Dr. Mundo in general, you are going to get countered with healing reduction, which will already cut this rune into half. For that reason, it is just way better to go Overgrowth instead, pretty much in any possible scenario.


After patch 8.11, where they moved Ultimate Hat into Domination tree, both Sorcery and Domination don't really make sense anymore. For that reason it's better to situationally choose between Precision and Inspiration, where both might work.

This is the possibility, where you are more utilizing your ability to chase your opponents. Thanks to permanent +10 movespeed out of Magical Footwear and additional extra movespeed out of Approach Velocity, whenever you hit your Infected Bonesaw, you are able to chase down your opponents, even when you don't have your ultimate available, which is really nice.

In addition to that, we shouldn't forget the fact, that we get free boots, which is pretty much extra gold and you get probably best Dr. Mundo passive stats out of runes, which is pure health (currently +30 - 270hp), compared to any other secondary tree, that provides you with only 135hp max and some offensive stat, which you don't really need as Dr. Mundo, because HP is your most valuable stat anyways.

Right now it's the most common and recommended way, how to play Dr. Mundo, so if you don't want to think about it anymore, just grab this and you will be fine.

Even though it's not really widely used at the moment, I feel like situationally it can be really great secondary tree, due to your extended fighting potential, but let's describe it a bit further.

In general Dr. Mundo's big problem is, that he has hard time doing anything, when he is constantly being CCed or kited. For that reason it's great to have Legend: Tenacity, that gives you 30% extra tenacity after you fully stack it, which is pretty huge, considering that it's not really hard to stack.

Except for that, Dr. Mundo has pretty good damage, even when you are building him full tank and he likes to stay at lower health during fights, because then you get way more AD out of your Blunt Force Trauma. For that reason Last Stand can be pretty good "damage steroid" in teamfights or even when trading your lane opponent.

In general, if you feel like you can stick to your targets and you feel like you are going to have a lot of face-to-face fights, it might be worth to go this secondary tree as well. Last thing to consider is, that except for extra health, you get some extra attack speed, which is generally way better than AD, since you already get a lot of AD out of your Blunt Force Trauma and extra attack speed will increase your damage output way better than few AD.

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Prefered items

This is my starting item every single game. It provides you with some extra health, together with health regen, which is perfect for Dr. Mundo in early game, when you are trying to farm from distance with your Infected Bonesaw.

These boots are my usual ones as Dr. Mundo, since you are already having a lot of MR, thanks to your passive and generally AP champions are not really threat against you. For that reason, I like to have that extra damage reduction for autoattacks, that are usually more of a threat, when you are in teamfight and getting hit by nearly everyone.

If you are facing AP-heavy team, you should always go for double MR item, but even then, you should rather keep Ninja Tabi. This item is viable choice only, if you are facing opponents, with a lot of CC. Except for that, it's not really worth it.

Iceborn Gauntlet is currently my first prefered choice for Mythic item. The reason behind is that it provides you reasonable defense for both physical and magical damage also with decent mythic bonus, which gives you extra health, which is the stat that Dr. Mundo scales really well with.

Sunfire Aegis is another reasonable possibility for Mythic item. The main advantage here is that it gives you way better longer fights, where it will start dealing a lot of damage, compared to the Iceborn Gauntlet.

Currently, the Anathema's Chains is very good item epsecially if you intend to splitpush, where you usually know who are you facing with. Damage reduction it provides there is just too huge to ignore. Also it gives you possibility to teamfight while having the debuff on the most dangerous target.

Typically, Spirit Visage used to be my usual first item, but since it was nerfed quite some time ago, it doesn't provide as much as it used to. Also Dr. Mundo healing is smaller compared to what it used to be, which is why this item isn't that huge priority anymore.

Even though this item was quite often forgotten for Dr. Mundo, it's generally very efficient item to make rather early. Except for it's decent defensive stats against physical damage, you get extra movespeed which is the core reason, why you should be aiming for this item.

Since Dr. Mundo is easy to kite, prioritize this item in order to keep reasonable uptime on your targets. Another way how to abuse this item is during splitpush. Whenever you are splitpushing, you can play as bit more risky, than you would be able to play with other champions, since you get the extra movespeed from Dead Man's Plate in addition to your ultimate. Please be aware, that whenever you are facing champions like Fiora, who has quite big sustain, you should always aim for Thornmail instead of movespeed, in order to reduce healing and have chance to fight back.

Warmog's Armor is still very reasonable item choice if you prefer to get healing over bonus of Anathema's Chains, which will allow you to stay in fights or in side lane longer, while not being worried about getting poked down and such.

Force of Nature is really great item against most of heavy-AP teams. It's main two benefits are very high MR value and extra movespeed that it provides. Even though all the MR that you get from this item is great for Dr. Mundo, I would rather rate the movespeed above that, since it's basically key stat for him, in order to get uptime on your targets, which is super important.

Even though previously we were building this item mainly against crit champions, after the rework it's main purpose is to rather counter all AD champions in general since it's providing damage reduction and a lot of armor. It's good to mention that there is still critical strike damage reduction, but it was instead moved into active part, which can still prove to be useful, but downside is that it requires you to get on your target and after it expires, you can't benefit from this effect for a while anymore.

Thornmail is viable choice, whenever you need to reduce someone's healing. Typically you want to run this item into champions like Aatrox, Soraka, Red Kayn and so on. It provides you with really big amount of armor and reduces attack speed as well, yet it lacks decent amount of health, which is problem if you would decide to rush this item as first one.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is currently very good option for Dr. Mundo. Except for passive defensive stats that it provides, I would rate it's main benefit to the active part, that gives you huge shield, that is based on your health. Since you have a lot of health as Dr. Mundo, then if you manage to time it properly and use it on lower health, you can survive some nasty burst damages and heal a bit from your ultimate, while shield holds. It as well allows you to fight your opponent on lower health for a while, which increases damage of your Blunt Force Trauma.

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Spell-maxing priority

> > >

Since kit of Dr. Mundo is pretty straightforward, there isn't really too much of a need to actually explain it to details, but I will try to at least explain, why do I have this kind of spell-maxing order.

Infected Bonesaw is basically your core ability since start. It allows you to farm from safe distance or simply poke down your opponent, until you get yourself some defensive items, to be tanky enough when you start going for some face-to-face trades. It is as well reason, why Dr. Mundo is really strong against most of tank champions, because he can simply use this to melt their health at start.

Even though I used to like old version of this spell more, since it gave you bigger damage output, it's still an interesting ability, which allows you to poke your lane opponent altogether with reasonable pushing potential early.

Currently probably the least useful ability as Dr. Mundo which doesn't provide much except for a bit of damage and healing if you use it correctly. Problem with this ability is that sometimes your enemy will outrun you, making the healing part kinda useless.

As it used to be in the past, it's your most important ability, without which you should consider, whether you want to pick a fight or not. Since it provides you with extra survivability, damage and also movement speed, it's very important to have this ability ready for any potential skirmishes.

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Even though Dr. Mundo doesn't have complicated build, there are still quite some things, that you should understand, if you want to be any successful with him. Even for me, when I picked up Dr. Mundo for first time, I didn't really feel like he would be that insane, until I started to realise in which moments he is actually strong or possibly weak.

For that reason, I will try to explain here, how you should play during game and how are you supposed to react on certain situations.

Early game

First important thing to understand here is, that you are really squishy in early game. You don't really have your defenses up yet and in addition, your abilities cost you health, which is putting you into awkward position, when you are fighting someone, because while you are damaging your opponent, you are damaging yourself as well. So until you get certain amount of health, it is very tricky to trade anyone in lane, because even though you might win sometimes, mostly it will cost you life and put you behind.

What you should aim for here is consistency. By consistency I mean, that you should play in a way, that you won't end up really well during one game, while during other game you will get completely stomped and flamed by your team. During laning phase, you should basically just farm by your Infected Bonesaw and let your opponent push under your tower. Since you have no escape and you are squishy in early phases of game, you are quite easy target for gank, so play it safe and try to farm up. You should be able to pull off this strategy pretty much against any opponent.

Once when you have at least part of first item finnished, you can start slowly trading your opponent and if you will feel confident enough, try to go for all-in with your Maximum Dosage. But be careful, it might still be tricky to actually win such fight, expecially if your enemy is running between minions to avoid your Infected Bonesaw. So whenever you will see, that you might not win, rather escape and keep on farming, until you get your Maximum Dosage again to try it another time.

Mid game

During mid game, you have two possible choices - either way you group up and teamfight with your teammates, or you possibly splitpush with your Demolish. To be honest, whenever your team is winning or you are generally ahead and you see that you can clearly obliterate opponents in teamfights, it's better to group, because if you don't you risk that your team gets caught over and over, expecially in soloQ, which might lead to loss in the end effect.

On the other hand, if your team is behind and you clearly see, that you simply can't fight enemy team, because of better teamfight comp, you should try to go for splitpush. Though, I am not going to go into details of splitpushing, because that is pretty much big topic itself.

During this part of game, it's important to understand how you want to utilize your Maximum Dosage depending on who you are facing and how fed you are compared to them. Simply if you are not sure, simply use your Maximum Dosage at start of teamfight on full health. The more you get used to it, the better utilization you will be able to choose.

For teamfights, during this phase you are mostly trying to focus down important targets, since you should be strong enough to dive their backline on your own, unless your team is completely behind.

Late game

In here, I don't think that there is too much to point out. Mostly, you will end up trying to fight with your team and be that frontline for them.

In this phase, opposite carries mostly become way stronger than they were and you might not be able to deal with them on your own. For that reason, it is mostly better to stand in front of your own carries and try to help them to deal with enemy frontline using your Infected Bonesaw. That doesn't apply if you have couple of teammates, that are able to dive into their backline with you, but that all depends on team compositions and possibly even items/gold lead.

What is important to mention here is, that you will start relying on your carries to do their job, since you won't be able to solo carry anymore, because your opponents will have a lot of lifesteal already or possibly some defensive items on support like Locket of the Iron Solari.

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Is this the end?

Making guide is continuous work and I am not sure, whether or not I will not add new parts into it. Right now I think, that I said probably the most important part, that should be always included here. But no matter what, you might still expect some updates, whenever I find something new or in case that I would figure out something, that I want to share with you guys.

Anyways, I wish you good luck guys with your Mundo games and hopefully this guide will help you at least a bit to get into your dreamed divisions, because as you might know...

Mundo goes where he pleases!
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Additional questions? Wish to support me further?

If you have any additional questions, if I wouldn't explain something here properly, then feel free to visit me and ask me on my stream.

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