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Lux Build Guide by StrangeAce

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author StrangeAce

S3 Lux - Guide for mid lane destruction!

StrangeAce Last updated on February 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello this is my lux guide/build and i'll be talking about Farming, Spells, Team Work, and Pros / Con!

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Pros / Cons


- Great Early game poke
- Really good nuke in team fights
- Abilities grant vision
- High Range
- AoE dmg
- Low Cooldown Ultimate


- Low Mobility
- No Escaping abilities
- Miss an Ability = gg unless fed
- Tanks/Bruisers Shred you to bits

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Passive (Illumination)- When Lux auto attacks it will deal a lot of damage to the target with this on them.

Q (Light Binding) - Great 2 second snare for opening on enemy mid laner for jungler to come gank. Great damage late game and helps a lot when escaping enemies. Perfect for targeting the carries and then letting your team engage off it.

W (Prismatic Barrier) - Really nice shield for good saves. Can Save you from ignites, bleeds, poison, ect. Able to give the shield to allies to save them from the CC and ignites, bleeds, poison, ect.

E (Lucent Singularity) - Amazing for farming, killing, Nice damage and a really good slow when running away from melee champs who are trying to target you.

R (Final Spark) - Perfect for Nuking enemy team to 0 and for baron steals / Dragon Steals and giving your team the big advantage.

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Depending on who you are against, you will have problems farming or simply easy farming.

Lucent Singularity is Simply the best thing to farm with, if your against a kassadin or someone who really counters you this is the number one thing to max out. Not only is it good for farming but its also good for poke, slowing enemies, and killing. If your having a hard time against somebody who counters you, you might wanna consider grabbing a kage's lucky pick for gp/10 if your falling off the farm, but if your ahead of the person your against grab that damage A.S.A.P and farm/kill him and make him useless to his team.

If your still having problems farming but you got lucky and have the early game Cooldown Reduction then using an Light Binding to stop the front creeps and an Lucent Singularity for the creeps in the middle once they ALL have the Illumination on them use your Ultimate to finish the rest of the creeps this should help quite a bit, but consider this! you can't get much kills doing this.

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Team Work

Lux is the a really good champion that involves teamwork, either support or mid, no matter what / where Lux is she will always be useful for the team, all her abilities grant vision so your team can see the enemies doing baron or dragon and come in for the steal and kills thus getting you ahead of the game. Q is good for your ADC to deal the most damage to who you guys are focusing and if they attempt to escape you have your E for a slow, and after they burn their flash you can use your ult to kill them. This is mainly why Lux is a great Teammate she contributes to her team no matter what, vision abilities, great damage, snare and good slow for adc to pick off or late game you snare and your team can engage off it.